The Unexpected Accident


The boyz are practicing a stunt for their upcoming concert but something horrible happens to Changmin while he try to pull off the jump...


Hello, this is my second sickfic for the boyz. As always I am sorry for my poor grammar but I hope you enjoy this fic as much as you enjoy my previous one. I really appreciate it if you can leave some comments on this fic. Thank you.


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Chocofairy21 #1
Chapter 1: Aye. My heartue
Jinyeol92 #2
Chapter 1: I love it sooo muchhh... Cause sometimes fic is not always about love... I love how your story about their friendship in this... Keep it up and fighting
Chapter 1: I think I've read this before but here I am
Chapter 1: awww poor baby I feel so bad for him