ready, set, fall

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At the center of it all, of them all, was a boy named Mark.




I spent the past week or so with major major major NCT Dream feels, but even more so for Mark, who steadily climbed my NCT bias list the more I got to know the group. How can you not love such a pure and amazing boy? Which then made me think that you can't, and especially not NCT Dream, and paired together with Dream Show and A LOT MORE FEELS... this little thing was born. It's Mark Lee x the other NCT Dream members. I wasn't sure, but I did some members more platonically than the rest, hence the tag.

Also, I've been a solid Markmin enthusiast ever since Mickey Mouse Club days, but even I have to admit The Bond between Markhyuck is something else, so I may have went on a roll with Donghyuck's part so he's last. There's still a pretty big bias towards Jaemin though since I couldn't resist.

This made me soft even while I was writing it. Hope you enjoy!






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