down for the count

all roads lead to you
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Summary: Joohyun really needed to stop getting too engrossed with her lists.

Tags: fluff, soft, random experiment with numbers and stuff



Joohyun was ten when she had met Seungwan, the latter all chubby-cheeked and wide-eyed wonderment as she skipped around the park, humming to a tune only she could hear, backpack lifting and jingling from the various keychains attached to it with her every step.

Joohyun had narrowed her eyes then, toes prodding the ground as she slowed her swinging in order to regard this tiny bundle of weirdness traipsing about. It was days later that she found out that that kid was her new neighbor and was only three years younger than her.

Ten more times she saw Seungwan around before the younger girl had the courage to come up to her and say hello, offering her half-burnt cookies she had baked herself. Joohyun wanted to point out the burnt edges, but Seungwan was turning so pink and shifting around so nervously that she couldn’t bring herself to criticize her baking.

She took a bite out of one and chewed thoughtfully; it was too sweet and buttery. “Hmm. A ten out of ten.”

But Seungwan’s bright smile was ten times sweeter.



It took Joohyun nine years to realize that she was in love with Seungwan.

They’d been best friends for years. Seungwan’s baking skills had improved by a lot. Joohyun wasn’t lying anymore when she rated her cookies and muffins a perfect ten.

Seungwan was a perfect ten.

Warm, caring, beautiful. How could Joohyun not fall for her?

Joohyun believed that Seungwan felt the same. Her eyes could never truly hide anything, not to Joohyun, at least. It was there. She was sure.

They both just had to say it out loud.

She pondered how to confess for nine days, driving Seulgi crazy with her outlandish ideas.

“Maybe I should throw a rock at her window and do that fansign thing in Taylor Swift’s music video.”


“Or that thing in Love Actually when-“

“What’s up with you and fansigns?”

“Nothing!” And there really wasn’t. She just wanted everything to be perfect – just like how those scenes seemed. Seungwan deserved perfect.

“You could bake her something?” Seulgi suggested as she began cuddling the bunny plushie Seungwan had gotten Joohyun for her 19th birthday.

Joohyun nodded, liking the idea. “But…I can’t bake, though.” She sighed sadly.

“C’mon! We can try. Seungwan practiced baking dozens of times so that she could finally make something you’d like.”


“Yeah. Her parents went nuts when they saw the grocery bill.”

That new piece of information made Joohyun’s gut feel all funny. Was this what ‘butterflies in your stomach’ felt like?

Whatever it was, she was hoping she could make Seungwan feel it for her too.



Their first kiss lasted for eight seconds.

They were eight seconds that Joohyun would never forget. Seungwan had tasted like the red velvet cupcake Joohyun had baked for her, and Joohyun couldn’t get enough.

She tried and failed (many, many times) to bake those pesky things, but she finally got eight right. Enough to write with cream cheese frosting eight heartfelt letters: I LOVE YOU.

“I love you too,” Seungwan murmured against her lips, their foreheads pressed together as they caught their breath.

Joohyun smiled wide, so happy to have this sunshine in her arms to call her own. “How was it?” she asked, pertaining to the cupcakes she’d worked on for eight hours.

Seungwan hummed. Her eyes flicked down to Joohyun’s lips, making Joohyun swallow as her heart thumped loudly against her chest. “A ten out of ten.”



Joohyun woke up to various knocks on her door. She groaned as she stretched her limbs across the bed, buying time for that person to go away.

Alas, another set of knocks started up again, and she forced herself to get up and answer the door.

She opened it to one clearly intoxicated Seungwan, cheeks flushed and eyes shining with unshed tears as she gazed up at Joohyun.

“Unnie,” she croaked out, and damn Joohyun if her heart didn’t flutter. “I’m sorry,” she hiccupped.

In her sleep-addled state, it took a while for Joohyun to recall what they had fought about hours ago.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Seungwan continued to babble, and Joohyun quickly pulled her inside lest she woke up the entire floor.

Seungwan used the opportunity to wrap her arms around Joohyun, and they stumbled a few steps back before Joohyun regained her balance for the both of them.

Joohyun cringed at the strong stench of alcohol, but slowly reciprocated the embrace. “How many bottles have you had to drink?”

“Seven,” Seungwan mumbled against her neck, and Joohyun shivered at the contact, even as she chuckled.

“Maybe you mean seven shots?”

“Mm. Maybe. You smell nice.”

“And you kinda…don’t.”


“It’s okay.” Joohyun carded her fingers through Seungwan’s hair gently, amused more than anything. And maybe a little too flattered that Seungwan would come all the way to her college just to apologize. She’d ask how she got here safely, but she knew she probably wouldn’t get a straight answer; she could just ask her tomorrow. “You can take a shower and sleep here tonight, hmm?”

“I think…I’ll just…take a nap right here.”

Seungwan’s sudden deadweight almost made Joohyun stumble again, but she buckled her knees and held her ground. She gently pushed Seungwan back to see her face, and yep - knocked out cold.

“What am I going to do with you, you pabo?” Joohyun murmured a little too lovingly.



Joohyun dusted off her hands after dropping the last box of their things on the floor. She and Seungwan had just moved into an apartment on the sixth floor of this quaint building together, and it may just

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