Prologue: Sick Rapping


Chaeyoung was sound asleep, dreaming about the events of last night. Last night Chaeyoung had finally proven herself as a force to be reckon with in the underground rap game by winning 5 consecutive rap battles with reputable rappers. Not only that, but she has finally made all her brothers proud at the same time by helping their rap group, Jackpot, win a rap group match. It was a great day, Chaeyoung had finally made one of her dreams come true. The only thing left was to find someone to love her. Not that her brother's didn't love her, but she wanted someone to love her romantically. Chaeyoung was suddenly awoken by her 3rd brother, BamBam, 21.

"CHAEYOUNG WAKE UP!!" BamBam shouted from the living room for what seemed like hundreth time.

"UGH SHUT UP BA-" Chaeyoung said, her speech interrupted when she felt a hard slap on the back of her head

"Show your brother some respect Chaeng" Brian, Chaeyoung's 5th brother, 25, said sternly

"Ouch~, sorry Brother B" Chaeyoung apologised with a whine, getting up from her mattress walking to the living room

"It's fine. But look at the time, you've been sleeping the whole day" BamBam said, heating up a plate of food for Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung rubbed her eyes, straightened her hair and looked at the time. 2pm. Chaeyoung's eyes widened at the realisation that she had been asleep for a full 13 hours after coming home from the bar last night after her rap battles. Chaeyoung tried to remember what happened last night but as soon as she tried to think, she had a headache and became lightheaded. Chaeyoung held her head in pain as she fell against the wall, before sitting down on a chair by their dining table

"Woah there, you okay there Chae?" She heard her 1st brother, Han, 19 say

"Uhm, yea, I'm just kinda tipsy today" Chaeyoung said

"You're hungover aren't you" Changbin, Chaeyoung 2nd brother, 20, said 

"What?.... No~" Chaeyoung nervously laughed

"Yea you ain't foolin' anybody Chae. You got dem hangover eyes" Jae said, Chaeyoung's 6th and oldest brother, 26

"Let her breath guys, she had a long night last night" Dowoon, the 5th brother, 22, said

"THANK YOU D BRO!!" Chaeyoung said with excited relief.

"Here, eat" BamBam said, placing the heated plate of food in front of Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung stared at the plate of scrambled eggs and processed meats. She sighed before digging into the plate of food. 

Chaeyoung, 18 years old was the youngest of 7 orphan children. Even though all 7 of them lived together, none of them were related by blood. All 7 of them lived in a poor rented 2 room flat. All 7 of them shared the single bedroom, all sleeping on matteresses on the floor. Their living room consisted of a small TV set, a small second hand couch, and a small dining table with a few chairs. All of them are still schooling with the exception of Brian and Jae who have graduated. With the odds stacked against them with only each other to reply on, they somehow made their situation work.

Despite being the only girl in a house full of boys, Chaeyoung was comfortable and she loved all her brothers, and they loved her back, maybe a little too much. The downside of being the youngest and the only girl, Chaeyoung's brothers were all extremely protective of her. Though their over protectiveness has gotten Chaeyoung out of trouble countles of times, their over protectiveness has also limited her freedom. They won't even let her go out alone past 6.30pm, it blows big time.

"I hate this hangover" Chaeyoung said as she brought her plate to the kitchen.

"Yo the mail is here and... ah , it's the bills and rent" Changbin said, throwing the mail

"How we doin' on that?" BamBam asked

"Uhm... Electricity bills are a little high than normal, water bill is normal, rent is due next week. The normal" Changbin said

"Jae and Brian, cut back on the use of your electric instruments. We gon' go broke if you keep that up" BamBam warned

"Yea yea" Jae said while Brian just nodded

"Oh, and Chaeng. You got accepted into Hanyang University" Changbin said

"OMG REALLY!!!" Chaeyoung cheered, snatching the letter from Changbin

"OMG I DID!!!" Chaeyoung screamed

"Congrats kid!" Han and Dowoon said, bringing Chaeyoung into a hug

"Awww thanks"

"Yo guys, we're running short on cash. We probably won't have enough for rent this month" Brian said after doing the calculations

"Somebody gotta do some extra work then. Brian, Jae, ya'll got any music gigs?" BamBam sighed

"Sorry fam, we don't got any gigs soon" Jae sighed

"Yea, and we ain't skilled enough in rapping to earn enough, even with the both of us combined" Brian added

", Changbin, Han and I have school." BamBam groaned

"I'll do it" Chaeyoung said

"I don't have school now, and my first day at hanyang isn't for another month so... I can do it" Chaeyoung said

"Absolutely not. You can't go out without at least 2 of us following, remember?" BamBam said

"Come on~ Please~ If not we're going homeless" Chaeyoung whined

"No" The 5 brothers said in unison

"Me and Brian can go busking" Jae said

"Please~ I'll go to a safe place to do it. Like Cube Pub. It's super safe there. Please~" Chaeyoung whined, giving big puppy eyes and a pout

"Fine. But be safe" BamBam sighed

"YAY THANK YOU!! B" Chaeyoung smiled

Later that night, Chaeyoung headed out alone to Cube Pub. A pub famous enough to earn a lot in one night, but still safe enough due to the Pub's strickt security. On the way, Chaeyoung got dizzy, just the hangover she assumed, she did sleep a ton and drank even more than that the night before. She felt like though, but she didn't know better, this was her first hangover ever so she just thought it was normal. 

Once at the pub, she let the bouncer know who she was, went in and proceeded to the secret rap ring located in the far back corner of the pub. Now, cube was a new place for Chaeyoung, and word has gotten around that Cube has some of the best rappers in the game, but she's challenged people from JYP and beat them and became one of the best, she was pretty sure she could win at least some money.

She told the MC her name and title and the MC already knew who she was by the name. Jackpot was a growing force in the underground rap world and the members of Jackpot were well known and growing as well. 

"NOW NOW NOW WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL GUES TODAY!!!" The MC shouted, hyping the crowd up. Immediately filling the room with jeering

"Now now, this guest is an up and coming FORCE in the underground rap game, so don't hate yet" The MC said

"Now, the guest will be going up against our best rapper today.... YEEUN from CLC!!" The MC introduced, causing an absolute uproar of cheers in the crowd

"And her opponent, and our guest will be.... S. P. CHAENG FROM JACKPOT!!" Causing an even bigger uproar in the crowd, a mix of cheers and jeers from it

"Now, no physical hits, that's the only rule. START"

Now Chaeyoung started as she was the guest, and she thought it would've been over quickly, 3 rounds a the most. But once Yeeun started her verse, she knew it would be a long battle. Yeeyun was a fast rapper, probably faster than she was. Not only that, but she had excellent flow along charisma and confidence. Chaeyoung had to be more confident, more charasmatic and probably even faster and have a better flow. Chaeyoung rapped hard and as fast as she could, and 8 rounds later, she was tired, really tired. She felt like she was going to faint, she should've listened to her brothers and stayed home. But the good thing about a long match is that the longer that match is, the more you earn.

"Alright alright. It's been 8 rounds, this will be the 9th and FINAL round. Ready go"

Hearing this, Chaeyoung went off. She rapped as fast as she could, with as much confidence, charisma and as smooth of a flow as she could. As she continued, she felt start going dry, her breath start running out. She started bending down and started to feel her legs weaken, but before she knew it, she was done. She started breathing heavily as she absorbed the sounds of the crowds exitement around her. 

As she heard Yeeun rap, she was unsure if she was gonna win. Yeeun was still just as quick as the first round. It was gonna be a hard choice between who will win tonight. Before she knew it, Yeeun was done and the crowd went silent as the MC walked in to announce who won.

"Now, we all know that these 2 rappers are absolute monsters when it comes to rapping. But there can only be one winner, and that winner is..."

"S. P. CHAENG!!" The MC announced, and the crowd went wild

Yeeun gave a 'tsk' and stormed off in frustration. The MC shook Chaeyoung's hand and handed her the money, a hefty sum of $450, enough for the rent and then even a little extra. Chaeyoung quickly thanked the MC and the crowd before rushing out. Once outside, Chaeyoung felt chills all around her body, from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head. She looked at the time, 11.47pm.

"Ugh, I feel terrible" Chaeyoung mumbled to herself.

Chaeyoung felt through her pockets to find her phone to call one of her brothers to pick her up, but she realised that she forgot her phone.

"~" Chaeyoung whined

Chaeyoung put the money in her jacket's inner pocket and zipped it to keep it safe. She then started walking home, a whole 20 minute walk. As Chaeyoung walked, she started getting light headed as she started shivering in the cold, her feet dragging on the floor. Her headache came back too. Eventually she started shivering so much and she got so lightheaded that she collapesed against a wall and slowly slid down, eventualy curling into a ball on the floor.

As Chaeyoung's vision started to blur, she saw the shape of a person rushing towards her. Chaeyoung immediately curled even more, thinking she was gonna get robbed.

"N-no, p-please. St-st-stay a-away" Chaeyoung breathed, weakly flailing her arms out in an attempt to ward off the person

As the person kneeled down in front of Chaeyoung, everything went black.

AYYY, alright so, prologue. A little longer than I'd like, but it's cool ig. Anyway, this will run co-currently with my other story, False Love. This story will update every other week. 1 week will be False Love, 1 week will be this. So be patient yea? :) Anyway, Leave many many comments please :)

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