a written melody for you(every love I sent you)

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Seulrene one/multiple-shot collection. Every song is as precious as every story, so here are the melodies that I wrote into stories. And I hope every story will make you happy. 



Please be warned that since this is a collection of different stories, the tags won't be always accurate. I recommend you to read the story's one-line description first before you decide to read it so that you won't encounter the genre you want to avoid. Thank you.


1. for her. (for him - Troye Sivan)

When you liking someone too much becomes one of your many problems, are you going to let yourself fall in love?



2. how deep is our love? (Popo(How deep is our love?) - Yerin Baek) 

Irene didn't expect the famous actress Kang Seulgi to step into her old bookstore, where it was the place she had hidden for a year after one success of her novel.

Inspired by the movie, 'Notting Hill'.



3. Indian Summer (0310 - Yerin Baek) (genre : angst, bittersweet)

Indian summer noun [C] (WEATHER)

: a period of calm, warm weather that sometimes happens in the early autumn.



4. Epiphany (Greed - Jiwoon) 

Life is like that. You can't have everything you want, you can't get things your own way. It's like that to everyone.

What they both didn't know is, it's not always like that. 

Inspired by the movie, 'Carol'.



5. then there's you,(my sunflower) (Secret - Taeyeon) (genre : angst, TW, M)

Seulgi could immediately tell by the look in the woman's eyes that she was lost in this small town. Her lips slowly parted from the straw, hesitating to say something but awe-struck by how pretty the woman was at the same time. Maybe a simple hello won't hurt.



6. die for you (die for you - the weeknd) (genre : angst, TW, M) 

Joohyun met Seulgi on the month she'd realized she liked women.

And Joohyun was sure she would have never known the dancer's name if they hadn't slept under the same roof.



7. sun shower(my loving moon is destined to be with the sun) (sun shower - Lee Sun-hee) 

"I'll help you become the queen of the Joseon dynasty, if you agree to help me kill the king himself.“

friends to enemies to lovers / historical

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