001 - again

❝someday, we'll meet again❞
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The sound of the water running down from the shower resonates through the tiled bathroom. Water dripping from his head down to his feet, rinsing away the bubbles coming from the soap and shampoo he applied just a while ago.

Junmyeon reaches out to grab a towel and he walks out of the shower, draping the towel around his waist as he faces the mirror. Hair has grown on his chin and just above his lips again, so he grabs his razor and shaves it off in a rather lazy manner. He runs his fingers through his light colored hair, thinking it was better to do it this way than to bend over and pick up the brush that fell on the cold tiled floor a while ago—that would just be too much work.

Junmyeon walks out and opens the television in his room, he changes the channel to his favorite music show and he tilts his head, squinting his eyes as he scans the 6-membered group dancing on stage and he searches every corner of his head but doesn’t seem to recognize the artists performing and he concludes that they must be rookies.

He checks the time, 9:45pm.


I’m late.

He makes a run for it, dropping his towel on the floor as he makes his way to his closet, grabbing the nearest pair of sweatpants and sweater he could find, a black cap finishes off his look and he exits his bedroom.

His back aches, reminding him he forgot to drink his pain killers but he ignores the pain completely, bending over to pick up his black pair of slip ons and he opens the door to his house, locking it behind him as he exits and he walks out the gate.

9:55 pm

There are no taxis and his involuntary tapping of feet on the ground, makes him even more anxious and impatient. He puts his hands in his pocket, searching for warmth when he finds his keys instead.

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