Son Chaeyoung is an 18 year old living in Seoul, Korea. She attends Hanyang University studying Music and lives with her 6 adopted brothers. Park "Jae" Jaeyung, Kang "Brian" Yongyun, Han Jisung, Seo Changbin, Kunpimook "BamBam" Bhuwakul, and Yoon Dowoon. All 7 of them are orphans, only having each of them to rely on. To survive, all of them took up battle rapping to survive, except for Dowoon who is a drummer due to his anxiety. It was a job with high risk, but even higher rewards. Each of the rappers had their own solo identities as rappers, but they did also come together to do group raps, being collectively known as Jackpot. All of them were Out of the 6 of them, Chaeyoung was the youngest, softest, and smallest one of them all, leading to her 5 brothers to all be over protective of her.

One late night after a solo rap battle while sick, Chaeyoung collapes in the street on the way home. Chaeyoung wakes up the next morning in a stranger's house, and an attractive stranger at that. Myoui Mina.

Myoui Mina is a 21 year old Japanese transfer student attending Hanyang University as well, studying Medicine. Mina is also the unwilling heir to M-Meds Korea, the Korean Branch of M-Meds, Japan's biggest medicinal company. After one late night of studying at a library, Mina stumbles across an unconsciouss Chaeyoung. Mina brings her back home and nurses the young girl back to health.

After their odd meeting, Chaeyoung finds herself running into Mina more and more and eventually spending more and more time with her, eventually developing a crush on the older girl. This crush causes much controversy in the family, with all 6 of Chaeyoung's brothers against her feelings for Mina. 

Will Chaeyoung's affection for Mina tear this family apart, or will their feelings for each other sway the minds of Chaeyoung's brothers.




So! So this is my fifth official story, I have a lot planned for this story and am really excited to share this with you guys, I hope you guys will like give your to support this story. This story is a promise to my mutuals on twitter (Follow me on Twitter @ggcy02) and inspired my the J(Jackpot) performance during the All of JYP special stage during the KBS 2018 Song Festival, so please make this story grow

It's a MiChaeng AU where Chaeyoung is a poor battle rapper and Mina is an unwilling med student. A little cliche, but the addition of BamBam, Jae, Young K, Han, and Changbin will spice it up.

Now for those of you guys who are new to my writing, welcome, I hope you guys enjoy this story and choose to support it, read my other stories if you like my writing.

For those of you who have stuck with me since 'Melting' or any of my previous works, welcome back, thank you so much for continuing to support me past them and I will continue to work hard to give you guys the same quality content or even better than those previous stories Now this story is going to be shorter than those stories, probably no more than 20-30 chapters, and it's going to be more serious and dramatic instead of fluff, I know it's different than what you're used to from me, but I hope you guys will still support me. Please follow and like my other stories if you like my writing :)

The 1st chapter will be up on the 8th of January. This story will run alongside my other SaHyo angst story, False Love and will be updated on a bi-weekly basis. 



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