Love Me,Hate Me,Save Me

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Jeon Heejin and Ha Sooyoung are two bestfriend who come from the same hometown,Mokpo and continue their live as a college student.
Park Chaewon,the girl that caught Heejin eyes but sadly she is Son Hyejoo girlfriend aka one of the most popular girl in the college and they are one of the popular couple.Chaewon also a bully which is why Heejin don't understand why out all of people,it's has to be her? 
Kim Jungeun and Jung Jinsoul are the other most popular couple since Hyejoo and Jinsoul are bestfriend but Jungeun can't help but to find herself interested with the new girl.Sadly Sooyoung never like Jinsoul in the first place so she hate everyone that close with Jinsoul,mostly Jungeun of course. 


"You changed because of her,not because of yourself.That's the truth." 

-Jeon Heejin

"Why it's seem like she always know me better than myself?Do I even know the real me? 

-Park Chaewon

"I know you're hiding something that no one know it at all but I know."

-Ha Sooyoung

"I just wish for one things.If only I know you earlier,maybe maybe I will save myself."

-Kim Jungeun

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