The Extend of Love


In order to hide their secret relationship from their schoolmates because of Karina's fear of being exposed by her homophobic friends and parents, she resorts to bullying Winter who became the school's target after she was found to be a lesbian. 



TW: slight mentions of school bullyings :(


Back to my 2nd Winrina story on AFF!!! This plot was originally supposed to be a twitter au but I changed my mind and made it an AFF instead. It has been sitting in my draft for over a year...

I really want to finish this writing this plot but I have been procrastinating HAHAH hopefully by officially publishing it, it will push me to finish writing this LOL


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_kimserno #1
Chapter 3: Not me reading while listening to super shy and dancing to it
xbgsdm1 #2
Chapter 3: I'm still waiting🥺🥺
Ammsone009 #3
Chapter 3: i’m still here :(
Lalalisayah #4
Ammsone009 #5
Chapter 3: It hurt so bad, I feel like weeping reading every paragraph, but I’m liking the angst for now. We’ve got Minjeong’s perspective every chapter, but I’m wondering of what makes Jimin acts that way. It seems like she got a lot of pressure from her peers.
kartopsupremacy #6
Chapter 3: I wish they would stop already, take a break for years, come back and be together again, Jimin character is so weak rn she can't even protect Minjeong and she rather protect herself
No_looksies #7
Chapter 3: Oooh I feel so bad for Jimin and Minjeong... I know how bad the pressure is from parents and peers and I hope they are able to solve all their problems soon... Jimin should cut her friendship off from those mean people. I really like Giselle and Ningning in this story. They are such good friends to jiminjeong.. I hope Jimin doesn't get in trouble with her parents 😖
And Minjeong has my entire heart.. she has suffered so much
xkyyullgiex #8
Chapter 3: this hurts so bad omg... but im glad winter broke things off T.T time for the transfer to happen!!!!
Jimim circle is jerk toxic except giselle. For just start it really hurts for me. Mrs kim has to transfer mj to another school
Chapter 3: wheres minju i need minju winter need minju WE ALL NEED MINJU