The Job Means No Love

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Siyeon is a bodyguard and she has to protect a celebrity we all know named Kim Sua also known as Kim Bora for her real name. 


I may write a second chapter but I don't know yet.


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Chapter 3: this is so good. <3 i hate that's it's the end of it =[ I just got into this ship and they're so cute together
Chapter 3: Sua owns the one brain cell in Suayeon
frenzymenzy #3
Chapter 3: For a moment i really thought Bora is done with her, and then Siyeon was fired.. But I was glad when Bora did it merely to start a relationship without disturbance to their relationship XD
Hello readers, I may have rushed this but seriously it seemed fitting. I hope everyone likes this ending and it maybe cliche but... I don't mind it as much. I was going to leave it as a bad end but I made too many of those so might as well have a good happy end right?
Chapter 2: wait this need 2nd part too right? i'm waiting.....
starzrus #6
Chapter 2: what... what a perfect ending
Chapter 1: Damn that hurts
Chapter 2: so much angst, i love it.
i wonder if they'll end up together, i hope so:(
frenzymenzy #9
Chapter 2: Siyeon needs to stop pushing Sua!Now Sua is done with her,what is she going to do?!
Chapter 2: Cuuute <3