10: Death Likes B&E's

Courting Death
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Lewis shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He always had to pay extra to have the most room on flights because of his long legs. He found a position that was comfortable and turned to look behind him. Seleah was fast asleep. The flight back to L.A from Aspen was short so he was happy. He had never been awake when Seleah was asleep, not long enough for him to clearly see what she looked like asleep. She wore a Badtz Maru sleep mask on her eyes, and had a frown on her face. He wondered if she was dreaming about something bad. 

He smiled at her and turned back around, he sighed heavily. He was thinking about their encounter with Seleah’s assailant. His dad had no clue who he was and no one else would probably believe him if he told them either. There wasn’t much he could do right now. He felt bad, he had never seen her so shaken before. He just wanted to hold her close and tell her she was safe with him.

But he couldn’t guarantee her safety especially since he had to leave for a few months. He was silently hoping that his trip and time away from her wouldn’t cause him to act differently. He was getting used to being around her.

They made it home safely and he dropped her off at the marina before heading back to his own home with Bear. 

Seleah flopped down on her large beanbag. She stared across the room at her luggage. She sighed and dug her phone out of her pocket. She had no texts from anyone. She was embarrassed. 

“I just left him and I’m expecting a text already? Sheesh. How pathetic.” She tossed her phone on the table and stood. Her knees popped.


“God I hate plane travel.” Death said.

   Seleah chuckled, “Well well, look who’s up.” 

“No teasing today please. I’m quite tired.” Death said, wishing he could rub his non-existent eyes.

    “What’s wrong? Why are you so tired?” Seleah asked worriedly.

“Meetings. So many meetings. They drain me so quickly. I’d rather ferry souls.” Death said sitting in his office chair. He glanced over at the spinning black portal. 

Seleah put her clothes on hangers and hung them in her small closet. She was happy that Jo suggested she wash her clothes before heading home. 

“You’ve flown before?” Seleah questioned. Death didn’t answer.

“Ok…” she said, deciding to leave him alone. 

Seleah began to worry that Death was becoming distant now that she was becoming close to Lewis.

Seleah spent the rest of the day drinking on her houseboat and wondering when Lewis was going to text her. 

Lewis awoke with the sun beaming into his bedroom, he groaned in annoyance and found it difficult to turn over, because Bear was on the opposite side of him. He sighed heavily and swung his legs off the bed. He looked at the empty spot next to his pillow, remembering all the times he got elbowed by Seleah sleeping next to him. A smile crept across his face. He picked up his phone and waited for face recognition to unlock it. 

“Damn it. I forgot to charge my phone.” He said. He plugged his phone into his charger and shuffled to the bathroom. He washed his face, and played with his hair in the mirror. 

“Having a good skin day today. Lucky me.” He said, turning off the light and leaving the bathroom. 

He went to his closet and dressed, throwing his dirty clothes in the hamper. He had just finished buttoning his jeans when he heard the door to his fridge open. His alarm system didn’t go off so he knew it wasn’t a burglar. He quietly made his way to his kitchen, and snuck up behind Seleah.

“What is it about my fridge that you like so much?” He asked, watching her nearly jump out of her skin.


  “Jeez! Wh-Ugh” She stammered, clutching her chest. 

“You sneak into my house using your death voodoo powers and you have the nerve to be scared. I could have fly kicked you.” He said smugly, boasting about his martial arts skills.

Seleah was unimpressed, “Lewis, I’m Death's vessel, you literally can’t hurt me.” 

Lewis ignored her dig at him, “So why are you here?” He asked, checking his watch, “in my house at freaking 7am?” 

Seleah tried her hardest not to blush, “I got worried when you...didn’t text me. So I came over.” 

Lewis smiled at her, she wanted to melt. “Oh, I forgot to charge my phone. My bad.” 

“Oh...i guess i could have waited a little longer for you to respond...7am is a pretty unnatural time to expect a text from someone.” Seleah said.

“Look who’s embarrassed.” Death said. 

“SHUT UP!” Seleah said blushing. Lewis raised an eyebrow. 

“I’m gonna go back home now. Bye!” She said rushing out his front door, causing his alarm to go off.

Lewis reset his alarm and watched her briskly walk down his street. He smiled to himself. He enjoyed her visit even though it was short. 

Seleah walked into her favorite coffeebar and ordered a golden latte and sat at her favorite spot in the corner near the back door. The server put her drink down and walked back to the registers. 

Seleah opened her notebook and opened the messenger app she and her friends used. They had complained to her that since she had met Lewis that she made no time for them. She couldn’t bear to tell them it was because she didn’t really consider them her friends. They asked if she had with Lewis on their tri

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