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Lee Taemin have always been a wallflower to finish school without any distractions but it didn't happen because EXO's Kai, her secret crush was on the same class as her.

Kai or Kim Jongin, have been secretly crushing on Lee Taemin, the wallflower on his class even if every girl in the campus threw themselves to him. The main reason? She treats him like an ordinary person and it made him feel good.

One day, they went on a school trip and suddenly became close - which sparked rumors on how it happened.


•••This is actually a mix of what happened in my dream and a drabble on continuation when I woke up. It's a college!au mainly on the life of senior student female!Taemin and EXO's Kai.



Lee Taemin doesn't want to get much attention while attending at the university almost every young girl dream to attend to, because she wanted to graduate in peace and unbothered especially the university houses famous people and lately, idols.

When those idols attend clases whenever they don't have schedules, a lot of flirting and boasting happened. Girls threw themselves to them and boys do everything to be cool like them. Squealing could be heard whenever they walk by, and some got envious of them who seem to have everything good in life: money, car, house, nice career and anyone they'd want to be with.

Kim Jongin also known as EXO's Kai have been at the same class as Taemin. They were on their senior year and it's been 3 years since she got to live with the fact that her life wouldn't be the same. But how far could he change her life? By any chance, would she get to turn his life around too?

Thank you for subscribing to my story! The final chapter has been posted and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing this. Cheers! :D


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