Weekends with you.

The room was filled with silence by the moment Nayeon woke up, the clock beside the bed making sure to let her know it was maybe too early to wake up during a weekend yet the lawyer forced herself up and away from Mina's body. From her standing place the woman allowed herself to take in every little detail on the picture in front of her, Mina was clearly under the blanket, the smooth skin of her back facing Nayeon almost inviting her to lean and caress her, the blonde locks poured over the white pillows. They had maybe way too much fun the night before with the drinks at the Hotel bar yet Nayeon was glad that at least on her case she wasn't feeling any trace of a hangover on her body, she had things to do after all and trying to use the computer with a headache never failed on making her feel even more sick. 

The memories from the night before flashing on her mind as she walked out of the shared room, the way the food was perfect for dinner, all the times when Mina leaned to kiss her lips, her cheeks or even her uncovered shoulders, like they were a couple of teenagers enjoying their little free time together. Nayeon couldn't help but think that was the idea running inside Mina's mind, tomorrow morning they had to go back to their regular lives, Mina had practices and Nayeon had those horribly long meetings with the clients, with her boss, with... actually Nayeon didn't really care about those people that morning. Disappointing Mina was always something the lawyer tried her best to avoid, if she wanted to keep making her happy ignoring her wishes wasn't exactly what Nayeon could do so when she walked back into their bedroom with a large coffee on her hand; a plan was already formed on her mind. 

The waves crashing against the shore created a welcoming surrounding for her as she placed her laptop over her lap on the balcony's chair, Nayeon chuckled remembering how she had to pack it without Mina finding out. With her schedule of the week on one side and a blank page at the other Nayeon started to make what she considered the most important thing she's done on the last month. 

A whine escaped Mina's lips when she felt the cold hair crashing against her uncovered skin making her curl and shake still over her bed, without even bothering to open her eyes her hand lifted the blanket to cover her up almost covering her whole head at the process, the next move was to throw her arm back on the mattress trying to find her biggest source of warm: Nayeon. 

-Babe- Mina groaned hoping that maybe her girlfriend was just moving around the bedroom. - Nayeon....-The dancer called again with a frown this time louder, she was met by silence again. 

Mina opened her eyes a moment after feeling still way too sleepy to stand completely from the bed, seating on the mattress the blanket pooled to her hips uncovering her torso on the process, with a lazy gaze Mina looked around herself in the silence, the clothes they ripped from each other were spread on the floor from the door to the bed, their bags still against the wall under the TV and the half open Bathroom door allowed the doctor to know Nayeon wasn't inside the room. The dancer moved her legs to stand with then faster moves, a frown forming on her face as she leaned to pick the first shirt she found on her bag, Mina was ready to grab her phone and make a call when she noticed the balcony's door was barely opened revealing Nayeon's location. 

Seating on a comfortable sofa against a white wall Mina found Nayeon focused on her laptop, a laptop she made sure to ask not to be brought to their trip. The lawyer had her hair untied making it fall around her face softly as she leaned over the computer to reach the cup beside her on the floor, she was already dressed and seemed more than ready for her day compared to Mina who looked at her from the balcony's doorstep with an oversized shirt over her torso and her lace underwear. 
-Morning'...-Mina said softly with her eyes narrowed at the sun making Nayeon almost jump at the sudden voice. 

-Morning' Angel-Nayeon hummed with a bright smile, her hand extended towards Mina a second later- Come seat with me for a moment. 

-I thought you said you wouldn't work during our time here-Mina pointed yet her voice was soft and calmed making Nayeon knows she wasn't really mad at her for doing so. 

Nayeon was a person with habits, she had a fair amount of things that could only be done on her way and on her own time and pace and Mina knew that, if Nayeon felt like she had work then she couldn't really stop her from taking a few minutes to solve her papers out. The lawyer's hands reached Mina's waist only to place her tenderly on her lap, Nayeon looked up at her with a soft smile as she leaned to kiss her shoulder and then her lips on a soft peck, one of her hands moving against Mina's back as the other landed over the bare legs. 

-Did you sleep well?-Nayeon wondered softly as she pushed Mina a little closer to her almost pressing her chest completely against Mina's arm. 

-I did, I'm actually here to pull you to bed again- Mina admitted with a hum, her eyes looking at the beach across the street, Nayeon laughed softly before biting her shoulder tenderly.  

-Do you want to spend our day in bed? - The lawyer asked with a fun smile as she lifted her hand to push a few blonde hairs behind Mina's ear as the younger looked at her with a soft expression, Nayeon saw how her eyes weren't completely opened and how her lips seemed to be slightly pushed forward on a pout the lawyer knew Mina wasn't aware of- You're so pretty when you're sleepy, It's getting out of hand.

-You're such a good liar-Mina chuckled making Nayeon shook her head with a laugh, lie or not the dancer leaned to kiss her for a second before resting her head over Nayeon's shoulder.

Mina thought she could fall asleep right there over Nayeon's lap as the woman played with her hair on a comfortable silence, soft music coming out of the laptop long forgotten on the floor beside the chair. Nayeon's free hand caressed the bare tights with a soft smile as she noticed the few and fairly spread marks on the pale skin, she knew Mina was going to nag her little when she spotted the clear bites and on her legs yet Nayeon knew better than anyone that the dancer really didn't care. Different from their last couple of mornings any of them felt in a rush, there weren't places they had to run to be in, people they were forced to talk with, it was just them and their particular ways of loving each other. 

-Mina don't fall asleep-Nayeon hummed knowingly after a moment making the dancer on her lap whine-I want to show you something, don't be a baby- The lawyer teased turning to look at her girlfriend's face. 

With her eyes still closed Mina felt the gentle kisses being spread over her face, starting from her chin, to the bridge of her nose, over her eyebrows and finally on her lips. 

-I promise you'll love it-Nayeon insisted making Mina open her eyes slowly to meet her gaze focused only on her. 

Out of all the things Mina loved about Nayeon, her favorite was always the way her eyes seemed to sparkle as soon as they looked at her, it was a remainder of her feelings without even having to say a word, a smile curved Mina's lips up on an almost shy smile. Nayeon seemed proud of what she was about to show as she leaned a moment to a side only to pick the computer on the floor to place it gently over Mina's legs, the dancer spotted a few documents opened and the playlist on a side, as a background a picture of them Nayeon took last year on Christmas. 

-I want you to know this is just the beginning, okay?- Nayeon hummed suddenly sounding nervous as she looked up from the screen to Mina, the angle making her eyes look rounder and her cheeks even puffier making the dancer feel her heart full. 

-Let’s see what made you abandon me in our bed-Mina joked making the woman under her chuckle and nod as she turned her attention to the screen again. 

Nayeon's fingers moved across the computer for a moment and a second after a page appeared right in front of Mina, her eyes drifted from the different pointers cross the carefully planned columns. From Monday for Friday till midday everything seemed full with meetings, business lunches with a client, the regular office hours and for a moment reading how chaotic Nayeon's days were Mina felt a little too guilty for calling her out for it, the lawyer was really trying her best. What caught the dancer's attention were the two completely empty columns, Nayeon made sure to add a light tone of mint green on it making Mina turn to look at her in curiosity for a second. 

-Listen It's... We can fix it if you don't like something-Nayeon made sure to add as she looked at Mina's profile with a nervous frown- This is my schedule for next week, I told you it's just the beginning so I'll made you to make one for the rest of the month as well...- The lawyer hummed moving a little under Mina who looked at her with a soft stare.- From Monday to Friday you can see It's full with... you know, work things, but Friday It's only half  day, see?- Nayeon pointed at the screen to the empty space, green as well- That's because I'll start taking you out for lunch on Fridays, we always ate together before and I think we should bring that back. 

Nayeon thought it was time to bring many things back between them but also to create different kinds of moments, they weren't in college anymore and keeping a relationship alive and interesting with all the amount of responsibilities of adulthood could be harsh yet, for her own luck and sake, Nayeon knew Mina from inside out. The dancer was always willing to catch up to her plans and of course Nayeon was the same on the opposite side, for a moment the lawyer thought that was the reason that kept they together all those years, they always were there waiting for meet the other right in the middle. 

-From Saturday to Sunday night I'm free, see? Of course I have to talk to Sojung for a couple of cases to slow down a little the paperwork- Nayeon hummed almost to herself as she looked at the screen suddenly feeling too nervous to look at Mina, What if it was not enough? - We could start having dates like before, you used to like going out so I thought that we could start planning what to do on the weekends during the week so when Saturday Arrives we already know where to go... Of course we don't have to go out all the time if you don't feel like it; I know you love home too. 

-Nayeon...-Mina almost whispered making her girlfriend look up to meet her eyes. 

Despite Mina was smiling softly at her Nayeon couldn't ignore the tears already forming inside her eyes, opening to ask what was wrong she was interrupted for a soft kiss from the dancer. Wrapping her arms around Mina the lawyer then noticed the small quiet sobs making her body shake as she pressed her lips against Nayeon's, fingers reached her hair softly caressing her nape asking her without words to stop crying, their lips meeting the others without rush. 

-What's wrong Angel?-Nayeon whispered against Mina's lips for a second before leaned back only an inch away from her. 

-You woke up at Eight A.M on a Sunday to re-do all your appointments...only to give me enough time-Mina said softly feeling the tears being interrupted by Nayeon's thumb on her cheeks cupping her face tenderly. 

-Is it not enough?-The lawyer wondered with a worried expression as she looked directly at Mina's eyes, the Japanese’s smile grew an inch bigger. 

-Of course It is Honey, How could it not be?- Mina assured turning to the computer with a soft pout, Nayeon immediately leaned to kiss her for a second.-It's more than enough, You're more than enough for me Nayeon... 

Suddenly having her so near was overwhelming, the day on the beach, the way she held her even when she was mad, Nayeon's laugh, her gentle way to brush her happy tears away, everything about Nayeon was making her heart feel like it was about to combust right inside her chest. Mina could be a very quiet person and even secretive if they asked some people yet she's never tried to hide how much she loved the woman under her, Nayeon was that one piece of her life she wouldn't give away for anything as long as the other woman felt the same about her. Yesterday on the beach Nayeon made an important question by asking her if she made her happy, Mina's heart rushed at the memory for a moment, how could she not be happy with her when Nayeon was her happiness? 

Love was a delicate thing to take care of, years passed by and people change with it, their interests changes, their bodies changes as well so being in love with the same woman for so long at such a short age made Mina feel proud of their relationship even more, Nayeon was a part of her soul and she was a part of hers as well. Maybe if she wasn't dating the lawyer, the fight on the Friday night would have been the end, maybe not so many people were in love enough to accept the changes to make things better but not Nayeon, Nayeon asked her directly what had to change, what were her needs, because nobody was more interested on keeping their love stable and protected. 

-Why are you crying so much huh?-Nayeon chuckled making Mina laugh as well as she took a deep breath with her eyes closed trying to hold her tears.

-I just love you so much-Mina breathed with a smile hearing Nayeon hum in front of her- You make me feel like I'm about to explode...

-I know that feeling too, believe me-Nayeon laughed meeting Mina's eyes as soon as they opened, looking at each other like the other was made of gold. - Let's go back to bed baby, I think you were way too sleepy to meet so many emotions at once- Mina laughed at that with a nod receiving a final tender kiss on her lips before standing up- I'll even let you put Animal Planet without complaining, I'm such a good girlfriend I know...

Nayeon wasn't right she wasn't a good girlfriend; she was the best girlfriend Mina could ask for. 

Being practically dragged back to bed made the dancer laugh for a moment before her body was quickly wrapped on a thick blanket and a moment later by Nayeon's arm keeping her close to the side. Considering the warm of the bed combined with fingers massaging her hair ever so tenderly Mina couldn't help to feel only one step away from sleeping, her face buried deeper on the side of Nayeon's neck making her smell reach even the tiniest spot of her senses, lips landed on her temple a few times before the lawyer turned her attention to the television screen.

Right before giving in to her will and fall deep asleep once again an idea crossed her mind making Mina smile. The trip might have been short and not everything was made of roses on it from the reason that took them there to that terrible fight they had in the middle of the road yet it was enough to make Mina decide. All those years together and all those she hoped to come by Nayeon's side made the dancer think refuse to think about a life without the other woman, Mina considered herself lucky because even when she's made sure to let Nayeon know she wasn't ready for marriage the lawyer didn't push yet didn't waste a chance to make Mina know she was as ready as possible to bond her life to hers until her last breath. 

Feeling Nayeon move on her side only to hold her against her front placing a light kiss over the top of her head Mina almost starts crying again.

That was the very moment Mina decided she was the one who'll put a ring on Im Nayeon.  



Thank you so much for reading this story! I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for giving me your time by reading this, I appreciate every comment and like you left me. Take good care of your health! 


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