You Look Like My Dad


You look like my Dad!

Yutae with Twins! Jaemin and Xiaojun

Romance, slice of life, family, mpreg

When Yuta and Taeyong decided to separate after a misunderstanding, they had to separate their twins as well. But little did they know, their twins will meet again and maybe this time, they would bring their parents back together; for good


a/n: it’s like parent trap without the added drama. Just Yutae getting back together.


It's really ending


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1 points #1
Chapter 15: wow so all of the parents had new kids...

the kids do not want their parents to hold their siblings.. i can just imagine the kids holding their baby siblings.. looks like their babies..
1 points #2
Chapter 15: Loved it! Amazing job :)
hisstory #3
Chapter 15: Everyone has twins. Sobs.
1 points #4
Chapter 14: OMG... I'm happy for YuTae's family.. and did Kun mentioned his waiting for Johnny to have a baby again!!?? is yukhae gonna have a baby bro/sis??!!

why am i excited for johnkun's child more than Yutae's?
Chapter 14: Of course Ten would dance like that
1 points #6
Chapter 13: i love these kids.. might as well hire them to plan my party.. hahaha..

noone can dance as seductive as Ten
1 points #7
Chapter 13: okay, this is probably one of my favorite yutae stories. it's just so adorable
Mysteryblackpearl 1 points #8
Chapter 13: Their children make the perfect plan for the party
1 points #9
Chapter 12: i'm quite excited for that groom shower!
Mysteryblackpearl 1 points #10
Chapter 12: I can't wait for Team Appa Vs Team Papa??