Sorry we can't talk longer today Chaeyoung, but it's
already 12am and tomorrow's the first day of school for me.

It's been a month since Mina and Chaeyoung met, and the 2 have been texting each other every night before they sleep, sometimes even texting till ungodly hours of the morning. Today was probably the last time they would be able to talk till a time like this. Seeing that text from Mina gave Chaeyoung this feeling she's never felt before, only comparable to a child wanting his mother after being dropped off at kindergarten. Chaeyoung wanted more of Mina, she didn't know why, but she did. Chaeyoung pouted as she typed her reply.

Oh... okay then. I got school tomorrow too so
it's whatever. Talk tomorrow?

Seeing this text made Mina kind of disappointed. She'd expect Chaeyoung to say something like 'Awww, I wish we could talk more' or something like that. It made Mina feel as though she over-estimated her worth to Chaeyoung. Even though she's only ever seen Chaeyoung once, Mina has grew fond of the tiny girl. Even though they were from completely different worlds and they shouldn't relate with each other in anyway, they found themselves finding a lot of common interests, like their love for music and their want to break free of the limitations put on them by their guardians. Mina sighed as she typed

Okay the. Talk tomorrow
Goodnight Chaeyoung

Goodnight Mina

Mina set her phone down on her bedside and sighed once again. She hugged her bolster closer to her and fell asleep. On the other side, Chaeyoung whined a little and placed her phone on the floor beside her, she curled up into a ball and slept, maybe tomorrow would be better.

Chaeyoung woke up a few hours later at 7am. Chaeyoung hasn't woken up this early in a while and she wasn't used to it. She looked at her phone and immediately smiled as she saw a text from Mina.

Good moorning Chaeyoung! Have a good day at
school today!! Talk tonight :)

Good morning Mina!! I will!! You too!! :D

"It's only 7 and you're already smiling" Brian said

"I'm just excited" Chaeyoung said, not wanting to let her brother know about Mina

Chaeyoung brushed her teeth, ate her breakfast which was just 2 pieces of toasted bread with scrambled egss in between. It was a pitiful breakfast but she was used to it. She changed her clothes, bid her brothers goodbye and she was off to school. Mina's text made her happy and a great start to her day and she was determined to have a good day like Mina wanted. Though that wasn't going to happen

As soon as she reached Hanyang university, Chaeyoung was immediately pushed to the side as a swarm of students stampeded into the school. Chaeyoung was a small girl, but she never thought that she was so small that other student's weren't able to see her. As Chaeyoung tried to make her way out of the crowd of students, she was consitently being pushed by her taller peers. Once she finally made it out, Chaeyoung let out a huge breath and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Despite constantly being in crowded places, Chaeyoung has never felt more claustrophobic.

It was the first week of school so it was orientation week too. Chaeyoung went to her class and introduced herself. Her class was a class of 48 people, so after a few of them introduced herself, Chaeyoung went ahead.

"Yo wassup, my name's Chaeyoung I joined this cause music is my " Chaeyoung said nonchalantly

As soon as she said that, Chaeyoung received weird looks, some interested, some disgusted, some judgemental. It made Cheayoung self conscious.

"Why do you talk like that?" A girl said

"Uhm...I just, I just do fam. It's how I grew up I guess" Chaeyoung shrugged

After she sat down, the 2 girl's beside her started talking about her.

"You talk really cool" A girl about her height said, Dahyun was her name 

"Thanks" Chaeyoung said

At lunch, Dahyun disappeared since her class was big and Chaeyoung wasn't able to find her so she had to spend it alone. Chaeyoung sat alone eating her food, Chaeyoung was poor so she just ate a sandwich and a carton of strawberry milk. It was kinda sad, but Chaeyoung had her rapper face on and people dare not make fun of her.

Later on in orientation, she they had to play orientation games. Chaeyoung rolled her eyes and stood lazily. She, along with her classmates were legal adults yet they were playing games meant for children. Chaeyoung acted as if she didn't like the games, but being the secret baby she was, she had fun, well as much as she could. Because of her informal way of talking, the class had assumed the worst of Chaeyoung, that along with the way she dressed, skinny jeans, sneakers, a red shirt and a leather jacket. Chaeyoung was basically a delinquent in the class's eyes. Except Dahyun, Dahyun knew Chaeyoung was a good girl.

Chaeyoung quickly made friends with Dahyun, but Dahyun already had her own friends in the school, a tall girl with black hair, Chewy was her name? Weird but Chaeyoung doesn't judge. Her classmates were extremely judgemental though, constantly picking on her subtly like pushing her, giving snarky remarks, though they were silent after Chaeyoung glared at them. Being a rapper meant you needed to have a fierce face, and thank god Chaeyoung had learned to fake one, though it took a while because Chaeyoung had an adorable face.

As school ended, Chaeyoung was slouching, she was tired. Though Chaeyoung has a tough facade, she was a baby at heart and all the harrassment had taken a toll on her and she was sad. She looked at her phone, no messages from Mina. Chaeyoung sighed. As she walked to the bus stop, a person bumped into her, and the person dropped all her books. Chaeyoung decided to bend down and help the person.

"Chaeyoung?" The person said

Chaeyoung found the voice familiar and looked up, her eyes widening in surprise

"Mina?" Chaeyoung said, her voice immediately brightening

Maybe today wasn't so bad

Okay this update ~ sorry. Anyway, next week is False Love so read that :D LEAVE MANY MANY COMMENTS PLEASE~


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