Our Scrapbook

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collection of oneshots with gfriend as kids!! requests are very much appreciated <3


"unnies, look!" umji called out from their shared living room.

one by one, the other girls walked out their respective rooms.

sinb groaned in annoyance. "yah, don't yell. the walls are thin, umji-yah."

"aish, sinb-ah, don't be like that." sinb scowled as yerin lightly pushed sinb.

"don't start fighting, you two." yuju pushed the two away from each other and walked past them.

"yah.. stop messing around." sowon scolded the girls.

eunha groggily walked out her room. "umji-ah, why'd you call us?" she said as she stiffled a yawn.

"please sit down first, unnies." umji beamed at her unnies, hiding something behind her back.

the other girls stood and tilted head in confusion, but complied to their maknae.

"okay, we're sitting as you asked.." sowon looked around umji, trying to look at what the younger was hiding.

umji whined. "sowon-unnie, don't peek!"

sinb shifted in her spot. "sinb is being cranky." yerin noticed.

"eh?" umji pouted. "okay, i'll make this quick.." their maknae pulled out a..book?

"a book?" yuju examined the item umji held.

"no, it's our scrapbook!" umji brightly smiled.

eunha's eyes widened. "wah, deabak.."

"this..?" sowon grabbed the scrapbook and opened to a random page. "ah, it's our childhood photos!"

yerin huddled closer to sowon. "woah."

"why don't we look through them?" umji suggested.

sinb took the scrapbook and flipped through all the pages. "there's a lot though.."

the other girls stared at sinb.

"aish, fine. let's look at it all." sinb decided to agree after all.



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