How would Taemin and Jongin have babies?

  • Make their own (lol) - Taemin getting pregnant (mpreg)
  • Take care of an angel - no pregnant Taemin, TaeKai would adopt a baby instead

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Please excuse me if I only write fanfic about 2nd Generation idols and not new idols - because I am not a fan of them. New girl groups and new boy groups are good but I still prefer BIGBANG, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, 2NE1 and Sistar over BP or BTS so you won't find stories featuring them here.


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About Me

I have lots of stories and some of them are created because I have encountered them in my dreams, but most of it are pure imagination. There may be scenes that have happened in real life, there are also scenes that I would wish to happen in real life because the stories I write is about my OTPs - and I ship them so hard so it would sail away spreading love.


1 - First fanfiction that I wrote is 기다릴께 - Wait For You - it's still on works because I bled a lot of ideas that this story have become seriously long - it became a chronicle with 3 parts plus 2 side stories. I have to revised it to 3rd person POV since I made it in 2012 in the characters' POV. 

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2 - Second fanfiction that I published is Ice ❄ - fangirl au - Kai being the lover of a girl named Ice (oc/Lee Hi) who suffers from depression, along with Taemin that would want to save her. This love triangle story is angsty and dramatic, may also be a trigger to some audiences.


3 - Third fanfiction published is Get(away) ⏳ - college au - female!Taemin and idol star student Kai on a school trip that happened more than a month before graduation. This time, Kai is the main character and he is kind here (unlike in Ice). I hope I would be able to redeem Kai through this fic.


4 - The fourth fanfiction that I published is My Star 🌟 - college au - It's a bit similar with Get(away) but it's more on fluff and cute secret love story of Lee Hi and idol star Taemin


5- I See Only You (formerly Slave for Love Shot) 🎳 - au, MPREG - Idol Kai Kim Jongin is in his late 30's while Taemin is on his 20's (11 years ). Kai is Taemin's idol since he was a kid, just when Kai debuted in the entertainment industry. 


6- My Best Friend, My Toy - best friends to buddies au, MPREG - childhood best friends Chef Taemin and Director Jongin working together in a restaurant and ended up banging when they were lonely. Little did Jongin know, Taemin has a girlfriend but he still continued by being Taemin's secret love.


7- Spare - breakup and making up au - Taemin, Kai and Kyungsoo oneshot with some TaeKai in Republic of Korea Army.


8- Because of You - moving on + loving again - indie singer Taemin met model Kai during work just a few hours he was dumped. By singing a song, he found out that Kai is dumped too. Two broken hearted people became friends and found comfort in each other, only to be broken up by the same reason - choosing someone over them.


9- Kiss Tutor 💋 - idol actors au - Kai becomes actor Kim Jongin needing some help for his kiss scenes, and his best friend idol actor Lee Taemin to his rescue as his Kiss Tutor.


10- Finally Exclusive - domestic au, MPREG - sequel to I See Only You. Domestic TaeKai with baby Kaiden. Family life with some confrontations with Kai's 'ex-wife' Jennie Rubie Jane and Kai's 'ex-girlfriend' Krystal.


11- The Practice Room Chronicles - two timing, getting back together, MPREG - TaeKai in SuperM working with their relationship after breaking up in 2016. Taemin got traumatized after Kai's dating scandals were confirmed while they were together. He was afraid that Jongin is really two-timing. He thinks that one day he would wake up with a confirmation of Kai's relationship with another girl group member again.


12- Half Hearted - magical realism au, MPREG - Lee Taemin transforms as Kim Taehee when the clock strikes 6pm and decided to have her time with her love, her diaper best friend Kim Jongin in one night, only to have their own baby.


13- Don't Let Me Go - college roommates au - nerdy Taemin × playboy Jongin as college roommates; Jongin wanting to preserve Taemin's innocence while Taemin thought that he doesn't stand a chance with Jongin.


14- Treacherous - cheating, lookalikes au, MPREG - Jongin left Taemin for Sehun who got pregnant, while Taemin was also pregnant. When Taemin went to Japan with his baby boy, they met Kai and told him about his son, not knowing that he's a totally different person since he looks like Jongin so much.


15- Re:Play - flashback au - Taemin takes his bowlcut hair back in 2020 in his instagram, making Jongin in Milan for Gucci show 2020 reminisce their time together when they were still trainees.


16- Spring Before Winter - trip to Japan au - Taemin and Jongin's onsen trip to Japan with Sungwoon and Jimin.


17- Love Like This - superheroes + superpowers au - superhero Kai with his neighbor single dad Taemin and his little boy Yukhei with superpowers also known as Xuxi.


18- Words by HeeKaiTae - MAMA2017 au - Taemin's 'Door' performance and Kai's 'I See You' performance that made them while they're in Hong Kong.


19- Obvious by HeeKaiTae - spontaneous trip au - pulling Taemin out of his bed, Jongin took him to a trip to the winter sea to spend time together and to confess his feelings to his best friend.


One-shot fics posted under Ultimate Top Kim Jongin Festival

20- Exclusive Confession - acquaintances Taemin and Jongin left their friends at the club and just went home walking, with the little adventures they encountered along the way.


21- One And Only -


22- Secretly Exposed - lovers Taemin and Kai tried to keep their gay down while they're with their SuperM 'babies' in Los Angeles, most especially when their babies kept on clinging onto them.


23- v²v⁴ - getting back together, domestic au, MPREG - 6 years after their breakup, Jongin wanted Taemin back with one more chance, one last time but Taemin would only agree with one condition - Jongin have to give him a baby first.


24- We'll Live For This Love - domestic au, MPREG - part 2 of v²v⁴, where Taemin and Kai along with their fraternal twin baby boys Shion and Shikyung during Valentines, along with their upcoming fraternal twins inside their mommy Taem.


25- Jealous - Taemin liked Lucas way too much to the point that he neglected Jongin, not knowing that he's jealous and hurting because he's in love with him.


26- With You - Taemin was surprised when Jongin didn't control himself and went all out, giving him that seductive and hot bodyroll while performing 'No Manners' on their concert in San Diego.


27- Still You - reincarnation and time travelling au - present female!Taemin and Jongin met couples Lee Minjung and Kim Eunhaeng with their twins in the past, then Shion and Ato who's expecting their own babies  in the future.


28- Like A Cat - catboy/hybrid au - CEO Kim Jongin tired of blind dates but on his birthday, he went on one meeting Lee Taemin who seems to be a bit different, only to find out that he's a catboy, the catboy that he have been looking for since he was a kid.


29- Tricky Treat - couple Taemin and Jongin went to fish markets and tried fish or gaebul, an aphrodisiac that would eventually be used for it's components.


30- Naughty Hands - college au - female!Taemin went to boyfriend Jongin wearing a super short skirt; Jongin teased back when his hands s underneath the short skirt while they're at a film viewing class.


31- Station 10 Years of Love - club au -vcelebrating their 10th year anniversary, Jongin and Taemin went to a club - of course, to have an experience that's totally different from all the time they had before - on the stage while everyone is watching.


32- Tease - polyamorous Jongin having fun with his boyfriend Taemin and his girlfriend Seolhyun.


33- Heart Attack* - Seolhyun × Kai - Idol star Kai venturing onto Adult Video industry, also fulfilling his dream to have with star Ari.


34- One In Three Thousand* - Seolhyun × Kai - catboy/hybrid au - Seolhyun took a cat out in the winter streets, not knowing that it's the catboy that's been following her since she was young.


Ongoing fics :

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✔ fics based on English and Korean songs

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✔ If Only - actors au - the hottest love team of all time Lee Taemin and Kim Jongin through the years, with all their failed relationships finally trying to be together.

✔ The iest - amazons au - The only prince of the Lee tribe and the Kim tribe who were set to give offsprings with the amazon princesses ran away together especially they love each other, even if it means bailing on the marriage rituals in their land.


》Honey Boy Bottom Kim Jongin Fic Fest

°Can't Be Tæm'd - X-EXO/X-TAEMIN - Taemin × Jongin × Tæmin

°Camwhere - camboy au - camboy Kai with his boyfriend Ace live on OnlyFans

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I hope you'd like my stories and wouldn't hate my writing style. I'm an amateur writer with a mind bleeding with ideas plus I try to update every week. I hope you'd spare me  ㅋㅋㅋ

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