See You Again
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"Yena, call for back ups. I will chase after her." The detective shouted at her teammate before running after her target. But damn, that girl was fast on her feets.

Not giving up, Eunbi chased the girl's tail and ran all the way up to the rooftop. Kicking the door open, Eunbi looked around the empty tranquil space with a gun readied on her hands.


"Come out. I know you are here."


Eunbi tighten her grip around her gun and clenched her teeth when she felt a presence behind her back. Swiftly, the detective spun around wanting to swing a punch at the criminal only to be surprised by the latter knocking off her gun which fell to the ground shortly, away from them.

The red-haired groaned.

She lost to her. Again.


"Hey, Detective Kwon."

Eunbi narrowed her eyes at the taller girl who was hiding behind a mask. Her eyes was shimmering with mischief.



"I was wondering when you are going to show up again, Kwon."


The said girl pulls down her mask and revealed her pearly smile.


"It was disappointing that it was your duck-looking friend who chased after me the other time, you know? It was easier to escape though, you're way faster than her."


The brunette giggled and walked towards Eunbi, her glove-wrapped hands tilted the shorter's chin upwards.


"I was hoping to see you again after you let me off surprisingly the other time you ripped my mask away."

"Why did you let me off?"


Eunbi swatted off the thief's hand and glared at her.

"It was my mistake. Now, I'm here to handcuff you and finally stop your vices."


The thief chuckled which watching Eunbi taking out her handcuff. She willingly allowed the detective to hold both of her hands together.


"You are under arrest on suspicion of stealing from the Bank Of Korea, The National Museum of Korea and involved in 3 other pick-pocketing reports. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Anything you say may be used aga "


The detective wasn't able to complete her protocol when she felt a pair of soft lips on her cheeks. She immediately froze up on her spot, her chest palpating wildly.

Looking up, she saw the thief smiling cheekily at her.


"See you again, Kwon Eunbi"

When she regain her composure, the detective realised that she has once again allowed the criminal to run away under her nose.


"Damn it, Lee Chaeyeon!"



Eunbi clenched her fist the flashback. She slammed her hands on her table and groaned. After letting off the annoying robber just like that, the detective not only suffered scoldings from the higher-ups, but also had sleepless nights for the past week.

Its all because of that damn cheek kiss that happened out of nowhere. She still could feel how warm the taller's lips were and her stupid brain could not erase that scene and feeling at all. She could even remember how nice the taller smells.


"Wah, unnie slow down."

A hand stopped Eunbi from taking another shot down . She glared at her colleauge and shoved her hand away, immediately feeling the burn in as she gulped the cup down one shot.


"Stupid thief."

"You are still mad at that? Its been a week."

"Of course she would be mad, Hyewon." Yena laughs, "Its the 2nd time she let that robber escape under her watch."

"What happened to our ace? You've been after her for 3 months already."

Hyewon mused, "How did you even let her escape? I thought you followed her all the way to the rooftop?"


The kiss flash across her mind again which made Eunbi's cheeks flared as red as her hair. But thankfully, the pub's setting was dark so Eunbi was saved from her friend's teasings and questionings.


"But didn't you said that you saw her face?"

"I-I didn't. She escaped before I manage to pull down her mask" Eunbi lied.


Not only she knows how the wanted criminal looks like, Eunbi even knows her name. But even doing her own private research, she could not even find any information about the girl.

She only knew that her name was Lee Chaeyeon the other time the thief was escaping and a random guy pulled a car over and shouted out Chaeyeon's name.

The mysteriousness of the robber just triggers the detective's curosity.

She kept the new information to herself, not wanting to share what she found because Eunbi swears that she will be one who will personally handcuff Chaeyeon and put her behind the bars and she's gonna get that promotion she's been eyeing for since forever.


"You better get a grip of yourself, unnie. Chief Nayoung is already threatening your position in the force. You wouldn't want to fail another time. Or else, you are gonna be kicked out of the unit."

Eunbi clicked her tongue at Yena reminding her of their superior's reprimand and threat.


"Shut up or go home."


At that the other two girls zipped their mouths and shook their heads.


"Hey, can I get the honour to have a dance with you?"

A guy with slick hair suddenly came over to their table and stretched out his hand towards Eunbi with a charming smile. The girls whistled and nudge their friend to accept but the latter scoffed.


"I like girls."


The stranger's confident smile immediately flatered as Yena and Hyewon sniffled their laughters at Eunbi shooting the guy down instantly. The detective paid no mind to the guy who muttered curses under his breath as he walked away feeling embarrassed.


"Oh my gosh, you should have seen his face unnie. It was epic." Yena giggles, "But seriously, he's quite good-looking though."

"Do you want me to tell Yuri that you called some stranger good-looking?"

"I'm sorry, boss."

Yena was fast in apologising to the older girl. She definitely do not want her girlfriend to find out that she was drinking with her collegues instead of having over-time in her office.


"But c'mon unnie, should we dance?" Yena suggested, "It's getting bored here, right Hyewon?"

"You know I don't like to dance." Hyewon rolled her eyes at her friend, "You guys can go ahead. I will just enjoy drinking by myself."

"Suit yourself." Yena shrugged and looked at the oldest among the three.

She looked at Eunbi in anticipation, "Please unnie?"


Eunbi sighs and gulps down another shot before standing up, heading towards the dance floor without waiting for the excited Yena. The slightly intoxicated woman swarm herself in the sea of people and started grooving to the music.

Though she under the influence of alcohol , she still knew what she was doing and was aware of her surroundings.

So when she felt someone wrapping their arms around her waist, the agent was about to do some stunts on the predator who dared to lay their hands on her precious body.


"You like girls huh."

Eunbi's brain stutters for a moment, every part of her goes on pause as a familar scent entered her nostrils. The scent which never left her mind ever since the incident at the rooftop.


That voice...

No it can't be...right?


"Hey, Detective Kwon."


The said girl felt shivers all over her body. Although loud music were booming out of the speakers, the detective could still hear the soft whisper from ther person hugging her from the back.


"L-Lee Chaeyeon?"


The red-haired felt the girl behind her stiffen for a second before she heard a light chuckle.

"Should I be surprise that you know my name?"


Nibbling on her lower lips, the red-haired instantly turned around. However to her dismay, the moment she spun around, the arm wrapped around the waist was gone as well. Her hawk eyes saw a familiar taller figure leaving the dance floor and heading towards the backdoor exit. Without thinking twice, the detective was fast on her heels to chase after the thief.


When she got out of the pub, there were only street lights and not a single soul was there.

Great, she missed her target again.

It's definitely Lee Chaeyeon.

There's no doubt in that.


"Unnie? Is everything okay?" The door swung open, revealing a worried Yena and Hyewon.

Eunbi sigh and nodded, "Y-Yeah. Let's go back home, I'm tired."

As the three of them were about to head back home, Eunbi's phone buzzed off his her pocket.


[+85 1056 2445]

You look nice in that yellow crop-top ;)

See you again, Detective Kwon.


"Damn it, Lee Chaeyeon!"




[+85 1056 2445]

Stop screaming my name like an idiot in a empty stairways and go to your friends already.

Look to your right.


Eunbi grip onto her phone tightly at the new message. Following the instructions, the red-haired turned to her right and saw her target standing behind a tall piller, sticking her head out.

Chaeyeon grinned at the older woman and waved her hands.


"See you again." The thief mouthed then walked away cooly.

Eunbi could have chased after her and put a cuff on her with how defendless the target was.


However, she can't.


First of all, she does not have her cuff with her, its in her bag which is in the damn pub.

Secondly, she don't understand how did Chaeyeon even find her here.

Lastly, she can't even damn move a foot towards the criminal.​​​​​






"The phone number that you asked me to check is not in service."

Eunbi furrowed her brows and scoffed, "That can't be. I'm sure I receive messages from that number."


"I am serious. I checked the system and even called to this number but the line said that its not in service." Sian sigh, "Are you sure is this number?"



The detective groaned and plopped herself down a seat beside the private investigator, "Ugh, she's gonna be the death of me."

"Who? Is it perhaps about the Lee Chaeyeon you asked me to fin

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