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Hansol’s word ringing through their call that noon when he was lounging comfortably in his luxury apartment.

“Hyung. I’m pregnant.”


Wedding Stories Part 23

This is a Wedding Story without the Wedding


This one will be a bit sad.. I was in dilemma when I was about posting this. This story is supposed to be a Wedding Story, but, not only that it's filled by disquiet, tears and almost-denial, the ending is unlike other stories in Wedding Stories series which also have some negativity. All of them have like secure and steady ending, on the other hand, this HoonSol doesn't have that pleasure.

I asked myself multiple times, whether I should post this or not, but after looking back and thinking some more, I decided to post this because no matter what, reality is not always good and bright, and there are actually lot of people who are in this conditions. Thus, I hope for your understanding.

If you wonder why HoonSol, the fault is maybe on me because I can't come up with good plot. (I'm afraid this situation might stretch into other stories as well, for that I'm truly sorry..)

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