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my name is dr. harleen quinzel and welcome to elizabeth arkham asylum for the criminally insane, or arkham asylum in short (we can't bore you with such a longass name, can we?).
we are an institution where the gotham criminals deemend "mentally unfit" or "criminally insane" by the court of law are incarcerated, as well as prisoners with unusual medical conditions. or those special ones our blackgate prison unable to CONTAIN. However, our routine is far beyond ensuring that our inmates are well locked in their cell 25/8, as we aim to understand what they are.
thus, in one fateful morning, i decided to propose an idea to our director, dr. jeremiah arkham, for an experiment to obtain a further understanding to each of our inmates' special condition using artwork. long story short, my exceptional persuasion skill earned me an approval, so thus this experiment was birthed: kairos
aside from accomplishing our research aims and objectives, this experiment is also aimed to provide the best quality graphics for your stories, especially if you are the kind who are always eager for a distinct quality.
our inmates are  extraordinary; that's a fact. but rest assured, they're the best in their field. so, are you up for an experience you can't find anywhere else, dear people of gotham?
supervised by:
dr. harleen quinzel
batch two
the experiment involves two inmates in every session, where only five projects are taken on first come first serve basis – this is one session. each session will be completed in 1-2 weeks. we will update the status of the project and post the project report only when the session is concluded.
to ensure a successful session without causing any problem with the inmates, you are expected to abide the following:
1. subscribe to kairos
to give us a peace of mind, hit that subscribe button up there to ensure you are updated with our experiment.
2. rejection
we have the liberty to reject any request for certain reasons, including a request from those known to hoard posters for their story as well as those already blacklisted by other art shops or studios.
3. drop a comment
notify us when you submit your project request, and after you receive your project report, on the comment section. on a side note, do leave some feedback upon the receipt of report to help our researchers, not just a 'picked up, thanks' – dr. quinzel doesn't find such a feedback helpful at all.
4. no editing/removing credits
do not tweak or change anything in our graphics, especially the credits – we won't be responsible for any possible consequence in the future should our inmate take an action regarding this matter. if you would like certain changes, let us know and we will arrange any adjustment for you.
5. be patient
as mentioned, a session will take roughly 1-2 weeks to complete. a notice will be released should we experience any delays.
6. no double requesting
don't submit your project request here if you've already asked for other artist's help, or without obtaining their permission first. rest assured, our team will monitor you closely, so don't even try.
7. no drafted stories/chapters
we will not accept any project request for stories still in draft and unpublished chapters; only request for members- and/or subscribers-only stories are allowed here. more details regarding request for unpublished chapter can be found in our faq page.
8. usage
claim your project report within 4 (four) days, and use the graphic for at least 30 days (a month). save your graphic on a site like imgur or tumblr, as we may delete it when clearing archives. the secret code is amadeus. if you are unable to pick up within the timeframe, do notify us immediately.
9. cancellation and redos
let us know if you'd like to cancel your request. we only accept minimum redos, for errors like typos.
10. proper credit
use our banner somewhere in your story's foreword and link it back to the institution. if you don't know how to do that, check the full faqs.
11. hitlist
those who dare to violate the rules will be given a chance to explain the reason behind their action first within 3 x 24 hours after our researcher team sends a warning. failure to do so will result in a transfer to hitlist and be banned from submitting any project request permanently.
(harvey dent)
Back when he was once Gotham City's most amiable district attorney, one of Batman's strongest allies, it all went down to hell the day his boss threw acid in his face, hideously scarring him. The accident fractured his mental state, thus causing him to become Two-Face, a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with duality and the number two.
Despite Batman's efforts to reform his former ally, Dent is consumed by his fixation on chance, and his crimes are designed to prove out his diametric philosophy.
(Louise Lincoln)
Sociopathic by nature, Killer Frost’s icy exterior matches her chillingly cold interior. And when it comes to unlimited power, Frost would do anything in her means to get it, even if it means taking another's life to achieve her goal.
With her cryokinetic abilities to figuratively and literally chill anyone to the bone with just a touch, she's been an incredibly dangerous addition in her time with the Suicide Squad; she may be pretty, but she's not one anyone would want to mess with, even king shark.
project list
1. chxyeol / blackout / riddler
2. xoxoexo / of smoke and fire / riddler
3. kimjessi / changing partners / deadshot
4. sicaday21 / fading flame / deadshot
5. DeadRose / dance for me / riddler
6. jenmarenchenjihae / tainted by your lust / bane
7. 41Strange / house of words / catwoman
8. jaxial / Aphoticity / catwoman
9. Xoxoexo / firestone / bane
10. lhyric / a kind of sorrow / bane
11. lucyandthepen / ocean eyes / killer frost
12. bestseller / son of fire / two-face
13. deadrose / lonely no more / two-face
14. izarakovic / and the beasts sing our love / two-face
15. thesydney / the final trial / killer frost
1. minamyouii / recurring violation & failure to answer to the team.
KAIROS / 19.02.27 — project reports for the third session are released.


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Chapter 42: your art is so intense im in love <3333
Chapter 41: two-face,

can i just say that you literally created what i was imagining. i was at first skeptical about getting it correctly since i was inspired by joker's character- but this, this is so damn perfect. thank you so freaking much, omg.
Chapter 42: omg thank you, i didn't expect it to be done so fast! thank you so much.
this was really out of the box! i love it ^_^ its so angst and jin appears so emotionless it brings chills >-<
Chapter 40: man, oh man! how do i express how grateful i am for this beauty? thank you so much; the manipulation was unexpectedly wonderful and the mood is absolutely perfect. i can't thank you enough for taking me on and giving me such a beautiful poster!
Chapter 43: OMGG LMAO THIS IS SO CUTE LIKE ...???? I'M...???
no but seriously, when I requested I don't really have a vision what would it look like because as I said before I have no good sense on graphic whatsoever and I have no idea this will turn out like this. WHERE DID YOU FIND THE ANIMALS' PIC THEY'RE SOOOOO CUUUTTEEEEE
and no, it's not cluttered and what can I say about this piece aside from this is one cute-, kawaii, spectacular, extraordinaire piece and it's so beautiful. Even the kairos logo that I usually find cool seems so cute with the purple bat XDDD
About the pedobear, though. I'm laughing the out of my mind until now because somehow you just gave me an idea of my fic lmaooooo
Overal, this is seriously surpassed my expectation. The animals are cute (the shiba inu UwU, the cat OwO, the bear :3, the fox Owo), the color is soft and portray the romcom atmosphere (?) greatly and what can I say aside from thank you very much for accepting my request XD I also hope that you enjoyed making the piece because this is full of fluffiness and cuteness hehehe thank youuuu... I'll put it on and credit you asap once I get my hand on my computer! Thank you <3
Chapter 44: WOWWW! Over the week I have been picturing over and over how it might look and when I opened the notification I was so shocked because it wasn't anything I had imagined, but I think thats such a good thing! The hair color isnt an issue haha and you can still see it so you don't have to apologize xoxo!!! I really love the darker amber/gold color scheme, I think it really fits the new route I am taking in the story. The dystopian skyscrapers are a little different with the medieval landscape I was going for, but no worries! I really love the placement of the characters as well, my last poster had all three of them the same size and I felt that it took away from the OC, so great job on that!! Overall I am very pleased with this and I can't wait to put it up on my main story page which I will get to within the hour! Thank you for working with me and I hope to collaborate in the future! xoxoxoxo
Hello, I was looking to request and while reading your rules I saw that you typically dont except stories that already have posters. Well, I have one story that is actually my first story and i have a poster for it, but it doesnt fit the theme nor is it what i asked for. The artist made it for me around a year and a half ago with just the notion of me keeping it for a min of 1 month. I was originally going to leave it because overall it is still a nice poster, but i am currently rewriting the story and was hoping to perhaps get a more fitting poster so i could feel more fufilled when i start reupdating. Would you consider allowing me to request at your shop with this understanding, or should i continue to look else where? In the mean time, i went ahead and submitted a request because i didnt want the spot to fill up, but i understand if you reject the request. Thank you and sorry for the long explanation haha xoxoxo
Hello, I want to request but it says that the session is full?
Hi! I submitted a request. Hope to hear from you soon. Hope it's okay ^^