The Lethal Elite


The world's a scary place. 
Everyone learns this at a young age. When we encounter something bad, something evil and vile that makes us shake in fear, we realize the world around is much darker than we thought. That fear makes us human, but what we do with it determines whether we are good or bad, how good you are and how bad you are. For some, that path was chosen at birth, for others, it was decided for them, and some chose it themselves. There are different types of bad, bullying, stealing, arson, murder. It was one thing all students at King's Domain had in common, they all had blood on their hands, they had all taken a life one way or the other. Some several, some one. And they were all ready to take another.

Kim Jongin didn't believe in karma. There was no higher above that decided their destiny or watched over them. There were always sinners who walked away from their sins unscathed and there were always innocent people being punished for sins they didn't commit. It was why he attended King's Domain, to punish those who deserve and make sure they are punished properly. The law could only go so far, and there were always loopholes and corruption and cover-ups. Monsters are made not born, and he was made to hunt people like him, monsters.

There was always a price for things in this world. A price for our actions, a price for our life, and a price for our voices. Our options and destiny are limited by the number in our bank account. The possibilities and impossibilities of this world changed with the amount of wealth to your name. Kim Jennie wanted her voice heard, she wanted to have access to all possibilities, and she wanted to live a nice life, though not particularly a good one. And the price for that life was steep, steep enough to drive a young girl to murder.


x x x


          Jennie watched herself, 10 years younger, standing alone in the rain. Her hair was soaked, along with her clothes. Her red rainboots filling with water she neither felt nor cared about. She had forgotten to grab her raincoat in the rush, the chaos of it all. Her blue dress had turned black with water and stuck to her glass shoulders. Jennie could hear the little girl's wails, they cracked and shattered, and her heart along with it. The little girl had blood running down her arms and dripping onto the ground. Her face was turned to the skies as if the stars themselves would fall and offer her a helping hand. But they never fell. And they offered no helping hand. 

x x x

          Jongin did not remember. He did not remember his first birthday, or his second, or his fifth, or his eighth. He did not remember his elementary school or his friends. He remembered nothing except the sound of rain, pouring down on the roof of the room he could not remember. He did not remember the name of his first dog, of whose existence he only knew about through a single photo. He did not remember what night exactly it had rained, or if the rain was a continuous thing, like the buzz of a radio. He did, however, remember the rain hitting his skin. Soft reminders that he existed, but he knew the wetness on his face was not solely rainwater, but also something saltier, warmer. And he knew the red on his hands was not paint or a popular condiment, but something darker, thicker.




Name: Kim Jennie

Alias: Ruby Jane

Age: 18

Specialty: Knives, Poison, Disguise

Weaknesses: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Long Range Weaponry

Known Family: Mother, Father

Status: TBD

Name: Kim Jongin

Alias: Kai

Age: 18

Specialty: Stealth, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Gun

Weaknesses: Poison, Undercover

Known Family: Parents (Deceased), Two Sisters.

Status: Blue


Members: 9 (3 deceased)

Active since 2015

Symbol: Diamond 


Members: 4

Active since: 2018

Symbol: Black and Pink Yin Yang



I know I'm late on the whole JenKai thing, and that they already broke up but I'm still gonna publish it cus I'm a hoe for JenKai.

This fic was inspired by the comics and TV Show, Deadly Class (which is p good, I recommend it)

Also, it's been forever since I last uploaded, I stopped writing because I was in a not great place, but now I'm back and starting fresh. I don't know if I'll continue the two ones I already started, but I'll try too!

Comments, votes and literally any form of support are very much appreciated! And I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I enjoy writing it! 

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