Life's Mischievous Ways

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Go Ara has never had a really easy life, her parents got divorced when she was young and she spent most of life in America with her mom. 
Everybody goes through difficult times. It's part of life right?
Well... Just when Go Ara thought her life was starting to get better, everything turns south.


My mom always used to say "Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change - Jim Rohn"








Name: Jungkook

Age: 18

School's Troublemaker & playboy

Name: Kim Go Ara

Age: 17

Cheerful but doesn't like to be pushed around.

Creates a tough appearance so that people don't step on her.

Transfer student


Name: Suga a.k.a Yoongi

Age: 18

Jungkook's bestfriend a.k.a his right hand.

Name: Jung Hoseok a.k.a J-hope

Age: 18

Jungkook's friend.

Very hyper active and loves physical contact.


Name: Park Jimin

Age: 18

Sweet but loves to flirt with the girls.

Go Ara was his first love and childhood friend.

Name: Kim Taehyung

Age: 18

One of the smartest kids in class.

Jimin's friend and also Sully's childhood friend.

Loves to joke around.


Name: Kim Ha Neul


Go Ara's mother and divorced.

Name: Kim Won Hae

Age: 40

Go Ara's father and divorced.

















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