still in your heart

Just Go
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“Don’t go home with him, Jennie, go home with me…”

Jennie pulling herself off. “I can’t…”

“Please, jen…”

“I can’t!” she snatched her hands, “Sorry.”

“Jen, you can’t forget me! Admit it! You did it all to get my attention! So why now you rejecting me all over again??”

Jennie paused, then she just shook her head.

Bobby inhaled, he pull her to his embrace, “I know, I know, I’m sorry..”

Must be hard for her to go with Bobby right now, with Hanbin waiting and all.

“Go,” Bobby whispers, “Go…”

Jennie pull him for another kisses before she left him there. Alone.




Jennie woke up when it still dawn, she turned her head to see Hanbin sleeping next to her. The war getting intense inside her head. Now she couldn’t even see Hanbin in his eyes.

Too many lies been told.

Too many things untold.

Slowly her shoulder shakes, she cries.

“Baby…” Hanbin called her half sleeping.

“Hmm…” she slips herslef into his chest.

“Why you’re awake…?”

“I’m not…” she whispers.

“Baby are you crying…?”

She trying to pull a giggling sound, “What are you talking about, baby… why would I cry if I have you here with me now…”

Hanbin hugged her, he feels her skin tightly against his, “I love you, Jennie, whether I’m here… or not… always… remember that… okay…?”

Feels like a knife pierced her heart, and she couldn’t hold the tears, just hoping Hanbin won’t realize it.




Hanbin entered his studio, DK and Jinan are already waiting, they’re about to have some discussion about songs that will make it into iKON new album.

“Hey hyung.” DK greet him.

Hanbin pats his back before throwing himself to his working chair.

“So… should we start now?” Jinan asked.

“Sure.” Hanbin said.

Jinan took out his note, “I review the songs you suggest to us, but what’s missing is one ballad or sad song.”

“'Bestfriend' is a sad song.” Hanbin said.

“Yes, but the tunes, I mean I need a slow or more ballad music, Hanbin-ah.” Jinan explained.

“I agree.” Hanbin nodded, “The thing is… I gave one sad song to Winner last time… but I still have several more—if you want to review them.”

“Of course I would.” Jinan said.

“Ah hyung!” Hanbin remember something, “I have a very good tunes, but still don’t have the lyric right, what about you helping me making the lyric.”


“I wrote some words… but…” he rose and searching a paper where he wrote the lyric of ‘Just Go’, “Wait… where is it…?” he keep on digging the messy paper on his working desk.

“Maybe you should throw some unused paper.” DK said.

“Yeah… yeah… but wait,” he still looking for the paper, “, did somebody throw it away? Aishhh really!”

“Ok, ok, let me hear the tunes first, let’s work on the lyric together later.” Jinan prevent Hanbin from exploding.


Everyone is leaving now, Hanbin is alone in his studio. Jinan and DK helped him to write another lyric for ‘Just Go’ but he doesn’t feel satifsied with the outcome, so he needs sometimes alone, to re-write it.

He tapped his pen several times on the table, against the pure white paper. He try to wrote something but he just ended up sighing.


He knew something’s not right, she changed, but he doesn’t know wha

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