11: Death Likes British Columbia

Courting Death
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Seleah awoke when she felt a hand squeeze hers. She felt the skin of her eyelids peel open. Lewis was standing over her. 

“Imagine my surprise when i get a call from the police telling me that you collapsed.” He said, sitting down in the chair he put next to her bed.

Seleah wanted to speak but nothing came out. Her building frustration came out in tears. 

“I was more surprised that I was the one they called, but we can talk about that later. The cops are outside, they still have stuff to ask you. I need to know though, you can tell me through a head nod, are you going to tell them everything?” He said gently. 

Seleah shook her head. Lewis sighed and stood up. “Alright.” He said, before exiting the room. His presence was replaced by the same cop who Seleah was talking to at the station. 

“You gave me a scare. I’m not used to people passing out when I give them information. You seemed relatively fine until I asked if you knew who Francis was. I know he’s a director, but as your boyfriend out there told me, you’re not an actress and you’ve got nothing to do with that world, so why he sent your ex boyfriend from Sydney to try and win you back is still a mystery.” The cop said. 

Seleah simply looked at him. She was saved by a nurse who had just walked onto her shift. 

“My patient has had a traumatizing experience, please leave sir. You can talk to her later. Now she needs to rest.” The nurse said. The cop looked at her and frowned, he excused himself from the room. Seleah watched as the police talked to Lewis in the hall. She watched as Lewis looked at the cops leaving and then he looked at her, and followed behind them.

The nurse closed the door, and fluffed Seleah’s pillows. “I’ll make sure to keep your visits short, i know a patient with PTSD when i see one.” She said before leaving Seleah’s room. 


Seleah was unaware she had PTSD. She sighed quietly to herself. “Death?” 

Death didn’t answer her. Seleah cried quietly into her pillow before falling back to sleep. 

She was awoken by a hand her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes, and saw Lewis again, standing over her. She was sure worry lines were forming on his forehead. 

“What are you doing back?” She croaked.

   “I’m gonna come see you until you can be released. The police have been asking a lot of questions. Especially since Rylie has gone back to Sydney.” He said. 

Seleah looked at him puzzled. She had no idea why her assailant sent her ex boyfriend to her, nor how he knew where she lived.

“Why did they call you when I fainted?” She asked. 

Lewis shrugged. “I guess it has something to do with this.” He said, holding up her phone. Her home screen flashed on, and it was a picture Jo had taken of her and Lewis together in Aspen. 

Seleah could feel herself blushing. “Oh.” 

He sat down next to her and stretched his neck. “What's going on?” He asked.

“Well Rylie-” 

“Not with Rylie, with you? What's going on in that head of yours, are you finally going to talk to me about what's been bothering you lately?” He asked. 

Seleah looked at Lewis’s hand holding hers. She thought about how he had become less of a socialite since he met her, and less like the person everyone else knew him to be. 

“I noticed how you’ve been changing. You’re less social now, you spend so much time chasing after me. I’m nothing like the girls you’ve dated before, i’m not a model or actress or anybody of any kind of influence really, i’m not on the scale compared to your level 10 ex girlfriends. You drive a Porsche and go to premieres and red carpet releases. I am shy, weird, and a loner. So why the hell do you even like me? You can do better.” Seleah said, removing her hand from his. 

He stared at her for a moment before responding. “You never stopped to think that that's why i like you? Sure you’re different from my exes, but my relationship with you is different because my relationships with most of them were all...ual. That’s it. I wasn’t dating most of them. They just clung to me because they wanted to, and I didn't care. I care now.” He said leaning over to wipe a tear from her cheek. 

Seleah didn’t respond right away, The tears started again. “I haven’t spoken to Death in a while. What if he’s gone? What if I somehow made him leave?” She cried. 

Lewis looked at her and sighed, he had no answer to her. Dealing with entities was out of his wheelhouse. “Look, you'll be released in a few days. We'll talk some more then, but we have to do something about that houseboat. If Francis knows where you live, then you should assume he’s been following you. You’re staying with me. I don’t want to hear any complaining.” Lewis said, leaning over to give her a quick peck on the lips before heading towards the door. 

“Bye.” Seleah said quietly, hearing commotion outside the door. Lewis looked back at her and bit his lip in concern before leaving.

Jo and Phil ignored the nurse and bombarded their way into Seleah’s hospital room. “Oh Why didn’t Lewis tell us you were here? That boy of mine.” Jo said.

   “What's going on with you?” Phil asked in his normal calm demeanor.

Seleah shrugged. “Fainted. That's all.”

“That can’t be all, you’ve been here for 2 days.” Jo said. 

   Seleah shrugged again, she could punch Lewis for leaving her with his parents. Jo and Phil stayed for another few minutes before the nurse came to them out of her room. Seleah got up to use the bathroom, finally. Her legs didn’t ache like she thought they would. 

She made it to the bathroom and sat on the cold tile floor. 

“Death? Please answer me if you can.” She said sadly. 

“Yes?” He answered quietly. 

Seleah smiled as the tears threatened to spill. “You’re still with me. Thank Goodness.” She said, hugging herself tightly, and crying. 

“I told you I wasn't leaving.” Death said in a whisper.

Seleah used the bathroom and heard shuffling in her room. She didn’t hear a voice, so she wasn’t sure it was a nurse or doctor. She slowly cracked open the door to the bathroom, and peeked through the slit. 

Francis was putting a vase of flowers on her nightstand.

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