"Mina?" Chaeyoung said, her pout turning into a shocked but pleasent smile

"Oh... hery Chaeyoung! What are you doing here?" Mina said, her brightest, most gummiest smile showing

"I... it's my first day here" Chaeyoung explained

"Oh... cool. How's it been?" Mina asked as she stood up

"It " Chaeyoung pouted

"Why?" Mina asked

"Because I grew up in the hood and poor. They think I'm a deli- delicua-" Chaeyoung sulked, struggling to pronounce 'delinquent'

"You mean delinquent?" Mina giggled

"Y-yea. That word" Chaeyoung blushed, looking down at her feet and rubbing the back of her neck in embarrasment.

"Well I know what'll make you feel better" Mina said with a sly grin

"Which is?" Chaeyoung asked in anticipation

"Dinner at my favourite restaurant. Come on let's go" Mina said excitedly, grabbing Chaeyoung by the hand and running off

Mina and Chaeyoung ran straight to Mina's car and Mina instructed her driver, Ms. Bae, to go straight The Timber House Park Hyatt Seoul, one of the most expensive restaurants in Korea and number 25 out of 50 of Asia's top restaurants. Needless to say, this was going to be an expensive meal. As the 2 walked in, Chaeyoung immediately received looks of judgement and disgust. While Mina was dressed like a rich, young CEO, Chaeyoung was dressed like a runaway teen.

While Mina was wearing a black turtle neck with a long brown coat and jeans with high heels, Chaeyoung was wearing a white NY shirt, a blue denim jacket, black denim shorts, thigh high boots, and an orange cap. The duality between the 2 couldn't have been bigger. Mina looked like she belonged, Chaeyoung looked like she stumbled into the wrong place.

"Mina, isn't this place a little.... expensive?" Chaeyoung questioned

"I can afford it. Anyway, take a seat" Mina said.

"Don't we need reservations?" Chaeyoung asked

"My family comes here often, they know who I am. Now stop asking so many questions and sit" Mina said bringing Chaeyoung to a private 2 seater table

"So... what do you want?" Mina asked

"I uh... I don't know these food Mina" Chaeyoung said, looking at the Japanese words on the menu, even the Korean words translated into words she's never heard of

"You've never had Japanese food before?" Mina asked, almost in disbelief 

"I've had like... top ramen" Chaeyoung said

"Ugh, you've gotta experience my people's food. Waiter, one of everything please" Mina said

Chaeyoung just sat there, her jaw wide open as she looked back at the menu. There were a full 5 pages of food, each costing a a night's worth of rap winnings, and Mina just ordered all of them on a whim.

"Wow, can you afford that?" Chaeyoung asked

"Well... yea. It's no biggie" Mina shrugged

"Wow, I could barely even afford to have dinner everyday" Chaeyoung joked

"Oh..." Mina said, afraid she struck a nerve

"Nono, it's okay. it's normal to me so it's fine" Chaeyoung said

"Well it shouldn't be normal. I could help you Chaeyoung, and all your brothers as well" Mina said

Mina stared at Chaeyoung will a serious face. Mina was sincere about her offer and she stared Chaeyoung down with a stern but caring look. She's only known Chaeyoung for a month, but she cares for the younger girl and wants to help her and her family, even if her family doesn't trust her. Chaeyoung just returned her stare, a little taken aback by Mina's proposition.

"Mina.... as much as I'd love that, that's not how we roll." Chaeyoung sighed

"Why not" Mina asked

"Well, me and my brothers are independent. We worked for what we want, we don't take things from people so easily" Chaeyoung explained

"I see... Well, my offer still stands if you change your mind. Besides, I might be able to help in other ways" Mina said

"How?" Chaeyoung asked, leaning forward

"I'll tell you later. The food is here" Mina said as the food was being laid out on their table

Chaeyoung looked at the wide range of dishes on the table. She's only seen them on TV and on advertisements around the city, but never in real life. The portions were really small, but that's how rich people food are Chaeyoung had guessed, but she still decided to ask Mina.

"Why are the portions so small?" Chaeyoung asked

"I'm not really sure, fine dining is like this. But since we ordered everything, we'll be full" Mina said

Chaeyoung dug in and her eyes immediately widened in shock. The food was so good and Chaeyoung really can't help the satisfied whine that escaped . Mina just stared at her with a big eye smile as she chewed her food. Chaeyoung was earing her food like an animal who's never been fed a proper meal, shoving foo in before she even fully swallowed. Chaeyoung received weird stares from the other diners, but she didn't care. Mina would usually be embarrassed if someone she was eating with ate in such an uncivilised manner, but Mina didn't care with Chaeyoung, she was cute.

After about an hour and a half, they finally finished their food. Mina and Chaeyoung stayed to chat and they talked about their first day of school. Mina was mad that the students would make fun of Chaeyoung, but glad she was sort of able to make friends with 2 girls. After their little chat, Mina paid the bill, a whopping $2200. Chaeyoung felt guilty for spending Mina's money like that just for foo, but Mina was adamant that it was okay

"I'm sorry about spening your money like that Mina" Chaeyoung said

"No no, it's okay. It's nothing really" Mina said

"Anyway, what's the 'other way' that you could help me and my brother" Chaeyoung asked

"Well, I'll tell you in the car" Mina said as Ms. Bae pulled up

In the car, Mina pulled out a folder and took out 7 pieces of paper.

"Here. My best friend is Hirai Momo, the daughter of the owners of Hirai Entertainment. They'll be holding an audition soon and only 20 people can make it in. You and your brothers can attend. I won't tell Momo about it, so you and your brothers won't get special treatment, I promise" Mina said

Chaeyoung looked at the poster. 

Hirai Entertainment 2019 Auditions

Date: 4 March 2019
Time: 12pm-6pm

Looking for:
Rappers, Singers, Dancers, Instrument Players

Chaeyoung smiled at the prospect. 

"Thanks, Mina" Chaeyoung said

"No problem Chaeyoung. But there'll be a lot of people there, so work hard okay?" Mina said

"I will" Chaeyoung said

Later that night, Chaeyoung gave her 7 brothers the posters for the audition.

"This could be our big break fam" Jae smiled, looking at the poster

"I'm down for it" Han said

"No harm trying" Brian said

"Good job Chaeyoung, where'd you get this?" BamBam asked

"I walked past Hirai Entertainments office today" Chaeyoung lied

"Cool" Dowoon said

"Good job kid" Changbin smiled, ruffling Chaeyoung's hair

Later that night, Chaeyoung laid in bed talking to Mina. 

"Thank you Mina for the posters, it made us really happy" Chaeyoung said

"No problem Chaeyoung. Oh... I gotta go now, goodnight Chaeyoung" Mina said

"Goodnight Mina" Chaeyoung smiled as she hung up

YAYAYAYA Happy Chinese New Years to you guys who celebrated it. Now, I celebrate CNY so I'll be busy. I'll try my best to get the next chapter out this Friday, but no promises though. Anyway, ENJOY THIS CHAPTER :D LEAVE MANY MANY COMMENTS PLEASE~


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