The Other Dr (Je)Jung
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Behind his back they all call him Goldie Locks, hell some even did it to his face but the man doesn’t seem to catch on to it. Each time he merely grins and then moves on, reaching for the next patient file, for the next set of labs to begin or file away. 


All of the work the others scramble to get away from doesn’t seem to bother Kim Jaejoong, for he seems to accept his place as the new face, eager to make a good impression. All of it is reasonably backwards, for he has discovered that several different institutions across a few different countries had put in requests for the man. 


Between the US, Japan and Korea, Yunho suspects homesickness had some kind of weight on the decision, but he doesn’t know for sure.  It wasn’t as though he had held personal conversations with the blonde, in fact he was certain nobody had, and it had been two weeks. 


Well, almost nobody... 


The very blonde head was easy to spot on among the crowd, not that is it very large. Picnic tables are scattered about the court yard and different members of the hospital staff occupy them, settled in with lunch trays. Yunho is one of them, sitting off by himself as he waits for Changmin who seems to be running late. 


It isn’t a surprise that his thoughts drift so easily away from Changmin. 


Kim Jaejoong had come, practically skipping, through the court yard, container of blueberries and iced coffee in hand, but rather than sliding into an empty chair the blonde man drops himself suddenly into the lap of the nurse, Kim Junsu. The man is a rather vibrant one, loud with a brilliant smile and the sort of attitude necessary to keep sane in such a chaotic career, the very same nurse that Changmin had been chasing for the past 6 months at least. 


What a pity, for all of the women, and men, attempting to snag Goldie Locks attention it seems to have been placed in what seemed to be the most unlikely candidate. The rumors had been running for a while already, and the shocker is that the words had not seemed to reach either of the Kim’s ears, which was quite something as very little stayed secret for long.  The two have become very close, very fast and they aren’t subtle about it at all. 


Yunho can’t help but find himself a little bit disappointed, maybe he is a tiny, tiny bit jealous, but he was at least taking it better than Changmin. Changmin was very unhappy, and the more people seemed to coo after Kim Jaejoong the more frustrated his friend seemed to grow. Jaejoong could woo whoever he wanted, so why couldn’t he pick someone else, anyone else? Or perhaps just be bad at his job so being angry at him could be justified.  


He was not a psychologist though, so he wasn’t actually going to attempt to keep digging into his friend’s mind, neither was he himself bold enough to come straight out and ask. The days he and the blonde worked together were extremely pleasant and he looked forward to them, enough that he didn’t want to ruin it on purpose.  




“Doctor Shim hates me.” 


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