Sonnie White & The Seven Deadly Sins (GOT7 x MONSTA X) *On Hold*


Stressed, depressed, but still well dressed - Sophia (Sonnie) White moves to Seoul, South Korea for her new job. All is as it should be until she moves into her new house - a small one bedroom that's harboring six apple trees in her backyard and seven demons in her attic.

Follow this quirky story as the undeniably handsome Seven Deadly Sins help Sonnie get back onto her feet as she not only finds several different ways to prepare apples, but true love as well.


I began writing this story on my Wattpad and decided to share it here, GOT7 x Monsta X. Hope you enjoy!


UPDATE AS OF JULY 2019: I have decided to put this story on hold. I don't like the original idea, so I'm currently going back to the drawing board to create a fresher, but similar storyline to the one now. It will still be focused around the seven deadly sins, but some other parts will be tweaked. I apologize for any incovienience! I promise it will be re-released in better condition! xo

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