Saturday Pt.2

Weekends with you.

Mina was looking at Nayeon with a fun expression all over her face as the lawyer fixed both of their bags with a pleased smile curling the edges of her lips upwards, a pair of sunglasses over her head as she turned to meet Mina's curious gaze with a laugh. Whatever she was planning had her quite excited which made the naturally curious dancer even more interested on what was waiting for them after they left the apartment. 

-The studio won't mind if I borrow you during the whole weekend, Will they? - Nayeon wondered first with a hum as she walked closer to Mina seating on the couch with a pillow hugged on her chest. - I took the liberty of guessing you'd be free but you can tell me otherwise and we can do something else, I don't mind. 

The dancer knew that was half a lie, if she took the time to plan something out for them to enjoy Nayeon would surely mind if they had to cancel it to do something else, probably less interesting than her own plans but at the end of the day being with Mina was all Nayeon really wanted to do those days. 

-I'm free, luckily the owner of the studio is quite kind with me-Mina joked making Nayeon's smile grow brighter as she offered her hand to help her stand up from the couch. 

-I heard she's really attractive too-Nayeon added with a chuckle as she gave a step back now than Mina was standing, her hands reaching for the sunglasses over her hair only to place them a moment later over Mina's face with a gentle gesture. - Good then, we're going for a little trip.

When they were younger those kind of spontaneous trips happened every few weeks and Mina grew loving them since they were in college, Nayeon could be quite unexpected most of the time so having all her creativity focus on her made Mina more flattered than what she was willing to admit. The idea of taking her somewhere out of the city had already been spinning over her head for a few days already and Nayeon just wished she had done it before the whole thing exploded on her face, if she had done it earlier when she originally thought the trip wouldn't feel like she was making things up for Mina but like a fun trip only, one way or another the lawyer was still happy to go ahead with her plans for the weekend. 

-Where are we going?-Mina wondered as she pressed the button to the garage on the elevator. 

-You'll see when we get there-Nayeon said with a grin leaning to kiss Mina's cheek for a quick second.- You'll like it, you know I wouldn't take you somewhere less than spectacular.

-You're quite excited about this, aren't you?-Mina chuckled looking at the bright smile on Nayeon's lips as she nodded in agreement. 

Nayeon had to admit that allowing herself to detach her attention and all her energy from work was refreshing; it wasn't until that very morning she allowed herself to admit she was actually quite exhausted from those few weeks. There seemed to be more cases thrown to her office every day and despite Nayeon did love her job it still meant she had to spend more time solving them instead of doing things she enjoyed, like going for a trip with Mina for example. A possible solution was already rolling around her mind as she drove to the nearest convince store to their apartment, they couldn't just to the road without snacks, could they?

The day wasn't really that planned, in fact the whole thing was thought and decided by a hyperactive Nayeon in the middle of the night as she moved from side to side of their bedroom with a frown, to say it was hard not to go to cuddle with Mina on that moment was a understatement so thinking where they could go did quite a job keeping her distracted. It wasn't until earlier that morning that she made the calls for their hotel room, thankfully the whole emotional outburst made Mina sleep more than usual because otherwise Nayeon wouldn't have had a way to hide snake around to get things scheduled. There were a lot of things Nayeon noticed they stopped doing all of sudden, she noticed she didn't buy flowers for Mina anymore, she couldn't even remember the last time she took her out for a dinner instead of cooking at home, there were a lot of things to bring back and for her own luck Nayeon was the best at getting things done. 

-Aren't we buying too much?-Mina wondered as she looked at Nayeon take two bags of fries to throw them into the basket already filled with a six-pack of cola, two different types cookies and a large bag of Doritos. 

-We eat quite a lot-Nayeon chuckled as she turned to look at the dancer, a new pair of sunglasses over her face- Do you want something else?- Mina shook her head with a light smile- I'll buy me an ice cream. 

-It's Ten A.M and you just eat breakfast Nayeon-Mina said making a mock, Nayeon laughed at her, Mina never really understood why the lawyer was such a fan of the sweets.

-Yes I now I want an ice cream-Nayeon simply chuckled as she leaned to pick one from the store fridge; a strawberry sorbet was on her hand a second later- Now we're ready for the road. 

Mina couldn't help but look at Nayeon as she drove on her side, the short locks of hair held by a half ponytail allowing the dancer to look at the pleased expression all over her girlfriend's face, whoever looked at them right then would never guessed they had such a fight the night before. Looking down at the hand over her tight where the thumb was slowly creating circles on her skin over the fabric of the light floral dress Mina just couldn't help but held it to her lips, kissing Nayeon's knuckles a few times, she was making an effort, she was still making efforts to keep her happy and Mina was thankful for that only because it meant that it didn't really matter how many time it passed by all those "I Love You" that left Nayeon's mouth to that day were still sincere and honest, Mina was sure she would have cut their relationship the second she wasn't feeling like it anymore. 

They were thankful for each other, the fact that she hadn't put a ring on Mina yet quite disconcerted Nayeon from time to time but she knew marriage was out of Mina's plans at least for the next two years or so. Nayeon wasn't originally much a family persona but she couldn't help to wonder how would they be with a little kid of their own, maybe a girl so she could spoil both of them to no end, she wondered if Mina would cry on their wedding because Nayeon was sure she would, there was still a life ahead for them and Nayeon just couldn't think about it without picturing Mina with her that's why it was so important to her to make her happy, the day she failed on making Mina comfortable and content about the life they had then that was the day Nayeon had to accept it was time to let her go. 

-Give me one-Nayeon asked opening , eyes on the road as she waited for Mina to place a Dorito against her tongue- See? I told you we were going to need those. 

-You're making me anxious by not telling me where we're going-Mina tried making Nayeon chuckle knowing it was a lie, Mina trusted her enough to be comfortable with whatever surprise Nayeon could pull out of nowhere. - Do you want more?- Nayeon nodded with a smile as she opened again waiting for Mina to feed her again.- You're such a baby, you know?- The blonde chuckle leaning over to kiss Nayeon's cheek a few times. 

-Mina babe I live with you, I've seen you playing animal crossing for two hours straight, you're the biggest baby here- Nayeon laughed when Mina exaggerated a gasp of indignation, it was not a lie though, and she did play with her switch quite a lot. - Do i have to remember you that one time you cried because you got killed on that game?

-It was a really hard game!-Mina whined making Nayeon laugh louder at her.

-You course it was, you ignored me for like three hours because you couldn't find a stupid box, How could you ignore such a beautiful woman for a game, huh?-Nayeon teased with a grin making Mina smile at her from the side- Am I getting old for you? Is that so? 

-No way, you're as pretty as always-The dancer stated without hesitation; it was not a lie that to her eyes Nayeon only grew prettier every day. 

-I knew that, I just wanted to hear you admitting it-Nayeon teased again making Mina chuckle at her. 

Things could never be boring with Im Nayeon. 

Two hours later into the road and Mina was already deep asleep on the passenger seat, Nayeon's coat placed over her torso to protect her from the A.C blowing directly at her, the lawyer almost wanted to stop driving just to take a picture of her. Nayeon could already spot the signals with the name of their destiny written on them, she wondered if she should have picked somewhere closer to the city for a moment yet she knew the driving was going to be worth it when they could finally spent their day at the beach. The sound of her phone on the cup holder of the car made the lawyer frown, she made sure to text Jackson before leaving their place just to tell him that she would prefer being out of reach for the next forty eight hours so the call did bother her a little until she reached for the object only to find Sana's name lightening the screen. Minatozaki Sana was the new lawyer into their team, she was pretty and more than capable but she still got a little lost on her way around how things are managed on their office. 

-Morning' Sana, How's your day going?-Nayeon asked with a soft smile, her fingers quickly working to put the call on speaker, the last thing she wanted to do was to crash her precious car and even worse crash her car with Mina inside.

-Unnie!-Sana greeted on the other side of the line, as bright as usual making Nayeon's smile grow a little, she liked the girl's energy somebody so bright was rarely found inside a law team.- I'm fine, How's yours going?

-More than perfect-Nayeon hummed turning for a second to look at the sleeping blonde beside her, Mina looked completely unbothered by the call and the lawyer guessed it was due to the lack of sleep of the night before.- I don't want to be rude or anything but I'm driving right now, May I help you with something Sana?

There was a silence for a moment on the other side like Sana was having second thoughts about her words, Nayeon's attention drifted from the road to Mina who moved softly beside her, a frown on her face as she turned her head to Nayeon's view, the lawyer's hand stretched out only to caress the blonde locks softly. 

-I just... I was wondering if you could help me out with this new case...-Sana started on the other line, hesitation all over her voice, sure they considered each other friends but she was still new and the last thing Sana wanted to do was to bother Nayeon. - You just have to read the contract and that's all, really but if you're busy or something don't worry about it Unnie. 

Nayeon knew she should have said no, she knew she was supposed to relax for the next two days but, how could she just ignore Sana like that? 

-Send it to my email, there’s no problem Sana-Nayeon hummed, her hand still caressing Mina's nape tenderly as she spoke. - Is there anything else I can help you with? 

-Yeah I... Well Jackson and I will go for a drinks tonight, Maybe you would like to join in?-Sana's voice was soft as she spoke, Nayeon could say she was being careful with her word choice around her.- I still have your jacket from the other day, I just saw it in my room and thought about returning it of course. 

Nayeon felt a hand gripping her wrist tightly making her turn to look at Mina with wide eyes, the younger had her lips tightly pressed together as she stopped Nayeon's caress on her hair. The lawyer felt like the air was lacking inside the car when she spotted the anger growing every passing second on Mina's gaze, just like last night, Nayeon thought. 

-Answer to her-Mina spitted in a whisper as she pushed Nayeon's arm away from her in disgust, her hands taking the jacket over her body to throw it to the back seat harshly. 

-I'm... I'm out of the city with my girlfriend for the weekend Sana-Nayeon breathed trying to focus once again on the road, her hands gripping the wheel tightly as she did.-Don't worry about... about the jacket really, you can return it to me on the office. 

Mina felt like crying and screaming at the same time as she looked at Nayeon, she was sincerely nervous under her gaze as she reached for her phone to hang the call after a quick and rushed goodbye. Mina opened for a second before closing it again without a word, traitor, she thought while Nayeon seemed ready to bury herself on the nearest unpaved space they could find. 

-Listen Mina It's not like it sounds like...-Nayeon started softly, her own throat closing as she spoke knowing that there was another fight building inside the car. 

-Stop the car-Mina said suddenly making Nayeon turn to look at her with surprise- Stop the car Nayeon I need some air. 

-Mina but...-Nayeon tried with a frown turning to look at the younger beside her, Mina's arms were folded under her chest as her eyes focused on the road in front of them. 

-I said Stop the car Nayeon, I didn't ask-Mina pointed as she breathed deeply from her nose. 

Don't yell at her, Mina repeated to herself over and over again, if you scream she cries, don't yell at her Mina. 

Nayeon parked the car slowly without daring to look at Mina for a moment before the dancer practically jumped out of the car with a swift move. Nayeon leaned to press her forehead against the steering wheel with her eyes shut closed, a groan escaping as she prepared herself to face once again a clearly furious Mina. 

-Listen Love...-Nayeon started as soon as she was out of the car as well, Mina lifted her hand to ask her a moment of silence as she looked at the trees on the side of the road. Nayeon's frown grew deeper.-Mina at least let me explain. 

There was a hint of irritation growing inside her voice making Mina almost gasp in disbelief, Did Nayeon really have to guts to be mad at her after that? The Japanese chuckled bitterly before turning to meet her girlfriend's gaze, tears edging the hazel eyes Nayeon loved so much. 

-Okay then, Talk Nayeon-Mina spitted drying her tears harshly with her fingertips, Nayeon gave a step closer-Explain from there, I don't want you to touch me right now. 

Nayeon nodded softly despite the comment hurt something inside her, the fact that Mina's trust on her was so easy to break was making the lawyer more frustrated than what she was trying to show. Never on the past Five years Nayeon even tried to go with another woman other than the one standing in front of her, the simple idea of ruining what they have for a night affair made the lawyer want to laugh, Nayeon was not dumb at all, she had everything she ever needed with Mina and there was no way on earth she could have ruined that relationship by chasing other people. 

-Do you remember that day I got home without my coat? You got worried because it was raining-Nayeon pointed, it’s being almost two weeks from there but she was more than sure Mina's memory wouldn't fail her this time around.

-You told me you left it on your car, you didn't mention giving it to another woman-Mina pointed looking at Nayeon sharply like she could make her go smaller just by one look, Myoui Mina could be the sweetest most of the time but when she was angry she always made sure to attack as hard as she could.-Is there any particular reason for that Nayeon?

-I took Sana home-Nayeon breathed slowly trying to not make the issue bigger by exposing her growing frustration, Mina lifted one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows waiting for the rest of the story-I took her home because it was late and she doesn't have a car, I couldn't let her walk to the subway with that rain Mina.

-And why is you clothes on her room?-The dancer wondered her voice firm despite the tears running down her cheeks.-You got home late that day, I remember. 

-For s sake Mina, we stayed at the office!-Nayeon groaned making Mina widen her eyes in amaze, incredible, Mina thought, Nayeon did have the guts to be offended by her.-I have Sana my coat to cover from the rain while she walked into her building, I guesses she took it off on her room or whatever. 

-How the can you even be mad at me?-Mina spitted, this time she did look furious as she turned her body completely to Nayeon who simply blinked at her for a second.- How do you dare to treat me like I'm the one ing up?

Nayeon gave a step back when Mina was only inches from her, the back of her legs reaching the door of the car behind her. Nayeon didn't want to fight her, she felt without energies for a moment before a rush of anger started to flow inside her as well, Mina's finger reached her chest pointing at her almost with disgust. 

-You're the one here who gets the call of other woman asking you to go drink with them, you’re the one who gave her coat away, the one who doesn't come home on time...-Mina pointed, with each sentence her finger crashing against Nayeon's chest in anger.

-The way you have such little trust in me amazes me Mina-Nayeon said holding the finger on her chest with a frown, even when she was angry the hold over Mina's hand was extremely soft- I think you're looking for excuses because you...- The lawyer interrupted her words for a moment as she looked directly at the woman in front of her, even at the mere thought Nayeon's eyes filled with tears just as the ones looked back at her- I think you're just looking for a reason to leave me. 

It took the best out of Nayeon not to cry harder as she said those words, Mina thought it was irrational to say such a thing especially when the lawyer knew she takes her decisions immediately, if Mina wanted to leave her she wouldn't look for an excuse she only needed to pack her things and talk to Nayeon to return her key, as simple as that but it wasn't the case at all. Mina didn't want to leave her, she couldn't even wrap her head around the idea of not being with Nayeon anymore and by hurt expression not he lawyer's face she could tell Nayeon felt the same way. 

Yet there was still something that felt broke, something that felt out of place between them. Mina never thought Nayeon would be able to cheat on her but then, what changed? What was making Mina think so poorly of her? Nayeon couldn't understand why all the trust and loyalty she's shown over the years seemed to be then forgotten and taken by the wind. Suddenly neither of them had energies anymore, like the little confrontation drained their power as they looked at each other’s teary eyes, the sun shining over their heads and making Mina feel too warm compared to the inside of the car. 

-What is happening to us Nayeon?-Mina broke down on a sob, allowing herself to sound small, to sound hurt because she was making the woman in front of her feel even worse.

-Can I touch you now?-Nayeon wondered with a quiet sob herself, her hands held together tightly as she waited for an answer, the last thing she needed was to be physically pushed away from Mina that morning. The dancer nodded weakly allowing her girlfriend to wrap her on a tightly hug, Mina breathed against her neck allowing the faint scent of her perfume and the softener on her clothes rush through her senses, Nayeon felt like Home. - I'll make this better for you my love, I'll make it better for both of us I promise- The lawyer said with a sniff as she held Mina's head against her-I love you Mina, You love me too, don't you? 

-I do-Mina sobbed against her making Nayeon smile bitterly, her body swaying side to side slowly like she was rocking a baby- And I don't want to leave you, I really don't.-Her hands holding the back of Nayeon's shirt as she said those words, holding tightly to the fabric like that could make Nayeon stay as long as she needed her to

-Well That's...That's great love because I don't want you to leave me neither- Nayeon hummed making Mina laugh softly against her, at least they still had the same wish in common, they still wanted to be each other's home.- Now, We'll go to the beach and have an amazing day, and you're going to get tan and even prettier with your rosy cheeks and all-The lawyer tried to cheer up by hugging Mina a little tighter against her- And we're going to kiss on the sea and all those other things we love to do, okay? So let's just... let's just stop crying, Okay princess? 

Mina lifted her face slowly showing the tear stained cheeks to Nayeon as a light pout still pushed her lips forward, the lawyer simply couldn't hold herself from kissing them tenderly, her Mina, What would she do without her?

-Let's get in the car now angel because the sun is heating my head al little too much-Nayeon rushed with a lazy smile as she leaned to kiss Mina's lips softly again, it was a chaste kiss, there was not much passion on it but the way she felt so delicate against , almost as light as a feather made Mina feel shivers on her body. 

Mina loved her dearly. 

The rest forty minutes of the road the car was almost completely silent, it wasn't uncomfortable or even worse, tense, and both women simply seemed to be too deep into their thoughts. Mina kissed Nayeon's knuckles every few minutes as the driver caressed her hand with her thumb on slow circles, they needed to find an answer, they both needed to get things to be the way it was before. Nayeon's mood seemed to be brighter than what it really was when they walked into the lobby of their Hotel, their room already picked and reserved for them as they made their way into the wide elevator, there was still nothing being said between them. Mina could tell she hurt something deep inside her girlfriend, the way Nayeon's eyes seemed to avoid her reveled more than what the lawyer was willing to tell her and that was making the dancer feel angry at herself. 

-Do you like it?-Nayeon wondered softly, a smile handing from her lips as she looked at Mina standing in the middle of their room. 

-It's perfect, I can say you were as picky as usual despite the rush-Mina teased feeling her chest tickle when she heard the other woman chuckle, at least she was already talking, Mina thought- Look at the view!-Nayeon smiled brighter at Mina's excitement as she opened the small balcony door only steps away from their bed. 

The sea was nothing but a street away from their hotel and standing on the balcony it was already easy to hear the sounds of the slow waves crashing against the sand, the wind pushing the salty smell of the sea against Mina while she leaned over the edge with a pleased smile and her eyes softly closed, it had be probably a whole year since the last time Nayeon and her where somewhere like that. 

-It's not Hawaii but this will do-Nayeon joked from her place against the doorframe of the balcony making Mina turn to meet her with a smile-I'm happy you liked it-The lawyer hummed walking into the balcony, her hands reaching out for Mina's waist with the first few steps holding her between her body and the safety barrier.

-I think you were pretty sure I would even before getting here-Mina chuckled as her hands placed softly over Nayeon's slender shoulders- Thank you honey.-The dancer leaned to capture her girlfriend's lips tenderly on a slow kiss, their lips caressing the others without rush or second intentions, they just needed to feel the other close. 

-Do you want to stay here or go to the beach today?-Nayeon wondered separating herself from Mina's mouth only for a second before leaning again this time for a soft peck, then another, then other few more making Mina smile against her. 

The decision was taken and only twenty minutes after they were back into the car and ready for the beach, Nayeon's mood seemed brighter as she drove with the windows down allowing the fresh breeze to enter the car and make a mess out of the ponytail on Mina's hair. The early fight seemed to be forgotten as they heard the music from the radio, the driver's hand resting lazily but consciously over Mina's bare leg creating small circles with their thumb on the inside of her tight, that used to make Mina want to giggle and blush when they were much younger, the fact that Nayeon still made it just like the very first time made the dancer feel warm inside. 

Mina took a moment to turn her head away from the passing landscapes on the window to put her attention into the woman beside her, the same pair of sunglasses from earlier were covering Nayeon's eyes as she focused on the road, the perfectly shaped eyebrows furrowed lightly against the top of the glasses on a habit Mina noticed years ago, the short hair was then held back by a half ponytail the dancer insisted on tidying herself before leaving their room. Without being able to stop herself from doing it Mina took her phone to take a picture of Nayeon's side profile with an almost shy smile on her lips, Nayeon laughed for a second before turning to meet her with a fun expression. 

-Too attractive for you Miss Myoui?-Nayeon teased, her smile wide enough to make Mina feel happier only by the sight. 

-I'm a lucky woman, that's for sure-Mina hummed as she leaned to kiss Nayeon's uncovered shoulder tenderly.- Now don't stop smiling, I want a few for my lock screen. 

-Your lock screen? Oh my god Mina, you're really whipped-Nayeon teased again making Mina laugh loudly at her faked surprise- If you print it maybe I'll be nice and I'll sign it for you... for a comfortable price of course-The lawyer continued with the game making Mina look at her with a fun expression. 

-What would be that price?-The dancer wondered taking the hand on her tight to lift it to her lips, knowing perfectly how to distract the driver from the game her lips wrapped around the index fingertip to give it a light bite, Nayeon's lips opened yet all it came out from her was a soft breath.

-You'll see later-Nayeon cleared with a frown without daring to turn to look at Mina who laughed at her, happy for her victory. 

The beach wasn't full despite the day had the perfect weather to go and spent the day on the water, other than a few couples fairly spared on the shore and small groups of friends already on the water the space seemed peaceful enough for them not having to worry about their spot on the sand or even better it meant they hadn't had to deal with a crying kid near them neither. Nayeon was caring the towels on her shoulder and a paper bag on her hand filled with snacks, beside her Mina was caring their drinks already deep into the ice, a few beers, the colas that survived the road and a packed fruit salad they bought near the hotel. Looking at them then it was hard to believe that was the same couple who had that fight only hours ago, Mina was the first one to start stripping from her clothes showing Nayeon the black bikini under her shirt. 

-I'll put sun cream on you- Nayeon said immediately with a hum as she looked for the blue bottle on their backpack. 

-Is that an excuse to touch me?-Mina teased as she lay down on the already extended blanket over the sand, beside her she heard Nayeon laugh.

-Maybe-The lawyer admitted as she poured a fair amount of the dense liquid on her hand with a pleased smile on her face- But It's all about the safety really, I would hate to see such a pretty skin getting all toasted by the sun. 
Mina closed her eyes as a soft pleased hum came out of her lips when she felt Nayeon's warm hands reach her back slowly, the slender long fingers passing under the thing strap of the bikini making sure to cover even the tiniest spot on her skin, the palms applying enough pressure against the center of her back as they rolled down until reaching the waist of her denim shorts, Mina gasped when she felt nails digging on the sides of her hips for a second. 

-You're really tense princess-Nayeon said softly almost a whisper as her hands caressed the Mina's sides slowly; the dancer hummed at the words- Is it because of your practices? - the lawyer wondered, her tip of her short nails rolling down against the sides of the body in front of her so slow it was almost a torture, Mina groaned without opening her eyes.- Any other particular reason? 

-You're playing with me-Mina said with a frown yet she didn't move when she heard Nayeon laugh at her, a kiss reached her nape only a second after her ponytail was pushed a side, her hips unconsciously lifting backwards when she felt the warm tongue caress the spot under her ear. Nayeon hummed at the reaction, the way Mina got so easy into the right mood for her only after a few touches for sure busted Nayeon's already built ego.

-Ready baby, now the front-Nayeon said seating straight again with a bright smile and her best innocent voice.

-What's gotten into you today, huh?-The dancer said turning her head to the right to meet Nayeon's fun expression looking directly at her, Mina slowly laid on her back to show the lawyer her front again.

-You-Nayeon smiled simply before leaning to peck the soft lips tenderly- I think it's time for me to admit that even when i hate fighting...-Her hands reached out for the bottle of sun cream before her fingers slowly started to massage Mina's chest over the line of her bikini-You look kinda hot when you're mad. 

That was not a secret yet hearing it again made Mina laugh at her, the vibrations of her laughs crashing against Nayeon's fingertips as she reached out to caress the curve between her neck and her shoulders. Mina's lips curved into a lazy smile as she looked at Nayeon's focused face, her lips barely separated as she made sure to cover even the last inch of skin in front of her, the sunglasses didn't leave her face once since they got to the beach and despite Mina was sure she would be enjoying certain looks from her girlfriend now the glasses gave Nayeon almost an unreachable energy, the dancer wasn't going to lie she for sure was more than proud to have such a woman only for her to enjoy. 

-I want to bite you-Nayeon said with a frown as she pitched the small piece of fat on Mina's hips making the dancer laugh happily at her-But I just put sun cream on it...

-That's quite a problem, huh?-Mina hummed making Nayeon turn to meet her with a soft smile, the dancer seated down for a moment before leaning to kiss her tenderly-I love you-It was a whisper, like it was a secret for them to keep, soft fingers touching Nayeon's chin softly, like a feather as they ran upwards against her jaw, their lips connected together on a kiss that was giving the lawyer a hard time to process anything, it was not even near of being aggressive and still far from being deep but feeling the way Mina's tongue caressed hers so slowly made the lawyer melt against her.- I love you a lot Nayeon. 

-I love you too-Nayeon breathed still with her eyes closed feeling Mina's lips kiss the sides edges of tenderly until they curled up showing her Nayeon's smile as she opened her eyes to meet hers. - I really would enjoy going back to the hotel right now Mina-The lawyer admitted making the younger laugh at her who simply leaned to peck her lips again. 

-Let's go swimming for a bit then you can lock me in for as long as you want to-The dancer promised making Nayeon's smile grew bigger.

-That's quite a promise-Nayeon pointed as she almost jumped to her feet quickly getting rid of her clothes to stay on a light pink bikini- Let's see who can swim faster!

Mina was a better swimmer by far and despite Nayeon was a little sad for losing; she for sure did enjoy the consolation price when Mina kissed her pout away. 

That's all Mina wanted to have when she complained to Nayeon, all she needed was to have a day where the Lawyer's first and only priority was her, even if it was for only a weekend, maybe she was just too greedy the dancer thought for herself but looking at Nayeon's calmed expression against her shoulder she knew it was the right decision. Laying on the thin blanket still on the sand Mina was focused on reading a few pages of a book Nayeon gifted her only a few weeks ago, the lawyer's head against her shoulder as she heard Mina read quietly only for her, her hair still wet from the sea despite her body was long dried by Mina herself with a towel on hand.

-Mina...-Nayeon said softly for a while, the fingers caressing her hair didn't stop moving despite the switch of Mina's attention from the book to Nayeon's eyes. 

Mina only needed a second looking into Nayeon's eyes to know something important was running inside her mind, her eyes were locked with hers as she took a moment of silence like she was trying to fix everything inside her mind before saying anything else to her. Mina smiled tenderly on a wave of understanding as she leaned to kiss her forehead like the simple gesture was enough to make all those thoughts go away from Nayeon's mind. 

-What is it?-Mina wondered quietly as she placed the book on the blanket beside her to make sure Nayeon knew she had all her attention that moment. 

-Are you happy with me Mina?-Nayeon wondered softly, her eyebrows furrowing a little as she looked up at the dancer- I'm happy with you, I just want to know how you feel...-She made sure to ask knowing how well Mina could think the wrong way around words from time to time, her hand lazily caressing Mina's waist as she expected.-Do I still make you Happy? 

The way she looked honestly concerned by her answer made Mina's heart squeeze a little, she must have done something amazing on her past life to have this woman beside her. Nayeon was sincerely interested on knowing how did Mina felt about them on that moment, if they needed to have any changes for her to feel better, if there was anything Nayeon has to consider to keep things in order between them, it was important to from time to time pull Mina a little out of her head in order to make sure they were still on the same page. 

Nayeon saw how the shadow of a smile caressed the lips she loved so dearly, Mina's eyes never leaving hers before leaning to peck her lips for a second. 

-I'm the happiest when I'm with you.

Nayeon smiled tenderly against feeling her breath mix with hers. 

That was the promise of a Forever. 


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