Indian Summer (prologue)

a written melody for you(every love I sent you)
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I decided to go.


The sky starts to brighten light blue, almost white. And Seulgi, who was lying sideways, buries her right palm underneath the left side of her chest, hoping its steady beat will calm her down.

It is clear what they did yesterday, judging from her sleeveless shirt and bare legs. But even so, with all the proof of scattered clothes on the floor and the marks Seulgi can see on her neck from the dressing table mirror, yesterday night all just felt like a dream.

Seulgi sits up without a word, picking up the cigarette pack as she makes her way toward the balcony.

She musters all strength to her right hand holding the lighter, and due to her half-awake state, her hand even trembles a little but she manages to light the cigar.

A flicker of flame soon extinguishes when it touches the tip of the white cigar, burning it black and Seulgi inhales all the smoke, hoping it will fill the emptied part of her when she had heard those words.

She doesn’t turn around when she hears the squeaking sound the door made as it slid open.

Instead, Seulgi fixes her gaze at the tip of the tower, the furthest thing from here and she tries to ignore the airplane flying above the clear sky.

And Joohyun leans on the fence, tilting her head and placing her temple on her forearm propped on the steel handle, her gaze focused on the woman next to her. Even though she just woke up she still looked surreal. Wearing Seulgi’s white shirt which is big enough to reach her thighs. And that is why Seulgi can’t look at her at all.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?”


There seems to be no decent answer in her head. More like she doesn’t have the will to reply. And Seulgi can’t tell if it’s because her words brought changes to what she feels or because she is just very exhausted.


“..What is there to say.”


She doesn’t have to guess what expression Joohyun is making, she doesn’t even need to look. But eventually, Seulgi meets Joohyun’s eyes, just when she puffs out the white smok

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Chapter 17: THIS IS SO GOOD
Chapter 3: MY HEART......... I LITERALLY CAN NOT YOUR WRITING IS SO INCREDIBLY. I felt every single emotion every step of the way and I can't even be mad that I stayed up till the morning to read this when I have classes to attend. 10/10, planning to reread for sure.
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Chapter 26: 😭😭😭😭 I don’t rmb there being a letter to joohyun but thank god seulgi got the closure instead of being in the dark and having to wait everyday. I’m glad joy and yerim went to find her and the bad guys didn’t know about them. I don’t believe in reincarnation but on god I hope it happens for joohyun. This story really has a special place in my heart😭💔 thank youuu
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Chapter 14: Omg I’ve been finding this story for so long. I rmb reading this in ao3 2 years ago(I hope that was you). It was pandemic and altho the story was bitter sweet but it was very wholesome. It made me wanna go out and do nice things for people lmao
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