The Real Me

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Kim Jungeun was a girl but pretend as a guy later when her long time crush never had her eyes on her so her guy friend told her to pretend to be a guy to attract her crush so she did and now she become Kimlip,a guy but also as a girl Jungeun. 
Jung Jinsoul never interested with Jungeun at all but some of her friend did so she don't understand what and why they have crush on her but when a new guy appear on their college,she can't help but always want his attention go to her only. 
At the same time while Jungeun become Kimlip started,Jinsoul begin to talk to her and getting closer to her too but Jinsoul love Kimlip and she also start to fall for Jungeun and she can't decided who her real love is whether it's was a girl Jungeun or a guy Kimlip. 


Jungeun, A girl   Kimlip, A Guy


Jungeun pretend to be Kimlip just for Jinsoul


Even her friend have crush on her and also Jinsoul friend when she as a girl and also when she as a guy but of course she only like Jinsoul but everything become more hard for her as time goes by when one by one the other girl start to find out who she really is. 




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