8: Death Likes Bath Salts

Courting Death
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Lewis held Seleah’s hand through the resort. They made their way to the ski rental place. Lewis stood at the desk and answered the clerk’s question. 

Seleah zoned out until she heard the word “girlfriend” thrown around. 


“Huh? Sorry,” She blushed instantly. 

     “What size shoe do you wear?” Lewis asked for the third time.

“Oh, A 6.” 

 Lewis turned back to facing the clerk. Seleah looked outside, it wasn’t that cold yet but she figured the farther up the mountain they go, the colder she’d feel. Her teeth nearly chattered at the thought. She really hated the cold. 

Lewis handed Seleah her ski boots, and sat down to tie up his snowboarding boots. Seleah waddled her way behind Lewis. Lewis helped her put her Skis on, and led her to the beginner course. She followed the instructions, and only fell a few times. She envied Lewis being good on his snowboard, but it made sense since he skateboards back in LA. She never much for winter or strictly summer sports. She wasn’t a sports person at all, but if she was going to broaden her horizons by dating a famous socialite, then she’d have to play the part. That also meant Lewis would have to play the part as well in being uncomfortable in trying new things. A devious idea had popped into Seleah’s head, one that made her smile. 

After a few hours of slowly skiing down the beginner course, Seleah met up with Lewis at the bottom. The sun had started to go down, and Seleah could feel the oncoming muscle ache. They returned their rented gear, and headed back towards the resort restaurant, where the rest of the family were seated. 

When asked for her order, Seleah ordered Hot tea and nothing else. 

“Babe, you need to eat.” Lewis said. 

       “I’m...not hungry.” Seleah said, suddenly feeling nauseous. 

“Heads up. Don’t react.” Death said.

        A man wearing a white leather jacket, and matching jeans walked up to the family’s table, and Seleah sat with her back to him. 

“Hey. Francis! Fancy seeing you here.” Phil said to the man standing behind Seleah. 

      “Hey Tan Family. How’s it going?” The man said with a heavy Australian accent. 

Lewis looked at Seleah, and put his hand on her thigh. Her face was pale and she was gripping the tablecloth tightly. 

“I need some air.” She said, getting up from the table and running towards the exit. Lewis waited a few minutes before excusing himself from the table. 

“She really isn’t feeling well.” He said following her.

Lewis exited the building and found Seleah hunched over in the bushes losing whatever food she had left in her body. 

“It’s ok. You’re ok.” Lewis said. Seleah's entire body was shaking. She stood up and wiped with the tissue from Lewis’s pocket. 

“It’s not ok. I’m not ok. I want to kill him. So badly. Why did we have to come here today of all days. Why here? Why now? Talk me out of going back in there and stabbing him with a steak knife.” She said, barely looking at him. 

“Let’s not traumatize my family right now. Let’s go to the minibus, and go back to the house. We’ll have a little alone time before they come back.” Lewis said, trying to sound convincing. 

Seleah no longer had any energy to fight. “Ok. I miss Bear anyway.” She said, walking with him to the parking lot. Lewis ran back inside, while Seleah waited on the minibus. 

The man was no longer standing near their table. “Hey i’m going to go back with Seleah. She needs some space. I’ll see you guys when you get back.” He said, grabbing his phone from his seat, and sprinting back to the bus. 

Seleah was lounging on both of their seats. 

“I’m sorry.” She said. 

     “Babe, it’s ok.” Lewis said sitting next to her. 

“I wasn’t talking to you.” She said.

Lewis’s eyebrow furrowed, “Wait you and death talk? Like...talk talk?” 

“Course we do. He warned me he was coming and for me to not react but i couldn’t help it. Hearing his voice again just turned my stomach inside out.” She said, closing her eyes and leaning against the headrest. 

“I noticed there’s been an increase in pet names coming from your end.” Seleah said, squinting open an eye. 

Lewis just smirked at her. “So what do you guys talk about?” 

“I was waiting for that. We don’t talk about much, just like life.” Seleah said. 

Lewis blinked in confusion, “So you and death talk about life?” 

Seleah nodded. “Can’t have one without the other. We’re all alive before we die aren’t we, i think the more important question is...how does your family know him?” 

“I don’t know him. My dad does, but yeah i’m interested too. I’m definitely going to find out.” Lewis said. 

The trip on the bus was rather short, Seleah felt like her body was infinitely heavier since her encounter with her assailant. Her energy was completely gone. Lewis escorted her to her bedroom and kissed her forehead before going back to his own room. 

An hour had passed, and Lewis received a text from his mother saying they were on their way back home. He closed the refrigerator door, and unscrewed the cap off a water bottle, armed with low dose Tylenol, he headed to Seleah’s room. He slowly opened her door, and saw a lump underneath the blankets. He thought she was sleeping but she sniffled too loudly for him to leave her there alone. 

He put down the water and pills, and climbed into bed, he cradled her shaking body as she quietly sobbed into her pillow. 

The pure anguish Seleah had to feel about her assailant being so close to her

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