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Just Go
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“And I’m sorry…”Bobby said.

“This time I really don’t know what for.” Jennie said.

Bobby paused before he said, “For cannot forgetting the feeling of your kiss.”

Jennie froze.

“Hahaha… I’m just fooling, you fool!” he laughs while messing up her hair. “Let’s stop being awkward, okay?”

Jennie stiffly chuckles.

And not noticing Hanbin is looking at their direction from the stage.




Jennie staring at her cellphone, a new name just got into the chat group she had, chat group of all trainees of her batch. Bobby wasn’t in the group since he was out of reach, but now he’s name is there.

She sighed and looking outside the car window, she and her managers are just landed from Taiwan for a variety show.

“What’s my schedule…?” she murmured.

Her schedule is always measurable. So different with what Hanbin has.

“We’ll go for a short interview before heading to home and rest, your schedule for tomorrow is just the fan meeting starts at 5 pm, you gotta need to stand by at 3 pm at least…” her manager read her one week schedule.

“Ok, great.” She murmured.

Suddenly a text coming in the group.


Mino   : Seungri-hyung will scratchin’ tonight at Bobby’s club. Lets go??

DK       : count me in!

June    : we can’t Dongi-ah! Music show tmr will starts very early

DK       : (sending cute sad emoji)

Lisa     : girls?? @Rose @Jisoo

Lisa     : @Jennie

Jisoo    : meeee!!!

Chanu : I’m in!

June    : ya! Chanu you can’t

Chanu : I’m able to up for days. No worries.

Jinan   : Chanu. NO!

Chanu : ok.ok. (sigh)

Jinwoo : me and Hoony will be there

B.I        : sounds fun :(

Mino   : Lets go! @Hanbin

B.I        : cannot :(((

Jennie : I’ll go.

Bobby : yes, please come.

Bobby : @all

B.I        : you’re in seoul? Thought u said still in Taiwan @Jennie

Yoon   : hey waddup?

Jennie : maybe u should check on ur girlfriend more @B.I

Yoon   : I’m off guys, suddenly so busy. But I’ll go tmr.




The club is a little crowded since Seungri known as one of the best DJ at the moment, many people from fans to socialite to celebrities came.

Jennie slips herself between people, her manager didn’t come with her.

“Jenniee…!!” Lisa greets her and give her a light hug, so does Rose.

“Where’s Jisoo?” Jennie asked.

Lisa pointed with her chin.

Jennie turn and see Jisoo is talking to Bobby, she seems to be aversing her hands off from him.

She’s still staring when suddenly her eyes hit Bobby’s eyes. He seems surprised while Jennie instantly look away, she’s clapping at the stage and keep herself busy greeting people.

“You’re here.” Suddenly Bobby appear near her.

“Oh, hey!” she’s smiling wide.

“Hanbin really couldn’t make it?”

Jennie shrugged.

“I smell a fight.” Bobby .

“I’m used to it.”

“So… are you filming something in Taiwan?” Bobby lean to the bar while holding his drink.

“Some variety show.” Jennie said.

“I see…”

“You seems close to Jisoo.” She sips her drink while glancing away from Bobby.

“I really want to believe that those kind of question is only said by the jealous… but I know you must be not one of those.”

“Why would i…?”

“I don’t know, just a self hope, I guess.” He laughs.

“You wish I’m jealous?”

Bobby didn’t say nothing, just staring at Jennie.

“Why are you being like this?” Jennie stand beside him, also leaning to the bar, they both looking at the crowd.

“Like how?”

“You keep on flirting… come on, we both know.”

“I don’t know…”

Jennie scoffed the she’s about to left Bobby’s side.

“Hey wait.” He grabbed her wrist, stops her from moving.

Jennie looking at him, “What?”

Bobby also looking straight  into her eyes, “Jennie, you wanna go upstairs?”




Jennie sat at the a big comfy bean bag placed in Bobby’s spacey balcony, the spring breeze is so refreshing and she breathe it gracefully. Bobby came with two bottle of beers.

“I own a club but I actually don’t really like going in one.” Bobby drink his beer.

“Maybe my decision to come to a crowded-noisy club after a tiring trip is wrong.” Jennie said.

“I hope your decision to come upstairs with me will be a right decision.” Bobby murmured.

Jennie turn to him. “Whatever that means, I just need a quieter place and someone to talk to.”

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Bobby smiles.

Suddenly her cellphone rang.

“Hey babe.” Jennie answered.

Bobby it must be Hanbin.

“Where are you?”

“In Bobby oppa’s club, where are you?” she asked, a little nervous if Hanbin is downstairs.

“At the studio.” He replied. Jennie relieved. “W

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