What happens when the perfect girl next door slowly falls in love with the school’s bad girl? Naturally, something dangerous.


Hi guys I'm back again :) Firstly I wanna note that this new fic, unlike my other fics, will be a multi-chapter au, which I'll update gradually. Secondly, it's like basically a teenage drama with aspects of Romeo and Juliet ig so thus there's gonna be HEAPS of drama, but don't fret cause there's also fluff. 

More importantly, this au is based off the song 'dangerous' by the xx. You don't really need to listen to it for this au, but you should still give it a listen cause it's a BOP and the xx are amAZING so I highly recommend that you check out all their other music too. 

Link to the song (on youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZCCey_22ws

As usual, this will also be posted on twitter (username is kwon_tokki) and feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy :)

hi everyone. the epilogue of 'dangerous' is up, meaning it has (finally) ended. just wanna say thanks to everyone who stuck with me throughout all of this. i know it's not the best and it's real short, but thank you for staying and all the support. love y'all heaps and see you next time :)
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