Chapter 4 - Be Kind, Rewind

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(Rosé POV) 


I listened as Jisoo and Lisa stumbled around outside. It was hard to tell whether they were drunk or just being their normally loud selves. Jennie and I tried to be quiet as mice in my bed. 


“Rosieeee! Jennie unnieeeeee!” I heard Lisa call out, and then what sounded like a smack to the head and Jisoo hissing, “They’re probably already asleep, pabo!”


I then heard Jisoo approach my room and knock on my door softly. Or her best attempt at soft anyway. “Chaeyoungah? Are you asleep?” I heard the doorknob rattle as she tried to enter the room, and I was relieved to find that the door was locked. Did Jennie lock the door when she came in?


“Jennie unnie isn’t in her room!” Lisa yelled.


“She’s probably staying with Chaeng,” Jisoo surmised and seemed satisfied with that. 


I heard Lisa hop to my door, and once again the doorknob rattled. “Why is her door locked?” she asked loudly.


“Probably to keep you out,” Jisoo said, and laughed evilly.


There were a flurry of footsteps, crashes and bangs, barking from Dalgom, and the yowling of Lisa and her cats, as the maknae and the fake maknae either got ready for bed, or demolished the rest of the dorm, most likely a combination of both. Then the apartment settled into a nice silence once again. 


I had been staring at my door the whole time, and Jennie had apparently been staring at me. 


“Are you okay?” I asked her. She nodded. She seemed strange somehow. 


I moved in to kiss her, and her lips were barely responsive, and not in a passive, pliable way like if she was sleepy or tired, but stiff like she was holding back or resisting. I pulled away, and indeed her eyes were wide open, watching me. 


“I’m sorry,” I said quickly, afraid I had done something repulsive.


She furrowed her brows a little, but said nothing. 


“Jennie, about what happened...”


“I gotta put clothes on,” she said suddenly, like she had just realized she was late for something. She flew off the bed, and began a mad search for her clothes on my bedroom floor, tossing my clothes at me in the process. “You gotta put clothes on,” she told me with a crazy look in her eyes.


“Jen, it’s 4 am, just come back to bed,” I said softly, but she was on a mission, and she was relentless, and she emerged fully dressed on the side of the bed. And by fully dressed, I mean she had put on other articles of clothing that she had scavenged from my floor, to cover up the Victoria’s Secret seduction collection ensemble that she had showed up in earlier. 


“Um... that’s my hoodie and my sweats... and my hat and my scarf,” I pointed out.


“I know, I know, I know, I know, but I was . You’ll get it back,” she replied, sounding a little like a skipping record.


“I’m not worried about my clothes, I’m worried about you. Just come back to bed.”


“I... I gotta check on Kuma, and... I gotta... there might be... a gas leak... cat up a tree...”


“Jennie, you’re not making any sense. Come back to bed, talk to me.”


But Jennie had sprinted off to her room, like a perp fleeing a crime scene. And I was the dirty deed.


I sat up, tears stinging my eyes. I pulled the covers tight over me. I felt unwanted and ashamed. What the hell just happened? What did I do wrong?


I got out of bed and took a scalding hot shower, trying to scour every trace of off my skin. I emerged from the bathroom bright red, like a boiled lobster, and put on the biggest, baggiest clothes I could find. There was no point trying to sleep. I was wide awake and my mind was racing. I started pacing around my room, then started feeling like I was about to throw up. I marched out onto the hall, my hair still dripping wet, to Jennie’s locked door, and knocked without really expecting her to open up or let me in. I heard the shower running and figured that’s where she must be. I headed to Lisa’s room and banged loudly on the door. I was panicking. I was falling apart. I knocked continuously with the force of a sledgehammer, until Lisa stumbled out, looking like she’d been woken from death, and upon seeing her, I broke down, crying inconsolably. 


“Ohgod, Chipmunk, noooo,” she hugged me, and led me inside her room. I guess she assumed I was still upset from the incident at the club, because she didn’t ask any questions, not that I would have given her any answers. We just got in bed and I eventually passed out from sobbing, soaking her pillow and her shirt from tears and my wet hair.


I don’t know how long I was knocked out, but I woke up to Jisoo and Lisa whispering in the doorway.


“Is Chaeyoungie alright?” Jisoo asked.


“She’s asleep,” was Lisa’s reply. 


“Did something else happen? Jennie was being so weird when she left earlier. She said she was going to stay at her parents’ for a couple days.”


Lisa shrugged, and they both exchanged worried looks.


“Wanna help me make dinner?” Jisoo asked, and dragged Lisa out of the room before she could refuse. Dinner. I had slept the entire day. 


My hair was stringy and tangled. My chest felt cold and hollow. I checked my phone to see if Jennie had left any messages. She expectedly had not, and why would she even start caring now anyway? 


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