how deep is our love? (2/2)

a written melody for you(every love I sent you)
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“She’s bringing a girl?” 


Jennie almost drops the ladle while stirring a soup that even Rosé has no idea what it is. 


“Miracles do happen.” 


“Does this girl have a name?” Jennie asks, obviously very curious about the newcomer to their party.


“She wouldn’t say.” Rosé replies as she finishes wrapping one of the presents then wheeling herself toward the living room.


“Christ, what is going on in there?” Jennie exclaims after seeing smoke coming out of the oven and she sighs when the bell rings.


“Oh god.” Jennie mutters a curse under her breath as she hurries to the front door impatiently. She opens it and then turns back without looking at Joohyun and Seulgi standing there.


“Come on in. There’s a food crisis.”


Joohyun and Seulgi exchange a shrug then move along the corridor to the kitchen, and Rosé wheels her wheelchair toward them.


“Hi. Sorry the guinea fowl is proving more complicated than expected.”


“She’s cooking guinea fowl?” Joohyun says and Rosé almost grins, pleasantly surprised by the absence of the gold-rimmed glasses on Joohyun’s features. “Don’t even ask.”


“Hi.” Seulgi says as she stretches out her hand.


“Hi.” Rosé takes her hand and gapes a little after taking a good look at the visitor. “Good lord. You’re the spitting image of-”


“Rosé,” Joohyun interrupts. “This is Seulgi.”


“Right.” Rosé nods. “Of course.”


“Okay, crisis over.” Jennie rises from her stove position and comes over to her friends.


“Jennie. This is Seulgi.” Joohyun introduces her and she can’t help but smirk at Rosé’s doe eyes still staring at the actress.


“Hello, Seulgi ahm..” Jennie immediately recognizes her, and the word just falls out. “Kang.” She quickly comes round, mustering a friendly smile. “Have some wine.”


“Thank you.” Seulgi says politely and then the doorbell rings again.


“I’ll get it.” Jennie says and hastily walks toward the door.


And she isn’t even a bit amused to see two women each wearing a red and pink party dress.


Yerim does a little pose and so does Joy.


“Yes, happy birthday Yerim.” Jennie says, fairly unamused. “And good evening, Joy.”


Joy scoffs disapprovingly. “Rude.”


They head back along the corridor and Jennie tones down her voice. “Look, your sister has brought this girl, and-”


Jennie stops when they enter the living room and Yerim comes over to greet them with Joy following behind her.


“Hi, guys.” Yerim gives them her usual playful smile but then freezes when she sees Seulgi, looking awkward as ever. “Oh my holy mother of-”


“Yerim,” Joohyun cuts off before her little sister has the possibility of going to hell by cursing. “This is Seulgi. Seulgi, this is Yerim, she’s my little sister.”


“It’s nice to meet you.” Seulgi says as friendly as possible and Yerim looks at Joy, then back at the actress.


“Oh god.” She mumbles under her breath. “This is one of those key moments in life, when it’s possible you can be really, genuinely cool.. I totally and utterly adore you and I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world-”


“I’m here, you know.” Joy says in annoyance, flipping her hair.


“And I think we can be best friends,” Yerim finishes, ignoring Joy’s comment. “What do you think?”


“Um…” Seulgi looks at Joohyun then back at the excited birthday girl. “I think that sounds.. You know, lucky me. Happy birthday.”


Then Seulgi hands Yerim a present. Joohyun had insisted she didn’t have to but Seulgi made her stop by saying she wanted to ‘impress’ anyone who Joohyun cared about.


“Oh my god.. You gave me a present. We’re best friends already.” Yerim hugs the present, tight in her embrace. “Marry Joohyun unnie. She’s a decent human being and then we can be sisters!”


Seulgi laughs, amused by the reaction of Joohyun being flustered and sending death-glares to her little sister. “I’ll think about it.”


The front door bell rings again, apparently their last visitor.


“That’ll be Wendy.” Jennie says and heads out into the corridor to the front door.


“Hey, Wendy.”


“I’m sorry I’m so late.” Wendy says, and Jennie considers if she should point out that there’s a hint of flour on her nose. “But I made brownies!”


They enter the room and Jennie takes the plate of brownies from Wendy to warm them up.


“Wendy, this is Seulgi.”


“Oh..” Jennie was smart because if not, they would have had brownies dropped on the living room floor. “It’s a delight to see you again Seulgi!”


“It’s a pleasure to see you again too.” Seulgi chuckles. “It’s nice to see a familiar face.”


“Yerim! Happy birthday to you.” Wendy hands her the present. “I know you won’t like it but oh well, I’ve tried.”


And a minute or two later, they are standing in the kitchen, drinking wine before their dinner.

Wendy kept Seulgi busy, asking her millions of questions along with Yerim and Joohyun helping Jennie at the kitchen while Joy and Rosé set the table.


“You haven’t got.. intimate with her, have you?”


Joohyun rolls her eyes at Jennie’s question. “That is a cheap question and the answer is, of course, no comment.”


Jennie raises an eyebrow. “‘No comment’ means ‘yes’, you know.”


“No, it doesn’t.”


“Do you ever daydream about kissing her?”


“Definitely no comment.” Joohyun replies but her blush says otherwise.


“You see,” Jennie smirks mischievously. “it means yes.”


“I think we’re ready!” Joohyun raises her voice, pretending not to have heard and Jennie mouths ‘whipped’ to Rosé who has returned to the kitchen. Rosé giggles, wiggling her eyebrows at their friend who is still blushing.


“I wonder if you could tell me where the..?” Seulgi sends a message to Yerim with her eyes and thankfully, Yerim reads the code of the word ‘bathroom’.


“Oh, it’s just down the corridor on the right. I’ll show you.”


There’s a moment’s silence as they leave. Then in a split second, the others all turn to Joohyun.


“Quickly, quickly.” Rosé urges, pulling her wheelchair close to the writer. “Talk very quickly what are you doing here with Kang Seulgi?”


Before Joohyun can calm them down, Yerim comes back to the kitchen.


“I don’t believe it. I walked into the bathroom with her. I was still talking when she started ing her jeans.. She had to ask me to leave.”


Joohyun sighs and rubs her forehead with her palm. “Oh god..”


And they all just laugh and squeal excitedly, chattering until Seulgi comes back.


“What do you think of the guinea fowl?” Rosé asks quietly to Seulgi who was sitting next to her on the table.


“I quite liked it.” Seulgi says and Rosé is honestly surprised to see the innocence in her eyes. “I can tell Jennie really did try her best. It has been a while since I’ve had a proper meal so I really enjoyed it.”


And Rosé quite liked her already.


As it got darker, they were all very relaxed as they finished their dinner. Seulgi looks around the table, watching Joy helping Yerim put on the birthday necklace Joy had given, earning a kiss on the cheek and Joohyun laughing at what Wendy said and Jennie constantly paying attention to Rosé to make sure she isn’t too tired.

Such a normal event when it comes to birthdays. Yerim blows the candles of her large pink cake and everyone claps and much to Joohyun dismay, shoots party firecrackers making Joohyun and Joy jump out their seat and spews snow sprays onto the ceiling. It makes everyone laugh and Seulgi wonders to herself if this is what it’s like to be peacefully happy. 


“Having you here, Seulgi.” Jennie starts as she tries to clean up the mess on the table. “Firmly establishes what I’ve long suspected, that we really are the most desperate hot of under-achievers.”


“Shame!” Wendy squeaks and Jennie takes a mouthful of the delicious brownie. 


“I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.” Jennie says, wiping off the crumb from her lips with a napkin. “In fact, I think it’s something we should take pride in. I’m going to give the last brownie as a prize to the saddest act here. Except you Joy, since you have your own company but still lives with Joohyun just because you want to be part of Yerim’s family.”

“Shame.” Joy grumbles but obliges, taking a sip of her red wine.


There’s a little pause. Then Jennie turns to Wendy.


“You start, Wendy. Or should I say, Son Seungwan.”


“Well, obviously it’s me, isn’t it?” Wendy slumps a little on her seat. “I got fired from the company I didn’t even like. Had no idea what the hell I’ve been doing for three years and now I work in Joohyun’s bookshop but still not being able to sell even one book sometimes. I haven’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend since.. college.”


“You see,” Jennie says. “And unless I’m much mistaken, Joohyun still pays you regularly while Yerim here, she earns almost nothing despite the fact she has been working for that damn fashion company for almost a year.”


“Yes. And I don’t even get credit for my ideas.” Yerim agrees sarcastically. “Apparently you have to be ‘worthy’ to be able to say that the idea that saved the company is yours. And I’ve been attracted to cruel men before until I met Joy. And I’ve got three sisters back home who drive me nuts and parents who I want to support but never have.”


“You see.” Jennie chides. “Incredibly sad.”


“On the other hand,” Rosé says, glancing at Seulgi beside her. “Her best friend is Kang Seulgi.”


“That’s true.” Yerim nods, playing along. “I can’t deny it. She needs me, what can I say?”


“And most of Yerim’s limbs work.” Rosé adds, her smile turning a little sour. “Whereas I’m stuck in this thing day and night, in a house full of ramps. And to add insult to serious injury, I’ve totally given up dancing because I never can. And..” She pauses for a second. “We’re still waiting for this country to allow us to adopt a baby.”


Dead silence surrounds the room and everyone in the room looks grief-struck.


“..This damn country.” Joy mutters, glaring at her glass of wine.


“C'est la vie…” Rosé says wistfully but everyone notices her eyes glistening with tears. “We're lucky in lots of ways, but.. Surely it’s worth a brownie.”


Seulgi reaches for her hand and Jennie breaks the sombre mood, giving her wife a watery smile.


“Well, I don’t know. Look at Joohyun. Successful once but very unsuccessful now. Left behind by the man who she didn’t know was in love with another man. Used to be beautiful but now.. with those glasses..” Everyone snickers and Joohyun scowls in mild annoyance. “And absolutely certain never to hear from Seulgi again after she’s heard all the embarrassing stories of her college days we will tell.”


They all laugh and Seulgi smiles across at Joohyun.


“So I get a brownie?” Joohyun asks and Jennie nods after a thoughtful pause.


“I think you do, yes.”


“Wait a minute.” Seulgi interrupts abruptly. “What about me?”


Everyone except Seulgi exchanges a bewildered look.


“I’m sorry?” Jennie asks. “You think you deserve the brownie?”


Seulgi shrugs. “Well.. I want to take a shot at it at least.”


“You’ll have to prove it.” Joohyun says, playfully but there’s a determined glint in her eyes. “This is a great brownie and I’m going to fight for it. State your claim.”


“Well, I’ve been on a diet since I was nineteen.” Seulgi starts, looking down at her plate still left with food. “Which means basically I’ve been hungry for a decade. I’ve had a sequence of not nice boyfriends and girlfriends. One of whom hit me.”


She keeps the smile on her face but sighs as she continues. 


“And every time my heart gets broken it gets splashed across the newspapers and the Internet as entertainment. And one day, not long from now,”


While she says it, silence settles around the table. Because it is quite rare for an actress to open up to them. And Joohyun attentively listens, keeping in mind her every word.


“My looks will go. They’ll find out I can’t act or not worthier than fresh young, pretty actresses and I’ll become a sad middle-aged woman who looks a bit like someone who was famous for a while.”


They all look at her. And Joohyun doesn’t know what to say but Jennie shakes her head.


“Nah, nice try, gorgeous. But you don’t fool anyone.”


And the mood is magically broken as they all laugh.


“Pathetic effort to hog the brownie.” Joohyun jokes along and Seulgi laughs, even covering .


The rest of the evening went on, and Seulgi couldn’t be more regretful that it was their time to leave.


“I had such a great evening.” She says as she shakes Jennie’s hand.


“I’m delighted.” Jennie says with a grin. 


“Lovely to meet you.” Seulgi says as she turns to Rosé, even gives her a friendly peck on the cheek.


“And you.” Rosé replies. “I’ll wait till you’ve gone before I tell my wife that you very much enjoyed the guinea fowl which you might have had seconds if not for your cursed diet.”


“Really?” Jennie gasps, very surprised.


“Night, night, Yerim.” Seulgi says, giggling after seeing Jennie’s reaction.


“I’m so sorry about the bathroom incident.” Yerim says with Joy shaking her head and rolling her eyes behind her. “I meant to leave but I just… look, call me if you need someone to go shopping with. I know lots of nice places.”


“I’ll sure keep that in mind. From now on, I’m taking fashion advice from you.” Seulgi gives her a hug because obviously Yerim was anticipating, judging by her arms spread wide open.


“Don’t trust her too much.” Joy warns her, whispering in her ear. “She makes everything pink.”


Seulgi nods slowly, letting the information sink in. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


“It’ll surely be a pleasure to see you at the bookshop again.” Wendy says and Seulgi nods. “I’m sure I’ll come back.”


Joohyun and Seulgi move to the door and wave goodbye for the last time. And when they step outside, they hear a massive and hysterical scream of the friends letting out their true, but hidden, joy. Joohyun feels a little embarrassed.


“Sorry. They always do that when I leave the house.”


And they walk for a moment, a bit of silence between them.


“Embarrassing stories, huh?” Seulgi starts and Joohyun scowls. 


“They’re just saying nonsense. I’ve been very quiet in my college days.”


“Why is she in a wheelchair?” Seulgi carefully asks, still remembering the look on Rosé eyes.


“It was an accident. About eighteen months ago.”


They walk in silence for a moment.


“Would you like to come.. My house is just..”

Joohyun knows she is being too eager. But surely a cup of tea together, just the two of them, won’t hurt, right?


But Seulgi smiles apologetically and shakes her head.


“Too complicated.”


Joohyun nods, trying not to show her disappointment. “That’s fine.”


“Busy tomorrow?”


Joohyun stares at her in awe. “I thought you were leaving.”


Seulgi meets her eyes, giving her a meaningful smile. “I was.”


Such a wonderful sight to see in the peaceful evening under the streetlight.


They are now walking by a five foot railing, with foliage behind it.


“All streets around here have these mysterious communal gardens in the middle of them.” Joohyun explains, looking up at the railing. “They’re like little villages.”


Seulgi curiously stares along. “Let's go in.”


“Oh no, we can’t. They’re private villages. Only the people who live round the edges are allowed in.”


Seulgi narrows her eyes in a teasing manner. “You abide by rules like that?”


“Um..” Joohyun fidgets because the actress’s look makes it clear that she is waiting with interest on the answer to this.


“Of course not.” Joohyun finally answers. And she feels like a kid, wanting to impress someone she likes. “Other people do, but not me. I just do what I want.”


She rattles the gate, then starts to climb but doesn’t quite make it because of her wobbly legs and she falls back onto the pavement.


“I'll go first.” Seulgi suggests and starts to climb.


“Be careful, Seulgi. It’s harder than it looks-”


But Seulgi is already almost over the railing.


“Oh.. it’s not. It’s easy, I see.” Joohyun sniffs. “You don’t use stunt women for acting, do you?”


A few seconds later, Seulgi jumps down into the garden.


“Come on, my favorite author who doesn’t know how to climb.”


So Joohyun clambers over with terrible difficulty, and she almost squeaks as she jumps down but holds her breath when Seulgi catches her just in time by the waist.


“Seriously.” Joohyun says after quickly pulling away, worried Seulgi might have heard her heart jumping out of her ribcage. “What in the world in this garden could make that ordeal worthwhile?”


Seulgi answers her question as she leans forward, and kisses her. This time a proper kiss. No distractions, no interruptions, just them.


“Nice garden.” Joohyun mumbles after the kiss and Seulgi takes her hand with a grin.


They walk around the garden. It’s like a moonlit dream. They see the lights of the houses that surround the garden. With everything so vast and wide, seeing all kinds of flowers blooming on the huge trees and only the singing of the crickets filling the silence,  it feels like they’re in a world of their own.

Then they come across a single, simple wooden bench.


“For June.” Seulgi reads the letters carved on the bench. “Who loved this garden. From Joseph, who always sat beside her.”


For both of them, who have always acted or written about everlasting love, the bench sparks something inside them, enabling them to hope for something they’ve wished unconsciously all this time.


“Some people do spend their whole lives together.” Joohyun quietly utters and Seulgi nods. 


Joohyun sits down first and pats the spot beside her, gesturing to Seulgi to sit and she obliges, comfortably settling down next to Joohyun as the writer rests her head on her shoulder.


And they searched for the trace of the stars on the night sky because they now believe they exist. Regardless of how dark the sky is in the middle of the night.


After that, since Seulgi still stays in Daegu even though her schedule here is finished, they had more chances to enjoy their time together. Like any ordinary ‘couple’. Going to the movie and Seulgi visiting her bookshop from time to time, chatting with Wendy or reading Joohyun’s book and telling her which line triggered her interest.


And now, they are at a fancy restaurant. They are near the end of their meal but their conversation is endless as always.


“So you even tried to write a thriller novel about a woman who killed her own husband after your ex boyfriend left you?”


“What can I say.” Joohyun, a little tipsy from the wine, props her elbow on the table and rests her chin on her palm. “I almost experienced what it’s like to have a heart attack when he told me he was seeing someone. Who is also a man.”


“That’s not good.”


Joohyun places her hand on the back of the actress’s hand. And to make sure that no one sees it, she places a napkin on top which makes Seulgi laugh softly.


Their moment is interrupted by two slightly rowdy men who seemed half-drunk.


“No, no, no! Give me Kang Seulgi any day.”


In that comment, Joohyun and Seulgi look at each other.


“I didn’t like that first drama of hers.” Another drunken man comments. “Fast asleep from the moment the intro played.”


Seulgi smirks, as if she is used to receiving such words.


“Don’t really care what the dramas are like. Any drama with her in it, fine by me.” 


“No, she’s not my type at all really.” The man argues again. “I prefer that other one.. The one who is also a singer. What’s her name..”


“Forget her.” His friend cuts off. “You know, some girls, they’re all ‘stay away chum’ but Seulgi, she’s absolutely desperate for it. Do you know that over fifty percent of actresses once were ‘es’?”


This is horrible. Joohyun glares at the men but Seulgi squeezes her hand, mouthing ‘It’s okay’ to her when it clearly wasn;t.


“And Seulgi,” The man continues. “Is your definitive ‘actress’. Someone really filthy you can just flip over-”


“Right. That’s it.” Joohyun stands up and storms toward the absurd table before Seulgi can stop her.


“I’m sorry to disturb you.” Joohyun says, folding her arms. 


“Can I help you?” One of the men asks and Joohyun can tell by his voice that he’s the one who just called Seulgi a e.


“Why yes.” Joohyun takes a deep breath to stop herself from fuming. “I wish I hadn’t overheard your conversation. But I did and this person you’re talking about, is a real person and I think she deserves more than having s like you drooling over her-”


“What are you, gorgeous?” Another man interrupts, smirking at her. “Our mommy?”


That comment makes Seulgi stand up, forgetting the fact that she has people watching her every move as she walks toward them.




The men turn their attention to the actress and of course, their eyes turn wide as the empty plates, mouths gaped open and everything.


“Oh my god..” The man who just called Joohyun that insulting word speaks.


“I’m sorry about my friend, she is very sensitive and considerate.”


The man quickly stands up. “No, look, I’m sorry-”


“Oh please, please. Let’s just have it here.” Seulgi says and Joohyun snorts as the man obeys, sitting back down. “I’m sure you meant no harm, and I’m sure it was just a friendly banter.” Seulgi takes a deep breath as she reaches out for Joohyun’s hand. 


“And I’m sure you are all the size of peanuts. A perfect match for the size of your brains and personality. Enjoy your meal.”


And at a fast pace, they walk away. But not because they feel ashamed, only because they can laugh out loud after seeing the looks on those idiots’ faces.


“I shouldn’t have done that.” Seulgi says, still a little out of breath because of the running and laughing. “Oh god, I really shouldn’t have done that.”


“No, you were brilliant.” Joohyun assures her.


“I’m rash and I’m stupid.” Seulgi shakes her head, looking at the woman next to her as if she still can’t believe this moment actually happened. “What am I doing with you?”


“I don’t know.” Joohyun replies, swallowing the unspoken words she is afraid to let out.


“I don’t know either.” Seulgi stops at the end of the arcade and looks up at the tall building.


“Here we are.” Seulgi pauses for a moment, pondering if she should be reckless or rational.

“..Do you want to come up?”


Joohyun feels her breath hitch in surprise. “I thought there are lots of reasons why I couldn’t.”


“There are.” Seulgi agrees quietly, still holding her hand. “Even so. Do you want to come up?”


The actress smiles when she reads Joohyun’s look of yes which is evident like words on paper.


“Give me five minutes.” Seulgi says, letting go of her hand. “Third floor. Room 329.”


And after exactly five minutes, Joohyun walks along the hotel corridor. With a few exhales and inhales matching with the pace of her heart, she knocks on the door.


“Joohyun.” Seulgi seems slightly upset which makes Joohyun furrow her brow.


“Are you okay?”


“No. I mean with you, yes..” Seulgi pauses for a moment. “Do you remember that scandal I told you about?”


“You mean your ex-boyfriend?” Joohyun asks and Seulgi closes her eyes for a moment, looking very distressed.


“Yes. Him. He suddenly came here, saying he wanted to talk to me and I..” Seulgi sighs, very not happy with this situation. “I think I should solve this first. I’m so sorry.”


“Oh.. I see.” Joohyun suddenly feels the distance between them. She has no idea what Seulgi’s life is like. It almost seems as if she came from another world, adored by many but also insulted just as much, and very far from normal. Meanwhile she is just a writer who lives in a small city, living such a mundane life it always feels like a dream that they met.

But what if this is the kind of dream she needs to wake up?


“Goodbye, Seulgi.” She leaves before Seulgi can say anything. She hears Seulgi saying ‘I’ll call you,’ but she doesn’t turn around. Because right now, she wants to be alone.

Joohyun is too upset to even look at the bus taken up with a huge picture of Seulgi.


“Let’s face facts.”


Jennie, who decides to stop seeing Joohyun sulking at her house for almost a week, speaks up. 


“This was always a no-go situation. Seulgi’s like.. a goddess and you know what happens to morals who get involved with gods.”


“But I’m a goddess too.” Joohyun mutters. “At least, my pen name is.”


She has been ignoring Seulgi’s calls after that day. And after seeing the headline that read ‘Kang Seulgi, finally reunited with her lover?’.


“Don’t despair.” Jennie says, sitting down next to her on the couch, patting her back for comfort. “I think I have the solution to your problems.”




“His name is Jeongmin. And he works in the contracts department. A funny bloke. A little odd but still he’s bright as a button.”


Joohyun scrunches up her nose, obviously not happy with the solution. “No thank you.”


“Please?” Jennie says pleadingly, even clasping her hands. “Just try. You can’t be moping forever about something that does no longer exists.”


And that’s how Joohyun met several people who can never be part of her life as the particular actress did. But she did learn how many odd people there were in this world.


She had to admit, even so, there was a person who seemed just as perfect. 

His name was Jinho. Smartly dressed, open-hearted, and considerate. He even commented how much he enjoyed dinner despite the burnt lamb Jennie was unable to serve.


“Maybe we’ll meet again some time.” He says as Joohyun guides him to the corridor.


“Yes.” Joohyun says slowly. “That would be.. great.”


She kisses him gently on the cheek. Then she opens the door and he walks out. Joohyun shuts the door quietly, leans on the door for a while, her mind wandering back to someone else. Then she heads back to the living room.


“Well?” Jennie asks excitedly.


“He’s perfect.” Joohyun admits. “Just perfect.”


Jennie claps with joy but Rosé notices the sullen look on her friend’s face. “And?”


Joohyun makes a gentle, exasperated gesture. Feeling more lost than ever.


“I think you’ve forgotten what an unusual situation you have here. To find someone you actually love, who’ll love you back. The chances are always minuscule. I’m probably going to find myself, 30 years from now, still on this couch.”


“..Do you want to stay over?” Rosé asks carefully and Joohyun miserably nods.


“Why not. All that awaits me at home is Joy’s speech of ‘why can’t you move on?’.”


And after about an hour, Joohyun watches Jennie lift Rosé off her wheelchair and carries her upstairs. Joohyun briefly recalls how Jennie had gone to the gym just so she could lift her wife who was taller than her.


Can any sacrifice be possible if you love that person deeply?


The next morning, Joohyun heads home after work as always. But she fails to notice something unusual about the newsagent for today. A rack of tabloid papers, all of which seem to have very grabbled pictures of Seulgi on their front page. Headlines flashing ‘Is it really her?’, ‘Seul Stunned’, and ‘Kang Revealed’.


Just when Joohyun was ready to fix up a cup of tea, the bell rings. Knowing Joy won’t be home this soon she heads out to answer it with a frown.


She arrives at the door and opens it. And she sees a sight that she at least expected.


Seulgi was standing in front of her. But at the same time, she wasn’t. Dark circles were evident beneath her eyes and her hair was a mess. And she was only wearing plain jeans and a white hoodie.


The actress musters up a smile but she looked as if she could pass out any minute. “Hi. Can I.. Come in?”


Seeing that, Joohyun doesn’t have the heart to say no. “Come in.”


And she soon learns what had happened from the past two weeks. Turns out, Seulgi had tried to end things with her ‘ex’ but her company suggested no, half-threatened her to at least pretend they are back together just for promotion of her new drama. But Seulgi refused eventually and just when she thought everything had calmed down another issue occured.


“Apparently someone was filming me from that kind of angle. So what is supposed to be a normal photo now looks like a o magazine. Because of that damn short skirt and well.. the pictures have been leaked and they’re everywhere.”


Joohyun feels horrible. Recalling the several calls and messages she ignored just because of her stupid overthinking and misunderstanding.


“I didn’t know where to go.” Seulgi sighs, looking even more tired. “The hotel is surrounded. And I didn’t want to wander around seeing all those..”


“This is the place.” Joohyun says softly, taking Seulgi’s hand. 


“Thank you.” Joohyun can tell by her trembling hand that she is still very shaken. “These are such horrible pictures. They’re so revealing and they make me look like..” She shudders, closing her eyes for a moment to just breathe.


“Don’t think about it.” Joohyun nips her bottom lip. “We’ll sort it out. Relax first. What would you like, tea? Maybe a bath?”


Seulgi smiles, even though it’s weak it’s still better than teary eyes. 


“A bath would be great.”


After Seulgi took her bath, she looked much better. Even though Joohyun wanted her to get some rest, Seulgi insisted that she wanted to have toast with the writer first.


“I’m really sorry about last time.” Seulgi says after a moment of silence. “He just flew in and I had no idea.. I really thought it was over.”


“It’s not your fault.” Joohyun sa

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Chapter 17: THIS IS SO GOOD
Chapter 3: MY HEART......... I LITERALLY CAN NOT YOUR WRITING IS SO INCREDIBLY. I felt every single emotion every step of the way and I can't even be mad that I stayed up till the morning to read this when I have classes to attend. 10/10, planning to reread for sure.
Chapter 1: This was literally so sweet and endearing and I CRIED. GOD I love this sm
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Chapter 26: 😭😭😭😭 I don’t rmb there being a letter to joohyun but thank god seulgi got the closure instead of being in the dark and having to wait everyday. I’m glad joy and yerim went to find her and the bad guys didn’t know about them. I don’t believe in reincarnation but on god I hope it happens for joohyun. This story really has a special place in my heart😭💔 thank youuu
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Chapter 14: Omg I’ve been finding this story for so long. I rmb reading this in ao3 2 years ago(I hope that was you). It was pandemic and altho the story was bitter sweet but it was very wholesome. It made me wanna go out and do nice things for people lmao
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Chapter 9: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Chapter 19: Ugly crying T_T
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