Kill me

I've fallen for you, right?
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Bold words are in Japanese.



The day went well for Chaeyeon. He got up early, surprising both Chaeryeong and Chaemin when he is already seated on the dining table, leisurely eating his breakfast. 

No rush, I have exactly thirty more minutes before school starts. I need to take on all energy needed. Ah, yes. Gotta brush my teeth when I'm done. Maybe some gargling as well. Would breath mints be too much? 

He thought on by his own as Chaeryeong takes her seat on the opposite of her brother, looking to be puzzled as she stares at their mother for an explanation, only to be getting a confused look in reply. 

“Okay. Woah. Where is Lee Chaeyeon and what did you do to him?” She blurts out, eyebrows arched, wanting an explanation. Her brother never gets up early! Never more early than she is. And she is an early riser!

Chaeyeon let's out a dry laugh to the failed humour that his sister did. 

Did it tickle his funny bone? 

Not the slightest. 

“Ha. Ha. Funny. I never knew you can be that boring.”

“Well. This is so not you. Like really. What happened. Did Yena oppa hit you too hard on the head again?” Chaeryeong takes a small sip of her hot soup then to look at her brother again, still looking unfazed as ever.

“Or is it about the new Japanese girl in your class. Heard from my friends that a pretty one is seated right beside you. What's her name. Can I know the name of my future sister in law?” 

His sister's bold, out of the blue question made him to choke on his own soup, immediately to cough out violently out of reflex as he turns red, not from the teasing.

Well maybe- but the lack of oxygen in his lungs would be a great possible cause too.

Chaeryeong cackles out, now standing up after muttering her thanks for the food their mom has made. She is always a fast-paced person. A small meal is no biggie. She can beat her brother easily in eating. 

“Easy win. Alright, get yourself composed, stupid. Try to see you at school with miss pretty face. And oh. Send Chaemin today! It's your duty to!”

A groan immediately escaped him when hearing the words. 

He has always loathed going to the old primary school of his. All the embarrassing past occurred there and it makes his fingers and toes curled in whenever the memories came flashing by. 

That time he flashed a girl's by lifting her skirt up. That time he shamelessly to flirt to the teachers there. That time where he stole someone's shoes and put it in the opposite gender toilet— oh. The embarrassing past.

It all mellows down now as he grows up. Maybe his cheeky, younger self happened because he was so frustrated with how his parents were so doted on Chaeryeong who was just got born around that time. He hated girls. That is when the whole Brotherhood Before Girls rule was made. He found the statement fascinating, as Google showed him and forcefully made his buddies Yena and Yujin to follow the oath with him.

Everything changes as puberty hits him right on the head and as Chaemin comes. He found out that they just needed some chance to show how important his siblings are to him- 

But really. He still hates going to his old primary school. 

He takes a look at Chaemin who is quietly munching on her toast, her small, monolid eyes staring back up to her brother. 

“It's just you and me today, Chaemin. You and me” 




“Ah, really. Dumb head. Take your own car. Your chauffeur is there to drive you away!” growls Wonyoung out to the male who stubbornly tries to make his way in to the female's own vehicle, his dimples handsomely gracing his face. 

“Oh, come on! It has been a while since I last carpooled with you! Just this once, Wonyoung. Just this one time!” Yujin replied back as he quickly to sit beside the girl, clicking his safety belt close. 

His actions made the female to huff out, now gesturing her driver to bring them to school out in a defeat. Yujin has a liking to Wonyoung's personal driver. So much that he always wanted the old man to work with him. But the offer was turned down in a heartbeat, the loyal driver is staying with the Jang's as long as he could. 

“I'm always amazed with Mr.Kim's way of driving. Why won't he take my offer of working with our family instead? I will pay a hefty sum and even better working environment than your nauseating herb smelling-like mansion.” 

It made Wonyoung groan out for the umpteenth time as she hits the boy on his arm, protesting to his own belief. 

“It smelled good, please. Maybe even better than your grease-smelling house. All those engines makes me nauseous instead.” 

They bickered again and again, ever since primary school.

She has always hated Yujin. The way the boy always smile with his stupid dimples always make her frown instead. On how he will always protect her from things unconsciously. It makes her sick to her stomach. Ahn Yujin is an idiot and she don't want to admit the feelings she has for him even the slightest. The thought scares her to the very core. What if her best friend leave her for the unprepared confession in the future? Well, if there is any, what if her best friend find her weird for liking him? So it is best to keep her feelings unknown. 

It honestly irks her how Yujin was so stuck up on praising the new transfers. He never did the same to her, not even a small compliment on how her hair was perfectly braided for him to see. Or how she made sure to look her best, always, in the hopes of hearing a genuine praise from him. But nope. Never once. 

Yujin, on the other hand, still oblivious as ever as he striked a conversation with his favourite driver, laughing at some of the jokes made— with Wonyoung quietly staring at the latter, only to throw her gaze out to the scenery outside again as Yujin came back to rest his back against the comfortable leather seat.

“Oh, I can't wait to meet Nako and Hitomi and tell them this one joke I thought up about while I was peeing!” 

“Gross. Why do you always bring peeing up no matter what?” 

“It was an eureka moment, honey. You will never get it.” 

“....I will never understand how your mind works in that small brain of yours- Now get your annoying dumb face away from my personal space!” Wonyoung pushed Yujin's face away who was slowly indeed got too close— that it made her blush. She hopes to high heavens that the dumb bloke did not see her. 

And her prayers was answered as Yujin sneered towards her, now getting ready for another, usual daily weird game of his. 

Boys are dumb, I swear to God.




The Japanese trio wakes up early as they were taught- now all dressed in their old Japanese school uniform while walking towards the school in a calm, well mannered way. 

The distance from the dorm to the school was just a stone throw away. So it is easier for the three to adapt to their surroundings more with how their resting place is way more noticeable from their classroom.

“It would bring a sense of comfort and safety”— well, as said so by the school's counselor. 

Sakura looks tired, if anything. She stayed up late to finish the quest of a game she has been playing on and amazingly has forgotten about how they have school today despite the obvious sign of them just joining the whole transfer program. 

“Are you okay, Sakura-chan? You looked like someone has the soul out of you!” Worriedly said by Hitomi as she stares at the latter, her eyebrows creased.

With a shake of her head, Sakura assures the smaller, now cracking a small smile of her own. 

“Oh, you know me and my obsession with games. I managed to kill this high level boss as soon as we bid goodnight to each other after dinner! Talk about luck!” 

The three laughed at the absurdity of Sakura's own replies then to take a deep, calm and collected breath as they arrive at the school gate— Eunbi and Hyewon standing there with a smile, ready for their tasks. 

“Wow, Japanese sure don't take it playfully on how punctual and early they can be!” blurts Eunbi out, looking to be thoroughly amused by their characters. 

Hyewon on her side quietly to nod her head, agreeing to her leader's remark as she then gestures out with a hand towards the school compound. 

“Rest assured. You are one of the few that arrived early. I can count with my single hand how many that turn up at this time of the hour” Hyewon spoke out, which made Sakura to sigh out in relief, knowing that they can have a time of their own, not once to be disturbed as she will lounge around her classroom comfortably. 

“That's a good news, indeed. Ah, thank you for keeping an eye out for us. As well as doing your job so perfectly in a way!” Nako cheerfully speaks out, then to make her way in, followed by the other two who bows towards the school committees as well.

Eunbi and Hyewon proudly to smile at Nako's little compliment as they turn around, facing the road once again. 

“That's head student council for you” coos Hyewon out to her leader, only earning a small embarrassed chuckle from Eunbi as she waves the thought off, thoroughly checking every student that came in afterwards. 




Chaeyeon was hanging on to dear life. He wanted to bury his head deep into the sand like how an ostrich would. This day could not be any more worse than it supposed to be as he stands there much like a statue, there a few more steps on  encountering the entrance of his old primary school as Chaemin looks up to her brother, pretty much confused. 

“Oppa? What's wrong?” the child questions out, tugging on the jacket of his school uniform. 

“Oh-” Chaeyeon wanted to say that it is no biggie. Nothing too complicated so that his sister won't question him out too much but he know he could not say the reason on why he is standing there, his feet practically glued on the street. 

Because there she stands, Ms.Heo, one of the teachers that he shamelessly had flirted with. 

He remembers vividly on how pissed she was, to even have the absurd thought on marrying his teacher? Other teasings that he made were received quite well. But not to Ms.Heo. Not to that old that he purposely wanted to irk. He did not know that Ms.Heo would hate him to death, hearing from some that she has been a loner for her whole life. 

His math class with her has never been pleasant as she would told him off and gave the hard questions to him— it made him annoyed by the whole revenge thing that it made him bad in math all the way to highschool.

Groaning at the sight of the old hag, he contemplated for a while, reading the body language of the older from afar as he goes and hide against the wall while thinking of a strategy. 

“Um. Oppa.” 

His train of thought was disturbed as Chaemin timidly speaks out, her bright eyes staring up to her brother with a small, adorable pout gracing her lips.

“Can't I just go and enter the school by myself?” 

Her words blew Chaeyeon off. What absurdity that is! He will never let his siblings off his care, not till they are safe in the school compound itself. He did so with Chaeryeong till she turns independent and believe so that he will do the same to Chaemin. 

“Nonsense. You're sticking with oppa till I can see you gleefully walking around in your school.” 

With a shake of his head, he finally pulls the younger off to follow his lead, towards the rose garden of their neighboring building, Seoul Private High School itself. The two school are connected with the garden serves a shortcut for the two but nowadays it has been off limits to the people in the Seoul School for the kids has always vandalized the roses and other flowers there. A decision was made and a gate was build. 

Grinning at his own well thought idea, he managed to sneak through the rose garden with Chaemin undetected before pressing the secret passcode that Yena have taught him making the gate to swiftly swing open; it's an art by itself with how the gate is stunningly beautiful, intricate designs bringing attention to it. 

“Alright, now go. Be good. Study well.” his smile clearly shows how proud he is at the spur-of-the-moment thinking then to bid Chaemin goodbye.

It was an easy task, to send his sister away? Chaeryeong should treat him shaved ice with extra red beans for being too good in this. His sister has always taunted him on how he would be too scared to send Chaemin to her school.

It would have been easy if he was a few minutes late like he used to be because Ms.Heo would end her task of standing there as the bell is about to ring— so no risk of being spotted there.

Not today. Today is special, that he got up early to be one of the first that can see and greet Sakura. Sakura. Her name itself is pretty in that way but the person is just too out of this world that her name won't do her any justice. She should have been named Ethereal, or something.

He will find ways to send Chaemin to school if it means he can see Sakura this early. 

Nodding his head, he closes the gate swiftly again and a small machine sound beeps across the garden and as if on cue, immediately came a female voice from behind. 

“Violation. No student should open the gate in the rose garden without any valid reason.” 

Chaeyeon is surprised to say the least. He has always been sneaky with things but to get caught red-handed? 

Slowly to turn around with his hands up high- as if a criminal getting caught with his loot- and to blink his eyes to the authoritative owner of a voice, only to find a shoulder length, black-haired girl staring intensely at him, her eyes burning with passion, a prefect, based on the small yellow name tag— a cute looking one, that is.

She looks new, maybe a transfer student as well? 

“I. Um. Sorry?-”

“You know better not to violate the school rules” she cuts him off. 

“You have enrolled into one of the prestigious school in South Korea. Have you not seen how others acting in a behaved way?” The mysterious girl takes out a small notepad and a pen, ready to jot his name down. 

“Well. Ok

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