Moving On

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In which Eunbi finds herself stuck in the past while Chaeyeon has already move on with another person. 


KwonChaeng/ChaeMin AU

Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance


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pandamaos #1
Chapter 1: Oh my heart hurts
forgottensirloin #2
Chapter 1: This is so good :)
berber97 #3
Very well-written and meaningful. Great job author nim, hope to find more interesting story from you. Fighting!
http_winrina #4
Chapter 1: I love how you started out with Kwonchaeng knowing each other and how eunbi’s feelings changed over time. Other than Kwonchaeng and Chaemin, i learn quite a few things from this piece! Like the part where you said “feelings fluctuates” wow it really hit me ><

Im actually glad that Kwonchaeng didnt end to tgt here thou they are my main ship. Minju totally deserves Chaeyeon more than eunbi does here. And i love how Minju goes protective yet, also neutral at the same time by understanding eunbi’s side as well :) overall, awesome story!
62 streak #5
Chapter 1: Of course its angst. And it hurts ;_; Why is Kwonchaeng this tragic? >_<
But I also love Chaemin so ig its okay XD
JRsakae #6
Chapter 1: Oh no :( eunbi i hate you :(
chaoticneutral #7
Chapter 1: Wow kwonchaeng is so angst istg ;_;
I like that Minju is true ti her personality here and theyre all just hurting. Its bittersweet. Thanks for the lovely story.
Oh my god ;;_;;