002 - gone

❝someday, we'll meet again❞
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10:03pm — March 23, 2022

“I’ll be there jagi, I promise”

Junmyeon smiles to himself, he checks his reflection on the screen of his phone despite having only his eyes visible. He wanted to make sure he still looked good. Not that it mattered. He always looked good in her eyes. She told him that.


Still no sign of her. But Junmyeon remains calm. It’s probably traffic. He stares out into the river right below the bridge. It looked like crystals flowing towards the starry night sky. The feeling of his heart racing as he gets himself excited.

He was gonna see her again. His girl. His queen. She was coming amd flashbacks of her smiling brightly at him ran through his head. How she giggled when he would give her surprise kisses. How little and fragile she felt when he engulfed her in his embrace. How her hands would tremble in fear when she’d hear footsteps nearing them as they hid in corners, cuddling, hugging, kissing. And he would be there to tell her it was fine. That he was there. And that he would protect her.

She would smile, looking directly into his orbs, her eyes speaking to his. I love you Kim Junmyeon. And he would reply almost instantly. I love you even more, Park Chorong.


His breathing was no longer in rhythm. He was anxious, and catching his breath. Not because she was coming but because it felt like she wasn’t. She was never late. Never.

And he was starting to get worried.

Junmyeon sticked his tongue onto his right molar, his left feet shaking as he grew even more anxious than before.

He walks towards the bench right on the middle of the bridge and sits himself down. Convincing himself that it was just traffic. That Chorong might have just been late because she was busy. And he taps his feet again. His arms crossed against his chest. Heaving a deep sigh, Junmyeon closes his eyes.

She'll be here, she promised. Junmyeon knew. Maybe something urgent just came up.

Park Chorong, where are you?







Suho lifts his head up.

She was here.

He breathes a sigh of relief as he sees her beside him. He hadn’t noticed her walk towards him but none of that mattered, now that she was beside him

“Jagiya, you made me worry”

Chorong leans her back on the backrest of the bench, staring into the open, the moonlight shining on her face. She looked even more angelic than she usually was.

“Mianhae jagi” Chorong smiles faintly at hi

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