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A loud bang against the floor could be heard throughout the unit 128, indicating that the only son of the Lee household has finally woken up. Right after, erratic shuffles of feet sliding and stepping against the wooden floor became the background of the supposedly peaceful morning the rest of the occupants living in the unit thought they would have. 

Chaeryeong calmly to finish the simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon that she and Chaemin made, with unfazed gaze staring at her wrist watch for the umpteenth of time.

Third time this week.

Guess it's her turn to send the youngest to school. Again.

Cleaning the dishes and making sure she looks proper and presentable in the mirror right after, she puts on her own shoes when done helping Chaemin with hers, just in time for the oldest to bust out of his room, hair messy, necktie in his hand instead of being around his neck.

Quiet exchange of glances between her squinted, dissatisfed eyes and Chaeyeon's glassy, sleepy ones became their first interaction for today.

“What”. Chaeyeon croaked out, voice still adjusting due to how sudden he is up and awake.

With eyes struggling to stay open, he reaches out for a slice of white bread on the table, spreading a good amount of strawberry jam all over before taking a good bite out of his breakfast. 

Mm. Tart-y, and sweet.

Watching over her brother who is now leisurely taking his seat on the dining table made Chaeryeong to shake her head, knowing exactly why he got up late today as well.

The stupid dance class he has been attending with his buddies would be the answer why. He is just wasting time perfecting his so-called craft and it became a great amusement to her knowing that he already has great dancing skills. 

“How amusing.” Chaeryeong spoke her mind out this time around, still looking rather unfazed to the latter who is now busying with trying to slip his socks on with one hand while looking as if he is about to choke on his food. 

If she did not know any better, she might mistaken him for a messy monkey.

“Oh shut up. Me and the boys were discussing on a new choreography for our show. It was late when we finished. So if anything, you have to blame your other oppas as well”.

Chaeyeon managed to swallow the lump of his breakfast down as Chaemin quietly watches her older brother and sister, having used to their daily bickerings.

“Okay, yeah whatever. We're going to be late if we wait for you so I'll just go and send Chaemin to her school, dear brother. You just- make sure you don't embarass me with your weird antics today, please. I beg of you?” A roll of her eyes was shown before she closes the front door with Chaemin tagging along. 

Letting the matter past, he reaches out for another slice of bread, still leisurely taking his sweet time.

The food tastes even better today, way better than his usual days. Was it because of how hard he worked these past few days? If that was the reason why, then he hope that their upcoming show would turn out great.

Chewing through his second serving, his sleepy gaze wandered around randomly around the house, wondering why Chaeryeong left early for school. It isn't late until 15 more minutes.

Like what's her problem? It's still early- Holy .

 His eyes catches sight of the clock on the wall.




Just 3 minutes more before the school bell ring.

How could he not notice how late it had become? No wonder Chaeryeong has booted off leaving him all by himself. 

Knowing that he has no chance of getting there in time, he immediately to fish his phone out of his pocket and to select the contact on his screen, grinning as the recipient on the other line picks up almost instantly.

He needs an accomplice.


“Ah, yeah, morning- You don't happen to be up early and attend class normally like others, do you?”.








“Seriously. I would have make it to school in time if I didn't stop and pick your late up from home”.

Yena takes a quick glance to Chaeyeon who is standing beside him, both with their arms raised in a detention set by the teacher before averting his gaze away to the floor, groaning for the umpteenth time. “Like, yeah I woke up late but uhhh, hello? My car and chaeffeur is there for a reason. And it is for me to use so that I don't get late. Like, ever!” Yena's voice boomed out across the hallway, not caring if his action would make others feel bothered by it.

Chaeyeon, who calmly accepted his fate has decided that he won't go down alone today for getting late to school so it is only fitting that Yena, his dance buddy and dumb classmate need to tag along. The latter was the reason why he is late anyways.

Turning his head to look at the shorter, he has his eyes squinted in dissatisfaction, just like how Chaeryeong was this morning.

If only you weren't the son of the chairman- not that I care.

Chaeyeon quickly to land a hard slap on the back of Yena's head, making the latter to yelp out loud in pain.

“Yah, Choi Yena! Quiet down”.

The teacher inside the class quickly to shut the boy up as the elder told him off, soon with the giggles of their classmates following suit.

It made the owner of the name to jut his lower lip into a pout as he was never that great in accepting people laughing at his misery. But to laugh at other's?

Let's just say he has been doing that too religiously now— a perfect, mischievous 5 year old kid trapped in a 16 year old boy. 

Choi Yena. Lee Chaeyeon's accomplice in almost anything.

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