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Just Go
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Jennie tighten her face mask, Bobby told her to use the elevator that go straight from the basement parking lot to his floor. She took a deep breathe several times before pressing the doorbell.

Bobby opened the door. His face doesn’t seems to show amount of goofiness he usually show.

“Hey.” She shortly say to him.

Bobby nodded.

“What’s with the coldness?” She asked.

“I don’t know, you explain to me.” Bobby shrugged.

Jennie sighed.

“You texted me, you said you need to talk.” Bobby scoffed, “That sentence is never a good sign.”

Jennie following him. “Oppa…”

“Now that he finally made effort to you relationship, you wanted to cut me off, aren’t you?”

Jennie gulped.

“What do you think I am jen? Just a nice commercial break to you boring movie?” Bobby asked, “Just another guy who adore you so much and you think you can use me whenever you feel lonely?? Or ju—“

“Stop!” Jennie cut him. “I came here to talk to you peacefully, about what is actually happened in me. The war inside me about you versus him!”

Bobby paused.

“But you just made it clear of who I should choose!”


“I was at the sea, puzzled and confuse of my own feeling, oppa, but you were right, Hanbin made effort and I’m very happy about that but what bothering me so much is even though whenever I’m with him I’m starting to get distracted by your ghost!”

Bobby gulped. Starts to regretting what he said. Situation could have been better if he said nothing.

“But thank you for all your confrontation!” Jennie put back her face mask and left Bobby.


Her heart full of rage right now, she can’t understand why the argument she just had with Bobby affect her feeling so much.

Then her cellphone rang.


“Babe?” she answered.

“Hey, babe, about tomorrow night…”

“Tomorrow night?” Jennie trying to remember her plan with Hanbin tonight.

“Winner tour celebration.”

“Ah yes!” Jennie remember they will go to a party tomorrow.

“I don’t think I can pick you up, I still have things to do, can we meet there?”

Jennie paused, Hanbin is still Hanbin.

“Of course.” She said.

“Perfect! Love you!”

“Yeah, love you too.”

Jennie sat still, eyes pinned on her cellphone.

Should I continue this relationship I already have? I could feel even lonelier in the future, right?

But she shook her head. No, being with Bobby means sacrificing too many things, even the friendship between Hanbin and Bobby.

“But who am I to care??” she murmured, “I shouldn’t care… but I do…” she pouted.




Bobby entered YG strategic building as the CEO asked to meet him. Sajangnim told Bobby that he wanted to invest on some of Bobby’s resting villas and added some clubs nearby, Bobby is excited with the idea.

Now that the meeting’s over, he took time walking around the building, the space that carried his dreams back then. Bobby stops at the cafeteria when he saw Hanbin and some other producers.


“Ey hyung!” Hanbin smiles and immediately went towards him.

There’s a some pinching in his heart whenever he saw Hanbin.

They ended up at Hanbin’s studio, Hanbin got him a mini tour and he seems to be devoted enough for his works and Bobby kind of jealous about it.

“So, how many songs in total you’ve been writing, man?” Bobby asked.

“More than 300, hyung…”

“Whoaa very cool.”

“You still rapping?” Hanbin asked Bobby.

“No, not really.” He chuckles. “So… all the love songs are for Jennie?”

Hanbin laughs, “Yeah, some… but sometimes I do make a sad song inspired by her too…”

Bobby froze. “W-why? Do you experience something like a—uh bad phase…?”

“Well, in any relationship I guess we must have the ups and downs, arguing, misunderstanding that lead to bad phases is what I use to write some sad lyrics.”

“Oh… uh, what is the worst that ever happened to your relationship with her?”

“Hmm…” hanbin thinking, “When we were still on relationship for six months, I was on tour with Big Bang sunbaenims, I was the guest star… we weren’t see each other much for months, a dancer upload a picture of herself and me, Jennie was mas like hell at that time…”

“She’s a jealous type?”

“No, actually no, she’s just a little soft, she likes to be loved.” Hanbin smiles, “And that’s normal, I guess…”

“But you barely got time for her.”

“She’s more mature now, she understand my works…” Hanbin mumbled, “I hope.”

Bobby inhaled before pretending to be busy looking around, his eyes pinned to a messy handwriting lyric


Just leave Go

it feels like I forcefully squeezed myself in your heart I Feel bad seeing you who’s I am messe

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