Naive in Love {hiatus}

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Choi Min Ki no longer desired to a be a Prince,
he just wanted a normal commoner's life,
and once he saw his chance to obtain such a life for himself,
he took it...

Only for his new world to come crashing about his head,
when he meets,
JR, an infamously dangerous Gangster,
that refuses to ever part from him...


JR chortled darkly in retort,
before he turns away from the other boy and walks off finally leaving Ren to his lonesome,

"And I shall show you how very wrong you are, Ren.
Because you will be mine...
whether you come to realize that fact on your own or with my help..."

Lost & Found

You were lost,
but I was found.
You're warmth melts away my frost,
and lifts me from the icy ground.
No matter the cost,
forever, we are bound...

~ JR

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im super of what you have in store for this story, please write more❤️❤️
Chapter 1: Ooh nice start
A rare pair nowadays, some dont have interest doing some story to Nuest. I HOPE you continue authornim ^^