My Red Power Ranger

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sinrin || nine-year-old yerin & six-year-old sinb other pairings || yeju || umb "come to me and hold me tight. protect me." one - gfriend   "let me see the first photo." sinb opened the book and was greeted with a photo of her and yerin smiling. yerin beamed and pointed at the photo. "look at us, sinb-ah!" "ahh, cute." yuju softly smiled, eunha nodded at what yuju said. "what's the story behind that photo?" sowon asked the two. "ah, well.." yerin's cheeks had a red tint to it. sinb nudged yerin. "aish, let me tell the story." "yah!" yerin lightly hit sinb and stuck out her tongue. the younger playfully rolled her eyes. "really?" umji gave them a skeptical look. sinb chuckled. "really, really."  ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ heavy steps, and an intimidating aura wasn't common to find in a six-year-old. that was what the kids in the neighborhood thought. not until a little girl named hwang eunbi came in to play. the six-year-old walked around with an angry expression on her face. despite being six, she was taller than the average height for children like her. though she didn't think height mattered, the other kids still got scared. eunbi beamed when she finally reached the park. "eomma said i might've left it here.." she mumbled to herself, then looked around to find a bright red figurine. "eunnie!" a loud voice called out, coming nearer to the girl. eunbi flinched at how loud the voice was. a pair of tiny arms wrapped around her, clinging onto the six-year-old tightly. "yewon-ah?" eunbi guessed who the person was backhugging her. the small child buried her face onto the taller's back. "yes, eunnie. me yewon." eunbi smiled. "yewon-ah, next time don't yell that loud, okay?" "y-yes, eunnie." the five-year-old nodded against her back.


kim yewon. the five-year-old that eunbi managed to befriend. the younger lived near older's house. yewon wasn't familiar around the neighborhood and had mistaked eunbi's house as her own. the surprise in the six-year-old's features were apparent when she opened their front door. her confusion only grew when the five-year-old accused her of being a robber, and started to cry out for help. needless to say, the kims profusely apologized to the hwangs for their daughter's actions. even after getting scolded for it, yewon always managed to end up at the hwang household. growing comfortable each time she hung out with the older girl. their parents gave up at splitting the two, and let them be friends. who were they to say no when yewon gave them her puppy eyes?  ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ a shy demeanor, awkwardly adjusting her glasses on the bridge of her nose. that was jung yerin, a nine-year-old girl who quietly sat under a tree. yerin mostly kept to herself, not wanting to be a bother to others. most of the kids made fun of her appearance, taking a huge toll on her self-confidence. but yerin still held her chin up high. she tried her best to avoid all the teasings and insults at her. "what are you thinking about?" a girl sat beside her. yerin looked at the girl. "a-ah, it's nothing, yuna-yah." yuna hummed in response. "okay, yerin-unnie,"


yerin didn't have much friends other than the eight-year-old, choi yuna. the girls met at school, bumping into each other in the school's hallways. the nine-year-old apologized immediately at the sudden contact. yuna chuckled and reassured the older it was fine. she picked up the yerin's glasses that fell off when they hit each other. the bell rung, signaling it was time to go home. the two bid their goodbye to each other. yerin remained mum as she noticed the girl was walking the same direction as her. occasionally stealing glances at the older girl, yuna asked if she lived in the same neighborhood as her. the two shared the same shocked expression when yerin answered yes.


"unnie." yuna called out. yerin flipped through her notes. "yeah?" "look at this." yuna held a red power ranger figurine in front of yerin. noticing the bright red color in her peripherals, yerin turned her head. "eh? you're into power rangers now?" "no." yuna shook her head. "i found it by the monkey bars." she pointed at the playground. "yah, a boy is probably finding that toy." yerin warned. yuna's jaw dropped. "omo! what do i do?" "i don't kn-" yerin went back to her notes.  "-ow, yuna.." a shadow loomed over them. "give me that." a unfamiliar male voice demanded.  ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ eunbi kneeled to be leveled with yewon. "yewon-ah, i have a question, okay?" yewon tilted her head, cutely. "have you seen my red power ranger figurine?" eunbi puffed up her cheeks as her eyebrows furrowed. "yes!" yewon jumped around. "power ranger at monkey!" she covered , giggling. "monkey..?" eunbi thought for a second. "ah, the monkey bars?" yewon nodded. "yes, eunnie." "thank you, yewon-ah." the taller patted the smaller's head. the six-year-old made her way towards the bars with a particular five-year-old tailing behind her. the other children immediately made way for eunbi around the playground. eunbi frowned at the their action. the two ran around the playground searching for a red figurine. with each lap around the place, eunbi began to lose more hope. eunbi halted infront of the monkey bars, groaning in annoyance. yewon bumped into eunbi. the girl squeaked. "why, why?" yewon looked up at the taller. "eunnie sad?" "yes, yewon-ah. eunnie sad." eunbi closed her eyes as she sat down on the grass. the younger followed her unnie's action. her small fingers wrapping around eunbi's slightly bigger hands. the six-
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