do you think i really wanna hear about him?

we're not friends // yusol+hendery
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we're not friends
do you think i really wanna hear about him?

Hendry struggled to shove the piece of paper back into his backpack. He could see it, her smiling face approaching him as she walked with that small twinkle in her eyes. Luckily she was a slow walker or else he would be done and she'd see the small letter he had written for her. Luckily he quickly folded the paper and shoved it into his already stuffed backpack, standing straight and giving her his charming smile.

He stared straight into the colorful eyes of a girl he couldn't figure out. Her emotions he couldn't define. But still, Hendry stayed as sweet as candy with her. He was like a silver spoon full of sugar, just for her.

"Oh my gosh Hendry, you don't even know what Hansol said to me!" Her small hands fumbled in the pocket of her grey sweater, trying to tightly grab her phone.

But silver wasn't as good as gold.

She pulled it out of her pocket with a smile and stepped forward, deeper into his personal bubble that she broke ages ago. "Look!" She exclaimed in excitement, the same twinkle in her eyes and she showed Hendry the text he dreaded reading.

Hansol♡ :

Damn someone looks good today 애⃛ღсμтёღ♡(˘ᵋ ˘ )

Hendry rolled his eyes at the disgusting and cringey vibes this Hansol boy gave off. Hendry didn't want to admit it, as he gave the girl in front of him a small smile, that he hated her 'mans' so much. "Cute." He mumbled with the sweetest eyes ever.

If only she understood the hint that he was calling her cute, not Hansol. Being serious as much as Hendry hated Hansol, the other boy was right, both of their object of desire was the same girl and they somehow did have the same view on her.

Because damn she really did look good today in her over sized gray sweater and raspberry jeans. If Hendry could, he'd lean forward and huddle her up in his embrace. Warm her up in this freezing weather only if he could.

But no. She was already talking to some other boy named Hansol. Already had the biggest crush on another boy. A boy she'd only met a few times in reality. A boy who wasn't buy her side 24/7 like Hendry was. A boy who didn't devote all of his weekend towards her the way Hendry did.

"I know right!" She gripped onto the front of Hendry's red sweater and sometimes he wishes she didn't have to get so close. He gave her the saddest smile ever, trying to cover every emotion of pain inside his heart. "What do I reply with?" She then looked a little concerned at Hendry and he swears that he's tired of giving her advice.

Hendry swatted her hands away and turned towards his backpack that sat on his chair and continued packing it. "I don't know, think of something yourself."

This made her a little confused. Hendry was usually so nice. What had happened to him? She leaned over and grabbed onto the sleeve of his red sweater. "What happened Hendry? Come on don't be mean."

Hendry rolled his eyes at this. He was always nice to her but now he was seriously done caring for her when she didn't even spent a second of her time on him. All of the signals he sent towards her over the year were meaningless. He wasted his time on a girl who was bad at catching all his signs.

All she cared about was her Hansol. Never her Hendry who stood beside her and gave his entire self to her no matter what.

Hendry sighed, giving into the innocence in her eyes. These days all of the pureness would anger him. He wanted to end it. Ruin her badly to the point where she'd feel guilty even looking in the mirror. Make it so that she'd never be able to step outside of her room ever again. Ruin her in everyone's eyes and he knew he could do it, he was a boy and she was just a helpless girl.

But no he liked her too much to hurt her that way. He liked her too much to not smile at her 24/7. He liked the girl that belonged to Hansol Ji too much to stay even the tightest bit angry at her.

Hendry smiled sweetly at her. A smile that had none of his heart or true feelings inside of him. on the inside he hated what she did to him. On the inside he wanted to slaughter Hansol for taking all this beauty away from him. "Hmm, I could never be mean to you Hansol."

Even though his smile was fake his words were still honest. And this honesty made her smile back at him and cling to the side of his arm as he put on his backpack and walked out with her.

"Thanks Hendry, I know I can always trust you." She buried the side of her face into his shoulder, tightly holding onto him as if her entire world would fall over if she let go.

Hendry grit his teeth at the warmth of her face and breath against his warm. He could feel it through his sweater. And he swears to god sometimes he hates this girl. Sometimes he hates the looks and winks his friends give him while they walk in the hallways, since everyone practically thinks their dating.

He groaned.

Ugh I wish.

"Hmm, did you say anything Hendry?" She mumbled against the edge his arm as he pulled stood in front of his locker peacefully trying to switch his textbooks.

He shook his head, trying not to look at her. "Nope."

She smiled back, even though she knew he couldn't see. "You know, I know I never say it, but I'm so thankful for you." Her grip on his arm tightened and he could feel the sincerity in her voice.

But even all that honesty, even when she appreciated him, it wasn't enough. He wanted more from her. Not just some sappy compliments that framed him as a friend in her brain.

Because truly, the more Hendry thought about it, the two of them weren't friends. If they were friends, she'd know so much more about him. If they were friends, he'd know more than just the boy she was in love with. At this point Hendry knew more about Hansol than about her. And she didn't even know anything about Hendry and how he felt on the inside.

Yet even so a few days later, Hendry still treated her as if she was his closest friend. Even as he hung out with his real friends and got a a text message from her complaining about Hansol, he ditched all his boys just for her.

He ended up in front of her house, car parked staring at the door and contemplated if he should just go back to the people that actually care for him. But like the fool in love he is he got out of his car and stared at the night sky, hating her and himself.

And as he walked over to her door and pressed on the doorbell, he took another moment to contemplate turning around and walking away. But he couldn't, not when her older brother opened the door with a smile and greeted Hendry by pointing a finger up, "She's upstairs."

Hendry nodded and smiled slightly at him before walking into the house and turning towards the stairs. He slowly and cautiously walked up them knowing he could still turn around or even stall by talking to her family first.

But then it happened, he opened the door and now he knew there was no going back. She laid there on her sofa in her black leggings and a red t-shirt, staring at the night sky painted on the ceiling. She didn't even spare him a small look as a frown seemed to be glued onto her face.

He closed and door and approached her, sitting on the edge of the sofa. Hendry placed his hand on her leg and that's when she looked at him. And in her two ethereal eyes he saw unreal tears. Tears he swears he never wanted to see in his life, no matter how much he hates her.

She slowly sat back and scooted closer to him and he sighed as she wrapped her arms around her neck. In defeat, he placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer. "What happened?" He whispered, knowing exactly what happened.

She simply rested her head on his chest and didn't say a thing. After a while he could hear her crying. Hendry honestly just wanted to protect her. He just wanted to show her how much she could be loved and how she didn't deserve this pain from that Hansol guy.

And as she pulled slightly away and looked deep into his green eyes, Hendry couldn't deny one th

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Chapter 1: love the story <3 but uh... it's hendery not hendry xD