Me or Her?


Kang Hana had been childhood friends with Han Jumin dan Kim Jihyun since they were five years old. Happy days growing up together were taken for granted until one day Hana had to move abroad with her family, leaving her dearest friends in South Korea. Ten years later Hana unexpectedly met one of her childhood friends, only to find out that she had been replaced all along.


Hi, guys!

It's been a long time :) I have decided to start fresh and make a new fanfiction. Recently I've been playing Mystic Messenger (yeah, I bought those hourglasses just to play Another Story) and I have developed some fanfictions scenarios. This fanfiction is only one of them, the other ones included other characters in Mystic Messenger as main characters. Even if you don't play Mystic Messenger, I hope you can enjoy this story as well! It won't be as long as my first fanfiction published here, but I hope the storyline will captivate you~

Anyways, without further ado, let yourself sit back and enjoy the story. Adios!


The last time I wrote fanfiction was when I was still an undergraduate student. Now I'm a graduate student and have decided to start writing again! Check out my previous fanfictions for more light romance stories~
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