Saturday. Pt.1

Weekends with you.

Mina wasn't the happiest person on earth when she woke up the next morning, the Japanese girl had to encourage herself up even before walking out of the guest rooms feeling her eyes still a little heavy due the lack of sleep. It wasn't an easy night for neither of them but despite the fight did hurt Mina more than what Nayeon pictured she knew it was the right thing to do, tired of feeling like a stranger on a place that was supposed to be her home, kissing her girlfriend while she turned into a shadow. Mina didn't regret haven spoken up to Nayeon, but she did wish she could have done a little bit softer than how she did it the past night. 

On the bathroom and standing in front of the mirror Mina looked at herself for a moment before washing her face, the sounds of the movements in the kitchen reached her across the hallway and that's how she knew Nayeon was wide awake despite the early hours. The fact that she was so active in their kitchen and not on her office or inside their bedroom did pulled Mina's attention, only a minute after she was walking barefoot towards the place while her hands tied her blonde hair back on a careless ponytail. It had been a very long time since Nayeon prepared breakfast for both of them, usually leaving much earlier than Mina or simply being too in a hurry to do more than a simple coffee of course Nayeon had the perfect excuse to jump such a simple domestic task. 

Mina didn't talk at first; instead she stood still with her eyes narrowed at the brightness of the living room. the blinds were open fully allowing the sun light to make its way in between the elegant furniture on the room and lightening Nayeon's figure on the kitchen, the lawyer was humming softly as she placed an egg on an already heated pan unaware of her girlfriend's presence behind her. Mina felt like laughing out of pure happiness, spotting Nayeon's phone thrown far away from her on the couch the dancer ce again to see her girlfriend, the short hair was kind of a mess but nothing too scandalous, a pair of bright orange shorts that were visible under the light white shirt that covered her; Mina's shirt to be exact. 

-Morning'- Mina said softly walking fully into the kitchen, Nayeon jumped on her spot in front of the toaster to look at her with wide eyes for a second. Sometimes Mina was just too silent for Nayeon to notice. 

-Morning'- Nayeon smiled tenderly as she looked at Mina, her hand still trying to keep the bread out but without the proper attention she  ended  up pushing her fingertip against something heated-!- The lawyer whined moving her hand inmediately back and gaining a worried stare from Mina.  

-Are you okay? - Mina wondered with her eyebrows furrowed as she walked closer to Nayeon, after living together for that long Mina was more than used to Nayeon's tiny accidents- Let me see- The lawyer lifted her hand right away allowing the dancer to check the hurt finger, Mina softly blew over the red fingertip before looking up to meet a nervous Nayeon- You should try being more careful, at least it was not a knife, right? 

Nayeon nodded with her eyes focused on Mina's, it was clear for both of them that the other hadn't a night much different than their owns and from her place only a step away from Nayeon the dancer could see the dark circles already forming under the eyes that were looking at her with curiosity. Usually Nayeon knew her way around Mina after a fight, she knew when it was time to give the dancer some space or when she did need to rush to talk to her right after the fight but that morning Nayeon felt lost. Never on their last five years as a couple Mina considered leaving her, at least she didn't mention it for Nayeon to ear and that pushed the lawyer into an unknown road of their dynamics. 

-I made you some coffee- Nayeon said quickly after Mina dropped her hand and walked to the other side of the kitchen, Nayeon hadn't been that nervous about being alone on the same room as Mina since their first date- But there's orange juice and yogurt if you don't want that of course. 

-Coffee it's okay Nayeon- Mina chuckled at how fast the lawyer was speaking that morning, her words stumbling against each other the moment that they left , the dancer reached for a cup between the cabinets but the moment she turned back Nayeon was already pouring her drink. 

-There you go- Nayeon said almost more to herself than for Mina as she handed her the warm drink careful not to spill it over herself or even worse on Mina- Listen baby about last night... 

-Later- Mina interrupted softly allowing Nayeon's hand to reach hers, Nayeon's nature was more physical than hers and knowing how important contact was for her Mina couldn't mind less just a simply hand over hers- I'll finish this coffee and then take a shower so we can eat together, we can talk about it after that. 

Nayeon nodded softly with her eyes focused on her own thumb slowly caressing Mina's knuckles. The lawyer had plenty of time to think about the words that left her girlfriend's mouth last night, no matter how hard she tried to make it look smaller Nayeon just couldn't ignore the fact that Mina was indeed right about the amount of time she was willing to spend with her. Nayeon was far from not being in love with her, quite the opposite she still felt her heart jump every time she crossed that door to find Mina, either asleep or awake it was always a happy moment for the lawyer after a long day at work. Mina was the only person on the planet Nayeon felt like she could never get bored of; the fact that after all those years the dancer still managed to amaze her confirmed that. 

"You left me to be alone"

Those were the words that haunted Nayeon during the night that seemed endless of her as she laid on the middle of the bed that suddenly felt too big without Mina's body on the opposite side, the simply idea of the dancer feeling like she was thrown away made Nayeon want to cry. The fact that she was hurting Mina without even realizing it before that day made her chest ache and her stomach twist, no matter how much Nayeon tried to excuse herself she knew she could have managed her time a little better between the woman on the shower and her hours on the office. By the time the breakfast was ready her hands were shaking slightly as she placed the plates over the table, last night's dinner was still on the counter remaining Nayeon how bad she disappointed Mina. 

-It looks good...-Mina appeared from the hallway with a pair of jeans and a shirt as she walked once again towards the kitchen. It wasn't until she sat down on the table that she noticed the tears on Nayeon's eyes- Why are you crying?- The dancer stood up from the chair a second after. 

-I...- Nayeon started before pressing her lips shut, she was so scared of saying the wrong thing but also scared of not speaking and make Mina feel like she didn't care- I'm sorry, It's nothing really. - she tried to look at Mina's eyes and the amount of softness mixed with the honest concern into them made her almost want to cry a little harder. 

-Can I hug you?- Mina wondered softly, she wasn't that angry at Nayeon anymore and even if she was see her hurting like that made her sad. 

Nayeon practically threw herself towards Mina's arms that wrapped tightly around her shoulders, she didn't have enough cold blood to see her crying again like last night and act like nothing was happening. Nayeon was usually much verbal with her feelings than her, she cried if she felt like it, she made it extremely clear when she was irritated and it was obvious when she was the happiest, Mina thought that was somehow brave from her, the fact that she didn't even try to hide her feelings from anyone. That morning the only thing Nayeon was feeling mixed with fear was guilt. 

-Nayeon, why are you crying?- Mina wondered again softly as her fingers massaged her scalp softly on an attempt to calm her down- I'm here, It's okay.- That rarely failed on making Nayeon feel a little better, Mina's lips kissed her temple barely reachable since Nayeon was deep buried on the side of her neck. 

-I'm so sorry for not noticing- Nayeon started fighting back a sob as she held onto Mina's shirt like she was scared of her leaving suddenly.- I swear I had no idea you felt like that, I should have noticed and done something earlier Mina, I'm really sorry. 

-I know you are honey, I'm sorry for screaming at you last night, that was off the limits- Mina said caressing small circles on Nayeon's back slowly as the girl moved an inch only to look at her face with a pout. 

-It's okay, I forgive you- Nayeon mumbled making Mina smile as she lifted one of her hands to brush Nayeon's tears okay. 

-I love you so much-Mina almost whispered leaning to capture Nayeon's lips on a soft kiss. - All couples had their own challenges baby, what’s important here is that we now know what's bothering us so we can start working around that. 

Nayeon almost wanted to laugh at how calm and controlled Mina was compared to the mess she was making on her shirt with her tears, always keeping her safe, even if it was from her own thoughts. The balance was one of the things the lawyer enjoyed the most about their relationship, the way they could move in and out different scenarios without rushing or pushing things to make them happen, Mina was an expert on reading Nayeon, the familiarity wasn't new yet it didn't make it less fascinating for any of them. When it came to Mina it was always an odd mix between something new and something Nayeon knew like the palm of her own hand, like that very same moment when the dancer's arms wrapped around her to pull her away from the sea of thoughts that threatened to drown her the past night. 

Breakfast tasted the best then when there wasn't that uncomfortable tension floating between them yet it was easy for the lawyer to notice not everything was back into normal, of course she owned Mina a solution for her worries, if she complained about something and that happened very rarely at home Nayeon knew the least she could do was try her best to solve it and Mina seemed to trust her enough for that. The lawyer was for sure chaotic and seemed to be all over the place most of the times but Mina also knew she was one of the smartest persons she knew, she could solve almost anything if she was interested enough and placed all her attention into that single thing, unfortunately that was the exact capacity that pushed them into that scenario. Nayeon was so focused at winning, so worried about making more and more money not exactly for herself but for them than she forgot Mina didn't really care about the money she was making or the status she was reaching at the office, Mina just wanted her. 

When Nayeon disappeared behind the bathroom's door Mina was much calmer than when she woke up, for a few moments a part of her thought Nayeon would be quick on picking her things and ending what they had after the fight, thankfully the lawyer wasn't a runner and she was making sure to let Mina no that she did not plan on going anywhere anytime soon, at least not without her on her side. Being fully honest with herself Mina knew she wouldn't have the guts to leave Nayeon last night but of course the lawyer didn't know that just yet, she wasn't the time to give ultimatums, in fact she hated them, what was the point of warn about doing something? But she did need to know Nayeon still cared at least just enough to get worried about her leaving. 

-What do you want to do today? - Nayeon wondered walking into their bedroom to find Mina laying on their bed with a pleased smile as she looked back at her. 

-I don't really know...- Mina admitted as she extended her arm towards the woman who threw the towel that was drying her hair to the floor- What do you have in mind? - Nayeon smiled as she crawled into the bed, placing herself beside Mina and wasting no time to put her leg between the dancer’s as one of her arms crossed her belly. 

-You're so so pretty- Nayeon chuckled leaning to kiss her lips tenderly, she must had gone insane for the last month to ignore such a woman.-Beautiful. - Nayeon whispered again this times against Mina's lips, like it was the world's best kept secret. 

It was comforting, the way Nayeon's light weight rested over her side, the feeling of her soft fingertips cupping her cheek and caressing her neck like Mina was the most delicate thing she's ever seen, Nayeon wanted her, she need her more than an stupid job, Mina was hers to keep. A light bite against the dancer's plump lips made the air suddenly get thicker as her own hands reached Nayeon's body.

-I love you Mina- Nayeon breathed against the woman's lips making her feel even more light between her arms. 

Maybe it was the time without her or the way she suddenly realized how much she missed the dancer during the breakfast but Nayeon felt like she simply couldn't get away from her any longer that day, Mina's slender fingers reached her neck caressing the back of it with the tip of her nails before disappearing between Nayeon's brown locks, holding her like she wished she did on the last month, like she could keep the lawyer only for her without any kind of distraction. Mina wasn't going to admit it out loud but she needed Nayeon even more than what the other woman thought, even when she was a little angry at her Nayeon was surely the best thing she had on her life.
A warm hand crawled under Mina's light shirt touching the soft skin of her abdomen as Nayeon's lips closed around her tongue on a sinful kiss, a light whimper escaped from the dancer's mouth when she felt nails scratching her torso from the line under her until reaching the waist of her jeans. A smile curved Nayeon's lips almost like a mock, like she couldn't believe how easy it was for her to turn Mina into a panting mess, it didn't matter how many time it passed by it was still one of the best moment of the day every time it occurred. 

-Already so whiny, huh? You surely missed me a lot, didn't you? - Nayeon smiled only a second after freeing Mina's lip with a soft "pop".

-I did miss you so much-Mina breathed opening her eyes to meet her girlfriend's blushed cheeks, Nayeon looked so beautiful over her, Mina always adored the way her wavy hair fell on the sides of her face as she looked at her from above. Devotion that was the main thing the dancer could spot floating on her girlfriend's eyes, only interrupted by the flames of lust as Nayeon caressed her sides slowly. 

Nayeon hummed softly as her eyes followed one of her hands while her fingertips caressed the exposed skin of her neck, leaning over slowly without any tip of rush Nayeon's lips connected with the pulse point under her girlfriend's ear making her pull the short locks of hair at the sensation. Nayeon seemed to know her body even better than what Mina did, she knew all the points she had the kiss and all the places she had to touch to get Mina where she wanted and contrary to what some could think it made Nayeon even more excited every time. Knowing she had control, the incomparable feeling of receiving the reaction she expected every time she did certain things and touched certain others, she just couldn't get enough of Mina. 

-I missed you so much too Angel-Nayeon hummed against her ear making Mina hold her breath again, the tip of the warm tongue caressing the shell of the ear so slow it was almost a torture. Mina's legs tried to cross as she felt a rush of arousal dropping on her lower abdomen, her thighs interrupted by Nayeon's leg between hers pressing directly against her still clothed center. - What's wrong Mina? Are you feeling a little too hot here?- Mina bite her lips with a frown when she felt Nayeon's thigh pressing harder against her, without even trying to control it her hips bucked forward creating a light friction against Nayeon's skin.- Not so fast baby- The lawyer almost groaned as she looked directly at her eyes, her hand reaching down Mina's hip to hold her still.- I feel like taking my sweet time today, maybe even play a little...- Mina's breath got caught on when she felt a hand squeezing her chest without a warning. 

Mina already knew it was going to be a long morning especially after Nayeon's words; the lawyer enjoyed pushing her limits every few days, see how could she make everything even more intense for the beautiful woman laying below her. That morning wasn't different, Nayeon had created a plan already and she wasn't going to break it no matter how insane Mina was turning her with all those little noises she was trying to cover, like Nayeon didn't already know that under those jeans Mina was ruined for her. A phone rang on the room breaking the rhythm of their mouths crashing together with need; the lawyer lifted her head away from her girlfriend's with a fun expression. 

-Don't pick up-Mina asked with a frown her hands squeezing Nayeon's shoulders- You can't pick up.

-Can't I?-Nayeon hummed with a lazy smile as she lifted one of her eyebrows- The last time I checked, you did not command me- Mina saw her smile drop as she looked down at their bodies pressed together, Nayeon was almost seating between her legs with her hips tightly pressed against her center, the position alone gave Mina too many scenarios to think about. A soft moan escaped her lips- You're such a needy baby, look at you all worked up for a few kisses...-Nayeon mocked with a low tone as she looked at Mina with her lips curved into a side smile-Such a surprise, who could have thought the little good Mina was such a dirty woman...-Mina closed her eyes shut tightly when she felt Nayeon's hips start moving against her, she shouldn't be so into the talking but god, the sound of Nayeon's raspy voice saying such things made her body ache with anticipation, suddenly a hand harshly gripped her chin making the younger open her eyes to meet Nayeon's dark ones- Don't you dare to give me another order today, Are we clear?- Mina groaned with a nod, always so demanding, so in control- Great, now I'll pick that call, we're done here. 

Nayeon stood up from the bed on one swift move, her hands lifting to push her messy hair back and behind her ears before turning again to meet Mina with a bright innocent smile like she hadn't been ready to the soul out of her living body a second ago. 

-Pack up Babe; I have a surprise for you today- Nayeon said with a bright voice before moving towards the door with a smile and leaving an extremely frustrated Mina behind still laying on their shared bed. 

Mina couldn't help but chuckle once she was alone in the room, home or not it seemed like Nayeon enjoyed making her chase after her.

-What are you doing still there? We'll leave in twenty-Nayeon rushed with a laugh poking her head from the side of the door after a minute, her phone against her ear still. 

Throwing a pillow towards her with a faked pout the dancer sat up on the edge of the bed, Mina pushed herself up from the mattress with a quiet hum, she didn't how what was waiting for them during the weekend but she did know she was probably going to enjoy every second of it. 



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