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Bold words are in Japanese.




The whole class was ecstatic, they could be mistaken for a group of rowdy monkeys if one could judge them— only quieting down as the teacher in front hushed them up in a rather high pitched voice, with Sakura animatedly to avert her gaze here and there in surprise to the sudden change of scenery. 

They are well composed and sitting with their backs straightened up; opposed to their loud, obnoxious, adrenaline rushed teenagers they were just seconds earlier. 

Seoul Private High School.

Situated on top of a well-guarded hill near Seoul and famous for their well established background in educating the historical figures in South Korea- the president of the country was one of their proud alumnis. The acceptance rate is low as students are only accepted if they came from influential families, or get down to paying the outrageous school tuition of $100,000 per year but be as it may, teenagers would still be teenagers. Most of the boys in the school would always cat call and flirt around shamelessly with the girls still with their jealousy and attitudes- much for the composed, well mannered children their rich families thought they have brought up. 

Chaeyeon got in luckily for his outstanding dancing skills. Much like a scholarship, one would do anything to get into the prestigious school. The scholarship only come once every two years and he and Chaeryeong were ecstatic as they were the only two that managed to grab the school's attention— his younger sister aced her way in singing, as the school wants to branch out from the academic way they have been sticking on for centuries, having people that can sing and dance greatly can do their school justice. 


Yena leaned towards his side to whisper better at the fixated Chaeyeon, barely disturbing him out of his trance. 

“Don't tell me that you're trying to drag that Japanese into your Dyed Hair community? Cute thought, but she won't give two s about you”.

A hand immediately to push Yena's face away, back to his own body and to continue on focusing, that he sure even a bomb would not bother him the slightest.

Chaeyeon is sitting there on his seat with much anticipation to the female in front, who is readying for her introduction. He has been too invested for someone he just encountered minutes earlier.

She looks heavenly. Bet her voice will sound like honey to his ears— or perhaps, even better.

The girl looks nervous as heck. That he is sure about. 

Sakura, immediately to take out the neatly folded paper in the pocket compartment of her Japanese school jacket, scrambling to open it from the anticipating eyes of her new classmates. 

With a clearance of , she takes a quick glance to the whole class before speaking out in Korean— broken, that is. Nako and Google helped her. 

“Um. Anyeonghaseyooo. My name is Miyawaki Sakura. I— I like games. And Red Velvet is life. Let's be friends— Please take care of me!” She folds in half as her upper body leaned down, showing the crown of her head to her classmates, all in an act of respect.

She heard how harsh bullying can be in South Korea, and coming from the country that abused people's rights back in the days? She could only hope that she would be accepted instead of being ostracized from the whole school.

It took a moment or two of the class being silent, them letting the words sinked in before being rowdy yet again with some cheered on. Yena was not an exception as he was ecstatic to be having a new classmate but Chaeyeon on the other hand was so awestruck hearing Sakura speaking out in those adorable Korean words that he can't seem to process anything as the Japanese stands up properly and make her way towards her assigned seat which happens to be beside him, next to the bright, wide windows. 

“Hello! I'm Yena! You, me, outside, happy, yes!” Yena immediately to greet Sakura with a wide smile, earning a small hateful stare from his seat buddy, Jo Yuri, which happens to be his girlfriend of four years now. 

“Ah. For real Choi Yena. You have been gushing about her for some time now! Get your eyes on the class, it's starting!” she pulls on his right ear with a small groan, making the boy to wince in pain and immediately to shoot out strings of apologies to his girlfriend. If anything, sulky Jo Yuri would be the last thing he sees before getting his life ended.

The couple is in their own, bickering world as Chaeyeon finally snapped from his trance, a habit that he has have since he was a child and to collect his courage to turn his head to the side and greet Sakura without messing it up. 

God, she's breathtaking enough this close. I'm close to my death. Am I dead, tho-

“Um”. He speaks out a word, hoping to get the attention of Sakura who was taking out a notebook from her bag and to freeze in his spot as their gazes meet, his mind blank. 

“I. I like your eyes” blurted him in flawless line of Japanese. All thanks to his parents for enrolling him and their siblings into the Japanese class he hated so much for interrupting with his dance class but now he got the urge to thank his parents for doing so— or cry himself to embarrassment knowing that he just made himself look like a fool as Sakura let's out a small, surprised “E-Eh?”. 

Sakura is perplexed by this random, spouting nonsense her seat buddy is saying. She stares at him like the boy has grown two heads.


“I mean, no! I meant to say, hi. I'm Lee Chaeyeon, the boy who just got detention? Didn't know if you see that, but haha better if you don't-” Chaeyeon butted in and to shake his head, correcting his statement with all these made up greetings in his mind and to dip his head into a small bow, deciding that he just better off wing it. 

“Nice to meet you— Er, Sakura-san? If I could call you that? Or maybe Sakura-chan? Anything that you feel comfortable with. Just! I'm not trying to get funny with you or anything. I just want to clarify that beforehand. I may look like a delinquent with this hair, but I assure you. I am anything but that.”

Sakura is thoroughly impressed with Chaeyeon's Japanese. She never thought that her own seat buddy will be convenient enough for her to speak her mother tongue. Now that is a worry thrown out of the window; she can speak comfortably without having to ask Mr.Google about anything to be translated. 

A small smile was given to him- Chaeyeon was dead for the third time mentally- as she nods her head in reply, whispering not to disturb their class. 

“I don't mind, just call me with one that you think is easier. Nice meeting you too, Chaeyeon-kun. I guess I can rely on you for anything?” 

You can even step on me and I would still be grateful with eyes that adorable-

“Y-yes. Just holler me up of you need anything. I'm here to provide.” Chaeyeon wipes away the little monologue he had and gave her his best smile before motioning on to the whiteboard in front with his hand. 

“Though I'm not that good in math. They are a pain in the . So skip me on that.” 

Sakura managed a giggle out to his statement making Chaeyeon mentally to melt into a puddle at how beautiful she sounds like. Making him to think what did he do in his past life that he got so lucky? Did he save someone out of their death? Did he help to save a nation? 

Snapping out again, he clears his throat and to avert his gaze to the confusing equations on the whiteboard, trying to stray his mind away from thinking too much of the girl beside him. 








“And he said, 'Bro, did you see those walking cuties?' and I was like, 'Uh, okay? They're cute in size and all but I'm exuding woman-ness in every way. And who are you calling your bro? We had this talk, I'm not going to become your male buddy!'. In conclusion, I have enough of having this beanpole as a friend. He always degrade me and treat me like I'm a boy too! Like? Please? He always invite me to 'Go and piss together'. Ugh. Gross. Pretty sure he got it from hanging out with you too often, oppa.” Wonyoung vents out her frustration to Yena as Yujin laugh out at their conversation, knowing he is the reason why Wonyoung was so annoyed.

In an act of being sorry for the situation, Yena circles the youngest's body with his arms, hugging her tight so that it would at least calm her down.

“Okay, okay, but like. Nako is so cute! Did you see her smile? And Hitomi with that high, squeaky voice is adorable” Yujin replied back, his eyes gleamed in passion at the said of the two. 

All of them, including Chaeyeon are seated under the big shady tree at the center of the school's rose garden, lounging around with their lunches for that day, a French baguette with high quality cheese and roasted meat with a freshly squeezed of Jeju's orange juice, all fit for the young rich kids to stay fit and energized for the rest of the day. 

Yuri rolled her eyes in annoyance at the mention of the transfer students, remembering her own experience. 

“Well, Yena here was so whipped with our pretty Sakura-chan that he does not stop gushing about her the whole class. Yeah, thank you. Treat your girlfriend like she's not there, I appreciate that babe.”

Yena widens his eyes in surprise to his girlfriend's remarks, immediately pushing Wonyoung away from his embrace as he flops down beside Yuri, hugging his girlfriend instead. 

“Ah! Babe! I said I was sorry! It was a mistake, it was a mistake!”

Yuri childishly huff out, ignoring her boyfriend's advances as she takes a bite out off her sandwich, making Yena to whine out in defeat. 

Both Yujin and Wonyoung laugh out in unison at their friend's misery before averting their gazes to the sole boy who is quietly watching the cafeteria from afar, staring at the group of people that is circling the Japanese girls— a mischievous smile was exchanged as they approach the latter.

They could bicker and fight a lot, but one thing for sure. They will always have a knack of teasing others. Guess it's something that the clique shares in common.

“And let me guess. Chaeyeon the dancing king saw someone he favours on as well?” Yujin spoke out, his set of dimples showing as he grins cheekily to Chaeyeon, the flustered boy widens his eyes hearing such a blasphemous statement. 

“Which one, Chaeyeon oppa. Which one. Is it the one with the dyed hair?” Now it is Wonyoung's turn to tease the older, herself plastered with a cheeky grin like her friend's.

The flustered boy regains his composure as he clears his throat, before taking another chomp off his sandwich. 

“Nah. She's just my seat buddy— I'm just worried that they will be overwhelmed with all the attention knowing that everyone haven't seen a new face in a while. This school is so uptight and closed-off from others after all. ” 

The school has another facility for both the elementary and middle school kids, one which is a tad bit easier to apply— as long as they have what it takes. And by that, the school required for the students to excel in academics and to have a skill they would be exceptio

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