I've fallen for you, right?

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Lee Chaeyeon, the dancing king, is suddenly interested in love? What happened to the sacred rule of 'Brotherhood before girls'? +side ships included!







characters (character introduction circa 2012 anyone?);


kwon eunbi

17, 160cm/5'2ft.


miyawaki sakura

16, 163cm/5'3ft.


kang hyewon

17, 163cm/5'3ft.


choi yena

16, 182cm/5'9ft.


lee chaeyeon

16, 185cm/6ft.


kim chaewon

16, 163cm/5'3ft.


kim minju

16, 163.8cm/5'3ft.


yabuki nako

15, 150cm/4'9ft.


honda hitomi

15, 158cm/5'1ft.


jo yuri

16, 162cm/5'3ft.


ahn yujin

15, 190cm/6'2ft.


jang wonyoung

15, 171cm/5'6ft.


boy edits from tiktok; @mzred02




the ideas and imaginations written were purely made by me.

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