The Other Dr (Je)Jung
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It is an hour past his typical lunch time before Yunho steps out into the court yard. He has been swamped with patients all day and the time he had had to breathe he had spent spilling his heart to Changmin who was, unsurprisingly, unhelpful. 


He wants to say he gets it, the man’s ire and his distaste for Jaejoong, but he doesn’t not really. Changmin is jealous the guy he likes likes someone else, and if Junsu is happy to help take care of a baby that wasn’t his... Well what more could one ask for from a partner? 


Maybe the way Changmin dislikes Jaejoong he should take up some kind of plight against Junsu, but he doesn’t think it’ll work. The nurse is kind and extremely helpful, even when they are all stressed and busy and forget how important their nurses truly are. 


That doesn’t mean he is no thoroughly ed up by the whole situation, it isn’t realistic to expect people not to have ties to the other, but he is insanely jealous. 


And the dread he feels up creeps up even more when he sees a familiar blonde sitting at one of the tables covered by a dark umbrella. He saw see the back of a little girls head too, she’s smaller than he expected with glossy dark hair and pretty ribbons, and she is apparently in scrubs that more or less match Jaejoong’s. It’s horrifically cute and he is torn between turning and storming away or enduring his depression up close. 


“Yunho!” Jaejoong calls before he can make the choice to flee. 


And his fate is sealed, with his head down he drags his feet a little as he approaches. 


“You’re the cherry piece just stay on top of me so, I can't see nobody else for me, no,” Jaejoong is singing, and though the words are foreign to his ears he understands them well enough, “This song is not childfriendly, baby girl, I am so glad you don’t speak English yet.” 


Something in him melts as he watches the young surgeon lean forward, pressing a kiss to the top of the girls head, and when Yunho gets close enough he is graced with the blonde’s attention. To his surprise Jaejoong pats the  space beside him. 


“I have been looking for you literally all day, Yunho,” the blonde’s voice is lightly scolding, but he is a little bit too distracted as he clamors into the space by him. 

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