Hyukjae falls for Donghae, a man with no past.


...Male, around 165 cm and 60 kg, has brown hair and eyes….has been missing for over five months, if seen please contact….


“He was involved in a car crash two years ago,” Kyuhyun explains.

Hyukjae sighs heavily. “I think...I need to talk to Leeteuk, because if he doesn’t give me anything that can explain this, then Donghae is really a liar and a cheater.”


Kyuhyun presses his lips together, giving his friend a regrettable look. “Think clearly, Hyuk. You’re good at observing people. Don’t let your feelings get in the way.”


Hyukjae feels like his world is crumbling down. “I really do attract the craziest of them all.”

Released a story called "Born Again." Check it out if you're interested. It's another EunHae one hahahah


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purple_88 #1
Chapter 11: Okay, this broke my heart...and I'm just skimming reading this fic. Definitely re-read this fic.
Chapter 11: This had made me cry so much. I cried when Donghae reverted back to his old personality and left Hyukjae heartbroken, and I cried again when Donghae remembered Hyukjae after after so long. T^T
Such a beautiful and emotional story.
simjang #3
Chapter 11: Oh god this is so good 😭 i hope donghae gets better. Overcome his trauma from his family's death and eventually overcome the personality splits / amnesia. And also remember the three personalities / lives he's lived, but would still choose hyukjae. Hyukjae as still his light and the love of his life.
Chapter 11: i really love this story so much. the story is so beautiful and emotional. this was so well-written and is a story i will always enjoy. thank you for writing this, your writing is amazing!! <3
sjlurves #5
Chapter 11: I’m (((((:(((((((((
hananiazman #6
Chapter 11: this is a gem
Mica_Mendieta #7
Chapter 11: God! I absolutely loved it. Really. The story appeared to me to read long ago but I was never encouraged. However, now I am so in love with this.

I am learning English during this quarantine, although I am not good enough, I would like to ask your permission to translate this story into Spanish?
Mica_Mendieta #8
Chapter 9: this chapter is so sad ... my heart hurts
Mica_Mendieta #9
Chapter 8: It's 5:30 AM. I CAN NOT STOP READING. I love your story! sorry for my basic English
Chapter 11: This is such a hidden gem. Im wondering how it isnt discovered by many people by now? And I want to greet this story a happy one year! Such an amazing story. Thank you for this altho it made both my heart break but also happy ㅠㅠ