See You Again

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Detective!Thief! AU (Multi-shot)

In which Detective Kwon Eunbi finds herself at the verge of losing her career because of this one thief, Lee Chaeyeon who she kept letting her escape under her nose willingly.


"Yena, call for back ups. I will chase after her." The detective shouted at her teammate before running after her target. But damn, that girl was fast on her feets. 

Not giving up, Eunbi chased the girl's tail and ran all the way up to the rooftop. Kicking the door open, Eunbi looked around the empty tranquil space with a gun readied on her hands. 


"Come out. I know you are here." 


Eunbi tighten her grip around her gun and clenched her teeth when she felt a presence behind her back. Swiftly, the detective spun around wanting to swing a punch at the criminal only to be surprised by the latter knocking off her gun which fell to the ground shortly, away from them. 

The red-haired groaned.

She lost to her. Again. 


"Hey, Detective Kwon." 

Eunbi narrowed her eyes at the taller girl who was hiding behind a mask. Her eyes was shimmering with mischief. 



"I was wondering when you are going to show up again, Kwon." 


The said girl pulls down her mask and revealed her pearly smile. 


"It was disappointing that it was your duck-looking friend who chased after me the other time, you know? It was easier to escape though, you're way faster than her." 

The brunette giggled and walked towards Eunbi, her glove-wrapped hands tilted the shorter's chin upwards.


"I was hoping to see you again after you let me off surprisingly the other time you ripped my mask away." 

"Why did you let me off?" 


Eunbi swatted off the thief's hand and glared at her. 


"It was my mistake. Now, I'm here to handcuff you and finally stop your vices." 

The thief chuckled which watching Eunbi taking out her handcuff. She willingly allowed the detective to hold both of her hands together.


"You are under arrest on suspicion of stealing from the Bank Of Korea, The National Museum of Korea and involved in 3 other pick-pocketing reports. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Anything you say may be used aga    "


The detective wasn't able to complete her protocol when she felt a pair of soft lips on her cheeks. She immediately froze up on her spot, her chest palpating wildly. 

Looking up, she saw the thief smiling cheekily at her. 


"See you again, Kwon Eunbi"

When she regain her composure, the detective realised that she has once again allowed the criminal to run away under her nose.


"Damn it, Lee Chaeyeon!" 


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sergeantjung_0918 #1
Chapter 4: waiting for your update author-nim
jungkookie_yeonjun68 #2
author-nim, can you update this story and the my idol manager au please?
YehSusan #3
Chapter 4: Is this story still updating? :< Cause it's really good
Leechaeyeon11 #4
Chapter 4: update
I miss this story ;-;
Moty_kr20 #6
I miss this story so much
But i love it more so i can wait more
Wmsfaeyg_ #7
Chapter 4: the sudden change of emotion..
Chapter 4: It totally when from ❤️ to ??
IceStar #9
Chapter 4: Omg I hope Chaeyeon is okay. Your story is great, I can't wait to read more.
Chapter 4: Damn this is a roller coaster of emotions. When, i thought that it will be fluff from start to end... you just make the end suspicious, mysterious, nerve wrecking. I really want to know what happen to chaeyeon. Can't wait for the next chapter ^^